Eye of the Spirit: Teachers Talking: Don Miguel Ruiz and Princess Irene Video
Don Miguel Ruiz and Princess Irene

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Eye of the Spirit: Teachers Talking: Don Miguel Ruiz and Princess Irene (2002)

Episode 6
Available worldwide

Author of the New York Times bestseller The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz is a humble Toltec Shaman and western medical doctor, blending ancient and modern insights and traditions. As a child, Ruiz's family experienced miracles as daily occurrences. Even so, the more he grew up in western society the more skeptical he became about the validity of the spirit world. A crisis provided him with direct experience that shocked him into remembering his true nature.

Princess Irene's story of how she escaped the Nazis in a bulletproof cradle is well known. She gave up all privileges of royalty to become first a political activist, a social psychologist and now a spiritual teacher who is using her own extraordinary wisdom, connection to nature and love of all living things to help heal the world.

Elizabeth Lesser, Greg Zelonka
Don Miguel Ruiz, Princess Irene Von Lippe-Biesterfeld
Bobbie Birleffi


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