Disgustingly Healthy: Leeches  Video
Disgustingly Healthy: Leeches

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Disgustingly Healthy: Leeches (2007)

Only available in Canada, United States

What’s not to love about leeches, they are creepy looking, slimy, and suck the blood of the hapless victims who wade through their watery territory. However, they were the cornerstone of medical treatments for centuries, before falling out of favor with a more advanced science community. New studies are showing that perhaps we were all too quick to discount the medical benefits of leeches.

In this captivating documentary we take a look into the historical use of treating diseases with leeches. Then, we advance to the modern era and talk with the scientists who are unlocking many of the unrealized benefits of leech therapy. These benefits are confirmed as we visit with patients who have made remarkable recoveries where other treatments have failed. Though we may initially find them revolting, it seems leeches have an unexpected place in the future of medical science.

Michaela Kirst

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Candrews, posted on July 25, 2013

Very interesting. It is good to know that at least in Germany it is excepted as treatment. If I was in a situation that needed healing, I would much rather choose maggots than antibiotic medicine.

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