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Dynamic Detox

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For when you’re feeling stagnant, stuck or stodgy, here’s a fun practice with Gina Caputo to ignite your spark again! Our mission is to get prana moving throughout your body and mind via fun asana sequences, pumped up pranayama, and one very enthusiastic teacher.


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LAG, posted on August 10, 2016

What a great session! This was the most energetic class that I've practiced in some time but your easy countenance and instruction helped me work through all of the asanas. I am a big fan of yours and enjoy all of your sequences.



vnss, posted on May 20, 2016

This is exactly what I was looking for this morning! Relaxing and energizing! Thank you thank you!

Christina44429, posted on April 19, 2016

SO enjoyed this! I love your work!

aromarose, posted on April 12, 2016

Thanks Gina, great practice, I just wish there was a guided savasana to complete it, my mind thinks too much without one. :-) Namaste.

arsondude, posted on April 9, 2016

Great power sequence with mindful cuing. Thanks much love.

anagmiller, posted on January 27, 2016

Thanks Gina! Stressful day at work and this did the trick at detoxing the day.

ginacaputo, posted on January 28, 2016

I absolutely love to be even a tiny part of somebody unwinding after a stressful day. So THANK YOU for turning to yoga and to my class for that. :)

jdtannehill90, posted on January 2, 2016

Great practice, Gina. I needed a good sweat and stretch to get rid of some nervous energy and this certainly did the trick for me :)

ginacaputo, posted on January 28, 2016

EXCELLENT!! And I love that you're turning to yoga to discharge that nervous energy - BRAVO!!!! :)

slgisme, posted on September 5, 2015

I enjoy every aspect of your teaching. You offer a calm voice along with a logical, gentle, yet challenging practice. Thank you.

ginacaputo, posted on January 28, 2016

Awww, thank you again Slgisme - you always give the sweetest comments that make my day!!

MsRuckus, posted on July 27, 2015

I had the great pleasure of taking a workshop with you in Telluride (I had the special pants ;-) Just found this gem of yours here and I loved the bowing frog thingy. It made for a very stable and solid bakasana. Lots of gratitude.

ginacaputo, posted on July 29, 2015

SPECIAL PANTS!!! Wooot woot! I was so happy to meet you in class in Telluride and then practice together here! Let's keep it up and I hope to see you again in person too!! Thanks so much :)

aerial92, posted on June 2, 2015

Thank you so much for guiding me through the practice. I want to try more of your videos.

ginacaputo, posted on July 29, 2015

Aww, thank you so much for joining me here! And I am excited to MAKE more videos so we can keep practicing together!!

MC27, posted on May 7, 2015

This was by far one of the best practices I've done here. I'm a newbie and it was challenging in the best way possible. Thank you Gina, you're awesome!

ginacaputo, posted on May 27, 2015

No you're awesome!! Thanks for taking a moment to let me know - this is my one way to stay connected to everyone out there and it means the world to me! So thank you!!!

NicoleUrdang, posted on April 15, 2015

Thank you Gina.

ginacaputo, posted on April 28, 2015

Thank YOU Nicole for taking the time to practice with me!

nekmiller, posted on April 12, 2015

This was a great flow and I felt some heat building... Thinking detox!! Namaste

ginacaputo, posted on April 28, 2015

Yes!! Thanks so much for practicing with me and letting me know it worked for you!!

srock32, posted on February 2, 2015

Just what i needed today. I was feeling sluggish and tired and this was the perfect combo of twists, strength building and heart opening! I love that your classes are geared toward specific body issues, you are fabulous, one of my favs! Thank you and Namaste.

ginacaputo, posted on February 5, 2015

What a compliment, THANK YOU!! I'm glad you enjoyed this one and I'm always looking forward to my next batch of classes so thanks for your feedback and input!!

OrlandoTerp, posted on January 12, 2015

Thank you. As usual, you never disappoint, Gina. I came into this class after a stressful day with a mental to-do list a mile long. I'm leaving so relaxed and chill that I'm putting the to-do list away for the day (not the original plan). And like the comment below, I did my best crow ever, even if it was only for a second. I've never approached it as a hip opener before. That really helped my balance and confidence. I was so excited by my somewhat success that I missed the next two poses, because I kept going back into crow to see if I could do it again.

ginacaputo, posted on January 14, 2015

Oh wow! I am happy on so many fronts after reading this! I struggle with putting the to-do list down too so I'm thrilled this helped in that regard. And your best crow ever?! Yeehaw! Poses like that are great for disrupting our personal status quo! And you keep going back and trying again, no matter what! The great thing about these online classes is that the 2 poses you might miss will still be there next time!! :)

bechthomsen, posted on September 28, 2014

Ha ha found you... Great workout I am all sweatty and feeling completly free ... This one I will return to :)

ginacaputo, posted on October 29, 2014

Completely free - wahooooo! See you very soon Carina!!

