Inspirations: Decoding Karma with Joe Nunziata Video
Decoding Karma with Joe Nunziata

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Inspirations: Decoding Karma with Joe Nunziata (January 2014)

Season 5, Episode 15
Available worldwide

Karma: many are familiar with the concept, but few truly understand its power. What if you could tap into your ultimate karmic power to clear the negative energy that’s holding you back? In this enlightening interview with Lisa Garr, originally webcast on January 30, 2014, author and spiritual teacher Joe Nunziata shares how we can identify and release the behavioral patterns that are preventing us from living the life we were meant to live.

Joe Nunziata is a bestselling author, professional speaker, spiritual teacher and life and business coach. He delivers his life-changing message through enlightening programs that are a unique blend of spirituality, psychology, philosophy and the power of internal energy. Joe teaches that to make permanent changes you must clear your negative energy and break destructive patterns of behavior at the core level. This transformational process creates new energy and beliefs designed to help you achieve sustained positive growth in all areas of your life.

Lisa Garr
Joe Nunziata


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catherinejsidoti, posted on May 13, 2015

Joe is a very interesting person, he needs to slow down when he talks a bit much. Karma is an interesting thing.

Indine, posted on September 2, 2014

Very timely. Thank you for making this simplistic. Great background story as well.

brandi.l.eckert, posted on February 1, 2014

This was the MOST timely and USEFUL information I may have ever come across on Gaiam and Gaiam has changed my life on many fronts. Talk about complex issues being simplified - WOW! From the saying "no" to the under appreciated employee / daughter - I'm certain that this interview was recorded specifically for me ;-) I am in that gray area for sure and I now see the final steps ahead of me in the "mirk". It is so true that when you start saying "no", you have to say it to everything. I have struggled with the guilt for almost 3 years now and was always looking for the right time and the right way to try to explain myself to the people that were shocked or offended or just miffed by my unwaivering stance. I see clearly that my time would be much better spent by just allowing the feelings to come and my soul better served by an ending to the idea of "making it up" to so many people at some future miracle moment, not to mention by releasing the burden of having to orchestrate that. Just yesterday, I watched "The Thought Exchange", which coins the same concept as "being with the sensations", but all-in-all, the same principle - only this time I really GOT IT. Funny how our souls automatically bring us to the exact information that is relevant to us at the exact time in which we can finally "have the ears to hear" it....even if we have to hear it several different ways first. Thank goodness my soul is as bull headed as my bull head ;-) Thank you, Joe. You definitely have a gift for making spirituality simple to understand and I can't wait to get my hands on that book! This was an eye opener on the deepest level, and my sincere gratitude goes out to you and to Lisa for bringing such life changing insights to those of us looking.
Sincerely and with great gratitude

Freespirit77, posted on January 31, 2014

Thank you Lisa and Joe for this amazing interview. I watched it at the precise time of my life I needed this information. Joe - after over 30 years of spiritual research into karma and how to dissolve it, I must say that you have absolutely nailed it. I have been waiting for this insight for a very long time. THANK YOU! Nothing has resonated with me stronger than this and so I know that this is how it works. I have already purchased your book and joined your club, and look forward to receving more of your amazing material.

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