Open Minds: Dr. Lynne Kitei on UFO sightings Video
Dr. Lynne Kitei on UFO sightings
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Open Minds: Dr. Lynne Kitei on UFO sightings (August, 2012)

Season 1, Episode 7
Available worldwide

Are we alone in the Universe? Physician and author Dr. Lynne Kitei thought so until she, along with 10,000 other people, saw UFO lights over Phoenix. Regina Meredith interviewed Lynn in an eye-opening webcast on August 21, 2012. Hear how this changed her life forever.

Dr. Lynne Kitei is an internationally acclaimed physician and health educator who pushed aside her successful medical career to pursue The Phoenix Lights book and internationally award-winning Documentary project. She was leading the cutting edge era of early disease detection and prevention as Chief Clinical Consultant of the Imaging-Prevention-Wellness Center at the world renowned Arizona Heart Institute in Phoenix, Arizona until coming forward, after seven years of anonymity, as a key witness to the historic and still unexplained mass sighting throughout Arizona on March 13, 1997.

Regina Meredith
Lynne Kitei


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michaelamariejoan, posted on June 13, 2015

thank you

Shyann1, posted on August 16, 2014

I actually dreamt about the phoenix lights years before it happened. I believe I was told in my dream they were coming.
And that's why I dreamt it. I have dream journals and spiritual experience journals for years now. Oh,.. several months
ago, I was laying in bed, looking at the ceiling, when all of a sudden I felt something fly into my left eye really hard and
fast, kinda like when ur on a motorcycle goin 70 mph on the interstate, that's exactly how it felt. Well, I thought a bug
flew into my eye and I sat up and felt for anything, nothing there. It hurt so I ran to the bathroom mirror to look at my
left eye...I saw nothing, but felt a burning or stinging, I splahed cold water into both eyes really well. And it stayed a
little irritated for some time, after I went back to bed. I kept wondering what it was ? It didn't make sense, so a few
days later I was watching a ufo subject. And suddenly it came to me, was most likely a "Beam of invisible Light" !?
I could see it happening, and it made total sense. I was actually developing my psychic/ mediumship abilities at the
time this happened. Many weird things were goin on lol Im used to it now, but I had to get over all my fears...all of this
has taken years to do. A lot of intense work. I have always been open minded...just different from my family, and I find
this is the case w/ "people like me" lol I learn so much from Gaiam tv and other is a mystery & a journey :)

Shyann1, posted on August 16, 2014

Myself and a friend saw a ufo at the same time. I asked him "why did we have to see that "?.. And he said, " maybe because we were
supposed to". I have had missing time, went to bed on a Mon. night, woke up on a Wed night ! I was shocked like," what happened
to Tues"?? I am a very light sleeper, I always get up drink water, use restroom several times a night, it's routine for me. But this was
something that has NEVER happened to me before or since !! I wish I could get hypnotized and find out what happened ? So, I've
also seen a few more recently,..and one time late at night I went to my car I looked up at the sky thru my windshield..and it was a star
sooo bright. It seemed out of place almost, so I felt the urge to try and communicate w/ it, I was curious...and turned on my car lights
and it faded some and would get bright I turned the lights on and off. It would fade to nothing, then get really bright, but
then it would fade into a small red ball !! I said, " Yes....I knew it,..your there" !! I drew a smiley face on inside of my windshield :)
Thank U Ladies for telling ur stories. It gives people hope knowing they're not alone :) Blessings * Namast'e

FIDELC, posted on August 29, 2013

I love Regina Meredith's interviews! She carries herself with such elegance! Thank you so much for all of your quality programs :)

peacekeeper, posted on September 5, 2012

I saw this interesting interview perhaps a couple of weeks ago... and hesitated commenting only because I needed to check-in with my reason to do so (i.e. ego, superiourity, etc.). I know Ms. Kitei’s efforts flow from the same divine current that stirs my relationship with God- and for this I applaud my sister for her service. I was reminded of something I need to remember as my journey takes me deeper into ‘energy-consciousness’ and the hidden existence within; something Regina’s wisdom offered in the face of interviewing Kitei’s nascent breakthrough into esoteric worlds. Ms. Kitei’s path to deliver empirical data though admirable was overshadowed by the depth in Regina’s awareness that (softly) attempted to introduce the ‘design’ in her discoveries; that perhaps reflect more of the song in her personal journey. The offer to look into this greater vastness did not (yet) resonate with Ms. Kitei- as Regina’s consciousness took this in. And the conversation returned to the empirical, mental worlds of relatively interesting facts of pursuit and exposé. As this occurred, I observed Regina’s patience and acceptance for this sister who has yet to open to her calling from God-Source. And it reminded me in my years of direct-experience with the esoteric, to be more aware and respectful of wherever one is in their journey. God places us in the presence of another precisely- perhaps to see what our so-called vantage point may offer. In the exchange between Regina and Lynne, I suspect God would be proud of each.
Thank you, Beloved.

Lolk, posted on August 23, 2012

So much good observation and information. I really love Dr. Kitei's enthusiasm and excitement! Thank You.

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