ElaineC@GTV, posted on September 28, 2014

It's a good one... Gina's class is always EXACTLY what I need too :)

Murph, posted on September 25, 2014

Great work out, I have done this one before and it always sneaks up on me how challenging it is. Love, hate the core work. Thank you!

ginacaputo, posted on October 29, 2014

Love it! A sneaky class that feeds your love/hate relationship with core. When we're old and still out there charging on life, it will turn to pure love :)

ginacaputo, posted on July 28, 2014

@elizasyc I love those "sort of" moments as we learn - they are the signs of personal evolution - YES!! One thing I've really learned is that hip openers really, really help what I call the "low flying" arm balances (in other words, not handstand and forearm stand) The higher you can get your knees up your arms, the easier the arm balances! And that requires great hip flexibility. The other thing that is key for lift off is to keep you gaze slightly forward, not down. But do take one peek down and make sure you are getting your elbows all the way forward over your wrists. If your elbows hang out behind your wrists, the physics are off and you can't get lift off! More soon!!

elizasyc, posted on July 27, 2014

@ginacaputo Hi Gina, what a great practice! I managed to (sort of) take flight with crow for 1 second, It was exhilarating! Looking forward to your crow tutorial. Some practice tips would be helpful.

ginacaputo, posted on July 26, 2014

@zooeypurdy Hi! Thanks so much for your feedback! For Warrior 3, you can always do it with both hands on the ground or even better, on blocks. Only lift your back leg as high as you can without opening your hips. And for crow, the pose Malasana or yogic squat can be an alternative. I actually teach a crow pose prep which is to come into the squat, place your hands on the ground with your arms between your thighs and then practice squeezing your legs into your arms and press your arms out into your legs 3x. This is great prep for the actions of crow. I have a new video coming out here soon called "As The Crow Flies" and there are some more tips there. Thanks for practicing with me!!

zooeypurdy, posted on July 25, 2014

This was surprisingly difficult for being labelled all levels, I would definitely have appreciated an easier version option for the warrior 3 and crow parts. Really appreciated the extra detailed instruction for the backbends though!

ginacaputo, posted on June 24, 2014

@sirisiri SO AWESOME! I love that we're so far away yet so close!! Thank you!

ginacaputo, posted on June 24, 2014

@Lifeisgood a little detox on Saturday mornings always helps! thanks for practicing with me!!

ginacaputo, posted on June 24, 2014

@ColleenHL thank you so much for practicing with me - let's do it again!! :)

sirisiri, posted on June 24, 2014

I loved it! Thanks from Ecuador!

Lifeisgood, posted on April 5, 2014

Great Saturday morning "detox" flow - thank you so much, Gina! J

ColleenHL, posted on March 31, 2014

What a wonderful practice Gina! Fantastic sequencing, great pace; you packed a lot into this practice. I love your teaching style and enthusiasm. Thank you so much!

Vasaart, posted on March 25, 2014

Just what I needed this morning! Thank you, Gina.

ginacaputo, posted on February 27, 2014

@fluru thanks so much for practicing with me! I know MYO has lots of hip-focused classes to choose from. Of my videos, the one that is the most hip-centric is the one for Immunity Boosting - you can check it out here: http://www.myyogaonline.com/videos/yoga/immunity-boosting-flow

JaimeMYO, posted on February 27, 2014

@fluru Try this one! http://www.myyogaonline.com/videos/yoga/wrist-free-hip-and-pelvis-explor... -Jaime and the MyYoga Team

fluru, posted on February 27, 2014

Thanks for this class Gina!! Can you recommend a class which is more focussed on opening the hip and pelvis? Thank you!!

ginacaputo, posted on February 24, 2014

@hashbrown70 Awww, thank you!! It makes me happy to think of you feeling so invigorated!!

hashbrown70, posted on February 24, 2014

I love all your classes. I always feel so invigorated afterwards. Thx for posting!! :-)

ginacaputo, posted on February 19, 2014

@melaniepenn Thank you for practicing with me Melanie!!!

melaniepenn, posted on February 18, 2014

Loved this! Gina, you're wonderful!

ginacaputo, posted on February 18, 2014

@nirmalaliving and thank YOU for starting your day with me!!!

nirmalaliving, posted on February 18, 2014

Wonderful sequence! Great way to start my day. Thanks so much :)

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