The Dragon Dance: Golden Seed Video
The Dragon Dance: Golden Seed

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The Dragon Dance: Golden Seed

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This installment of The Dragon Dance, The Golden Seed with Bernie Clark, is inspired by the fertile teachings of Paul and Suzee Grilley. A Daoist yoga flow that allows us to wake up the energy body as well as cool down from a more vigorous Yang practice. A nice short practice to stimulate energy flow that can be used on its own, or in place of the more traditional sun salutations often used as a warm-up for yoga, or as a cool down before shavasana, as we used it in the full Dragon Dance.


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emcnic, posted on November 21, 2014

Thank you Bernie - loved this for my morning wakeup : )
I am going to use this series for my Golden Yoga class
They will love it

RubyDiamond, posted on December 1, 2013

It's a blessing & a gift to have such amazing teachers from MYO. Thank you Bernie for your centring & calming practise. Namaste!

bernieclark, posted on October 22, 2013

@mfrhoades Glad that you liked the Golden Seed. When you have time, why not visit the Dragon and Dance with him?

mfrhoades, posted on October 22, 2013

I have done all your yin classes Bernie, but today I tried this video after doing pilates. What a wonderful way to cool down an relax. Thank you

Sarah8_2, posted on July 22, 2013

@lexisnow, thank you for posting your comment! I felt the need to only meditate this morning but reading your remark inspired me to check out this flow. Absolutely agree... a gem!!! Thank you, Bernie! Love your style and this practice, its a wonderful, meditative flow! Just what I needed today and looking forward to coming back to it again! Namaste!

lexisnow, posted on July 22, 2013

love stumbling upon gems like this, fantastic. thank you

spyyogamom, posted on April 22, 2013

What a gorgeous flow of movement. A great combination! Loved it, thank you Bernie

dala162, posted on January 29, 2013

Another AWESOME Bernie video! I did this is in the middle of the afternoon.......what a wonderful combination of energy/relaxation/focus. More Bernie please!!!

racheldubois, posted on June 29, 2012

Really enjoyed this, as I enjoy all of your videos. When are you going to do more yin yoga sessions? I'd be very grateful!

purezinha, posted on October 23, 2011

Loved it !

angela_2, posted on September 15, 2011

When I just have a little time I do the Golden Seed. A wonderful wakeup, and love the inclusion of the yin postures — then, shivasana prepares me well for meditation. Grateful!

telma, posted on May 17, 2011

thank you. My legs will be stronger for this. My hands are warm , for a change.

Beevon, posted on January 1, 2011

How refreshing. Like a roll in the snow after a hot tub.

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