Open Minds: Divination and your Intuitive Wisdom with Paul O'Brien Video
Divination and your Intuitive Wisdom with Paul O'Brien
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Open Minds: Divination and your Intuitive Wisdom with Paul O'Brien (December 2015)

Season 5, Episode 59
Available worldwide

Paul O’Brien reveals how divination can be a very powerful tool for guidance, but only if we are willing to let go of our attachments to specific outcomes. Daily, we are beset with a myriad of questions and conundrums. Many pass by with ease, others bear a strategic significance to the course of one’s life. Therefore we may become biased toward a desired result and ignore the innate wisdom whispering from the seat of intuition. Divination can help us to tap into that intuitive wisdom and discover a wise resolution. This interview with Regina Meredith was originally webcast December 24, 2015.

Paul O'Brien, author of Divination: Sacred Tools for Reading the Mind of God is the founder of the Divination Foundation and the host of Pathways, a radio interview program focused on personal and cultural transformation. He currently writes the syndicated advice column Paulo’s Perspective and his Decision Maker’s Blog — both dedicated to helping people make better decisions and improve their timing.

Regina Meredith


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IamColm, posted on January 11, 2016

For me intuition is a 'whisper from within', a whisper of my inner wisdom. My challenge has been to allow my mind to be quiet so I can sense the subtle 'whisperings' allowing them to transition from belly to heart to mind. My mind only becomes involved in the final stage of intuition, translation into action.

mauionecreations, posted on December 31, 2015

Love what Paul has to share...he's quite affable :-) But what I remember most is Regina's story about missing the! Thank you Universe...All around awesome interview!

nehlerssd, posted on January 6, 2016

Thank you Regina for another thought provoking conversation.

rajdreamz, posted on December 24, 2015

Paul makes the comment that when we hit the 80-somethings, we do somewhat a life review of all the decisions we've made. I'm a 70-something, and some of the decisions I've made sucked to high heaven! Aiieee!!! What I would add is that I don't think Divinity is gonna blast me with horrendous karma 'cause I didn't fulfill all my potential. We really can only act based upon the amount and the quality of the information available to us; additionally, we've got to be receptive to that information. If we aren't...well, we aren't. The points I'm trying to make are two: In all circumstances, whether we "made it" to the so called top o' the heap or whether it landed on us and we turned out to be in our way of thinking dismal failures, we must always be self-compassionate. Secondly, we need to know that life doesn't mean one life, and Creative Force is absolutely willing to give us an eternity of opportunities to fully blossom into the beautiful souls we all are.

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