Inspirations: Debt & Money: A Love Story with Kate Northrup Video
Debt & Money: A Love Story with Kate Northrup
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Inspirations: Debt & Money: A Love Story with Kate Northrup (July 2014)

Season 6, Episode 18
Available worldwide

With the average American consumer $15,000 in debt, it’s no wonder that many of us have a love/hate relationship with money. Entrepreneur and business coach Kate Northrup claims the solution isn’t just to spend less; it’s to change the foundation of your relationship with the almighty dollar. In this interview taped live from the I Can Do It event in Denver, Colorado, Northrup shares how we can mend our relationship with money for good.

Kate Northrup is a professional freedom-seeker and creative entrepreneur. She spent the better part of 2011 on a road trip called The Freedom Tour, which teaches financial freedom as an inroad to emotional and spiritual freedom. Her philosophy is that if you free yourself financially you can be fully present to fulfilling your purpose on the planet.

Lisa Garr
Kate Northrup


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lauraphoto07, posted on July 7, 2014

I really appreciated this, thank you. I am hoping someday a stronger focus can be placed on student debt in the conversation around debt and money. I actually have experience with many of these concepts that the author is talking about and no longer have debt with credit cards, keep a spending plan and understand the emotional value of where I spend money, but dealing with the student debt has been the primary problem and feeling trapped by this. It probably goes back to the same principles of valuing oneself, as those are emotional values around the experience of this - but I do think student debt is something that needs special attention though. If anyone has any resources for dealing with that subject - I am open to checking them out. Thank you.

Freespirit77, posted on July 7, 2014

What a delightful, insighful and inspiring interview - thank you both, ladies! very different to your standard, boring 'money talk' conversations ...I feel inspired and am rushing to rename my budget to My Spending Plan for the Gods and Goddesses In My Life :-)

brandiglass333, posted on July 3, 2014

AWESOME, this lady!

I watched this today, because I have had a swarm of no-see-ums following me for over 5 years....they currently live in my office, of which I USED to visit occasionally. My husband is self employed and the current economic and weather upsets have literally given us ENORMOUS and MULTIPLE opportunities to change the way we related to our money. That said, not many of those opportunities have been taken, they have mostly piled up and manifested in that no-see-um swarm ;-)

I come from a farming community in Arkansas, where my less than empowering impressions were drilled into my head quite successfully. These were things like: "I'm BROKER than broke was born!", "Ain't no money here, honey." , "You think you have money or something?", and my personal favorite, "Child, go out back and wait for it to fall from that tree!". These were literally the types of comments that you would hear DAILY, if not many times a day...gotta love old school southerners.

I've grown a little past THAT, mind you, but it would seem that the whole "BAD GIRL / BOY / BUSINESS OWNERS" judgement system has perpetuated itself right up to present day. However, all things in good time, and I just (literally 5 minutes ago, while filling out my deposit slip for my husband to run to the bank), set up our first ever "Financial Feast" date night, where there will be crab legs, wine and classic rock-n-roll music to assist our "money mood".

ASA my check irony is not lost on me here......I'll be ordering that book - CAN'T WAIT! THANK YOU, FOR (in 30 entertaining minutes), showing me that there is a totally different way to relate to what I used to call my "necessary nemesis". MAN, YOU OPENED MY EYES TO A WHOLE NEW WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES HERE!!! I may have fallen in love with your outlook and attitude first, but I feel certain that will translate through, with time, attention and monthly CRAB LEGS! ;-)

THANK YOU...thank you. Watch for my review on your book in the next week or so as'll be there. With GREAT GRATTITUDE and GROWING OPTIMISM -Brandi

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