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The Message in Music: Diversity

Episode 25

Exploring the beauties found in different cultural groups and the diversities found there, Micah Rubenstein plays a variety of music from many cultures. Played today is Bugler's Dream by Leo Arnoud, Olympic Fanfare & Theme by John Williams, National Brotherhood Week by Tom Lehrer, Brandenburg Concerto #3/I by Johann Sebastian Bach, an excerpt from Hiwar by Arabian. Loch Lomond a traditional Scottish song, sung by Steve McDonald, Hoe-Down from Rodeo, and What A Wonderful World sung by Louis Armstrong.

Micah Rubenstein


Episode 1 Beginnings
Beginnings (1/21/2006)
Episode 1
Michah Rubenstein introduces the theme of the show as beginnings.
Episode 2 Resolutions
Resolutions (1/28/2006)
Episode 2
The theme of this episode is Resolution.
Episode 3 Beauty of the Peoples
Beauty of the Peoples (2/11/2006)
Episode 3
The topic of the episode is Beauty of the Peoples and Micah Rubinstein introduces it by playing Bugler’s Dream and Olympic Fanfare and Theme.
Episode 4 Generative Power
Generative Power (2/18/2006)
Episode 4
Micah Rubinstein introduces the theme of Generative Power by opening with I Won’t Grow Up from Peter Pan.

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