CMN: Doug Bentley on Deeksha and the Oneness Meditation Video
Doug Bentley on Deeksha and the Oneness Meditation
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CMN: Doug Bentley on Deeksha and the Oneness Meditation (April 2012)

Season 8, Episode 15
Available worldwide

Oneness Guide, Doug Bentley, was sitting in Washington D.C. working in the computer industry. After watching videos from CMN and other sites, he started on a journey that led him to the practice of Deeksha. The journey of awakening is the journey of the Kundalini, which is a latent spiritual energy at the base of the spine.

All ancient cultures and paths understood that to move into higher states of consciousness, one would need to have their Kundalini awakened. Seekers of awakening would seek out great masters and awakened beings to receive the Blessing/Energy Transfer that would initiate this process. This Blessing to awaken and divinely guide the Kundalini, is historically called Deeksha.

Doug is now one of a handful of guides traveling the globe offering Deeksha to anyone that can attend a Oneness Meditation event and dedicates his life to this practice.

Regina Meredith
Doug Bentley


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impossiblebutterfly, posted on January 8, 2014

Much Love

impossiblebutterfly, posted on January 8, 2014

Much Love

Melody W, posted on March 4, 2013

I absolutely loved this interview. I would love to visit the temple in real life just because I love sacred geometry so much, especially after reading the book " Solomon's Angels" by Doreen Virtue. I have received 2 Oneness Blessings at times when I really needed them in unexpected circumstances. It was very very peaceful and beautiful and I definitely have felt a shift on many levels since then. It may not be for everyone since we all vibrate at different frequencies and resonate differently with different paths and I believe that is why there are so many paths out there. This one is true to my heart. I highly recommend it....and please don't expect an earth shattering result right away. We all experience it differently. Mine was more subtle but long lasting.

hipsig, posted on January 29, 2013

"Enlightenment can only be given"???
Don't give your power away! We all have what we need to complete our own journey. Sure a darshan or deeksha here and there won't hurt, but to say that it can ONLY be given? Please don't fall into taht trap.

After seeing this interview, I went to one of these just out of curiosity, approaching it as a "Know what you're up against" sort of exploration, and even prepared for a couple of worst case scenarios, but nothing happened outside of my experience in my daily meditations after receiving deeksha at the gathering--twice from "awakened" ones and once from a "giver". At best, I think it made people feel good at least on the surface. But the sight of so many people just so easily willing to give their power away was quite chilling. Some even had their children with them. it could also have very well been an introductory gathering for some kind of money machine. Altough I wasn't charged any money to take part, I got the impression that the "awakened" ones who were present had gone to the ashram in India and paid to take part in some process.

Sorry to say, but the talks of the "awakened" ones sounded hollow, something that could be put together on an intellectual level with enough exposure to spiritual experiences and materials. The focus was on peak experiences and afterglow that I think can be experienced by anyone with a spiritual thirst, combined with the expectation effect, and perhaps in this case, the sincerity of the ones doing the "giving" as well.

Ida-Helene, posted on November 24, 2012

Yes! I am so happy seing this - so true

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