Encounters with the Unexplained: Did Moses Part the Red Sea? & Are Super Brain Kids Born or Made? Video
Did Moses Part the Red Sea? & Are Super Brain Kids Born or Made?

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Encounters with the Unexplained: Did Moses Part the Red Sea? & Are Super Brain Kids Born or Made? (2002)

Episode 35
Only available in Canada, United States

They are children who seem to be gifted in ways that most of us can barely imagine. Some even complete college before their peers finish elementary school. Who are these super brain kids whose brilliance puts even our society's most prodigious minds to shame? Are these children the vanguard of a new generation of intelligent human beings or just accidents of nature? Their minds seem to be turbo charged, absorbing information at an accelerated rate, solving complex problems for the sheer joy of it.

The Bible is the oldest continuous history of any people on earth today. But is it truly history? For example, can we say with any degree of certainty that the miraculous stories attributed to Moses are factual? Did the power of God, working through Moses, open a passageway of dry land through the Red Sea? Was there, in fact, an exodus of millions of Israelite slaves out of Egypt into the Sinai desert? Can the proof of this biblical account be found lying at the bottom of the Gulf of Aqaba?

David Priest


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markdesign14, posted on April 23, 2016

Accordingly to the Bible,....
God is a racist?
--God told Moses, "Go set my people free."--
Why would the creator of the heavens and Earth need a man to do their work?
Hmm..Sounds a little human to me.

Hmm...Did Moses "smoke" the bush instead? I'm pretty sure that trip would've sent him on a wild ride like Enoch.
(Although I do believe Enoch kicked it with the space brothers.)

Why did Moses call the Jews his "people"? He lived with the Medina's for over 40 years.

Just because those "events" transpired, DOESN'T mean they happened at the same time. I'd like to see more conclusive evidence on that issue.

Hold-on. Wait...God will let you slaughter animals for personal gain, but not people?
God is starting to sound a little hypocritical or maybe confused.

So if God would've just killed all of Pharaohs kids from day one we wouldn't need Moses right? Wait a second....
So it's okay for God to kill people, but not for people to enslave and kill people? Right?

Damn, insult to injury. God already "knew" the plan, but still wanted to make ol' Pharaoh boy shart himself.
Wait, BACKUP. If God has this incredible beyond supernatural powers, why not make a "magic carpet" (UFO) and teleport the people to their destination?
Wait, does this mean God enjoys (in the Bible) watching people suffer?
Plus, why would Pharaoh chase them if HE KICKED THEM OUT of Egypt?

Where did the ridge come from? It looks artificial to me.
How fast would that wind have to be in the real world scenario?
Has this happened in that part of the world in recent (last 200 years)?

I think we should chop that story up as an old wives tale to put kids to sleep. Like most ancient stories; based on truth, entombed in a myth, made immortal through legends and fables.
God wasn't there. Well, "God" was there, but Moses was talking to someone else. God is everywhere. So to place the source at any specific place and time is possible, but unlikely. If God wanted those people free it would've presented itself to all of them at the same time.

runswithduck, posted on March 11, 2016

Wrong presumptive question about why some brilliant people score badly on IQ tests.
Tests are designed assuming culture and knowledge of society making the tests.
Takers fully understand ideas, posits and knowledge used in the tests, so in that context, tests can be a fair measure.
But test-takers schooled in different knowledge-base, language, social norms, etc., are not necessarily so knowledgeable about the ones used on the tests, so would do poorly. So might persons who "think outside the box", or who process thoughts differently.
As for designed? Our modern society pays FAR better attention to careful selective breeding of cattle for desired features, than we do for optimizing human beings.
That we have larger numbers of geniuses now, MUST be placed in context: put those numbers into "per population"; we have vast increased population, too.
It stands to reason there are more geniuses. AND, many more are exposed to conditions and persons that nurture the intellects to optimize connectivity of differing data, leading to greater facility of expressing information and coming up with new ways to think, invent, express, etc.
Add to that, we do seem to be manifesting children capable of optimizing their hardware, both biological and technological. These seriously need properly allowed to do so, and avoid squashing their capabilities.
Beware though, assuming all geniuses are Genetic. Because some amount is due to nurture and learning.
IF we allow pre-selecting only for Nature, and stop allowing less auspicious DNA to be born...what might we be missing? Who is researching that? Would we then be treading in the footsteps of the Nazis experimenting on concentration camp prisoners? At what point does the exercise become unethical?
A matter of freedom, indeed! But too many of our kids are trapped in schools that cannot teach well [for the last 45 years]..and/or drugged .
How many squashed geniuses have already been "thrown under the bus", as old patterns of creating cogs in industrial wheels keep being perpetrated?

Egyptian records list Hyksos, not Jews; but Hyksos were rulers with a strong Canaanite component, and were eventually Expelled by Egyptians...
Was the word read as "slaves" in that story, yet another bad Biblical translation?
Different languages and times mean that people call the same things by different names...a rose by ANY name, still smells as sweet.
The Reed Sea indeed makes better sense as the crossing place, especially since more recent historical episodes of similar conditions happening, are documented.
As long as so many Christians cling doggedly to versions spun off and including the KJV, plus Helen's rabid tourism work 3rd century to MAKE substantiation for her son's "visions", that emperor's own constructs, and historians who continue to avoid making good translations we're now capable of....then, the bad, yet commonly used translations will continue to foment conflicts.
We are still deluded by Constantine's "bread and circuses", and centuries of those who followed who further mangled it.
We have much to learn; if we are prevented from optimal non-biased learning, it will be our downfall.

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