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Cosmic Disclosure: The Earth Alliance (May 2016)

Season 4, Episode 10
Available worldwide

Corey Goode explains that a large coalition of loosely knit groups have agreed to work together to topple the long reign of the Cabal. The groups which makeup this Earth Alliance can be considered to be syndicates and secret societies. Despite the agreement to work together, each group has its own agenda within the larger framework of the coming full disclosure events. What is currently transpiring can be considered to be a stealth World War III, fought within digital domains and proxy armies. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast May 10, 2016.

Subtitles available in English, Deutsche, Português, 中文, Русский, and Español.

David Wilcock


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amccracken, posted on July 18, 2016

Would it be possible for Corey Goode to sit in on meetings with the Earth Alliance in order to 'sense' or intuit who is an infiltrator??? Also , since some in the Earth Alliance is a break-away from the Cabal, many members were once Cabal who have had a change of heart, yet are still guilty of past Cabal methods.

Prometheus1111, posted on June 5, 2016

Why has this question not been considered: What does the unwillingness of the alliance to pursue full disclosure say about the Alliance? Consider based on what Corey said that
the alliance experiences a Full disclosure as a Pyrrhic Victory YET one it apparently is not willing to take. Umm What does this say then about what the Alliance Actually IS?
How could it possibly then represent the people?

Lets look at this narrative from yet another side.
How can you possibly have a meaningful and realistic negotiation if one side has been infiltrated by the other? That fact alone should have determined the one and only clear move for the alliance - total disclosure. The only possible reason the obvious is not being considered quite yet is the culpability the alliance must feel. This in itself makes its beneficence questionable to say the least. As an entity its nature remains unclear by its inaction. By its inaction it insinuates the Alliance is merely cabal 2.0. What else could prevent or hesitate on full disclosure if not for the fact of some equivalent atrocities in which case indicating them as de factor Cabal?

The Alliance is the seemingly paralyzed to act on behalf of the people . Until then also we can only say There is an alleged desire to seek justice for what has been totally beyond the scale of Crime as the public has known it. The way Corey is telling the story so far leads us to to see full disclosure by the alliance would require a Pyrrhic Victory. One by the way they are so far unwilling to take. Until then we must assume inaction gives a pretty good description of them being somewhere in the land of Cabal 2.0. Considering that they don't feel outraged enough yet have all the arsenal? Perhaps it would help if we understood just what dirt the Alliance is afraid of being revealed of them. Why do they have a past they are afraid of unless they were not in some sense in prior collaboration with the Cabal? That Cosmic disclosure release would then enable them to overcome their own sense of a pyrrhic victory ( Disclosure as therapy for those still trying to hold on to their own secrecy) How can you believe in a group if not the fact that they be based on a notion truth shall set you free? That is after all what they allegedly wish for the people. Which based on all the holding back on the part of the alliance earns them a belief of Allegedly helping the people. Incidentally Negotiating with the atrocity maker mimics how the Americans dealt with the Post war story of the Nazis which was by the way included in the Corey Narrative. And Who by the way also were paraded in public tribunals. Umm see the pattern yet?

At What level does Will Exists?
These kind of political impasses otherworldly or not seem still within the realm of the pendulum. It is then no accident that the narrative still depends on the alliance representing the will of the people - as a kind of substitution for the lost democratic Ideal here on the surface. But was this collective ever really real in the way it was believed? was that not the fallacy that led to the expression of its dis reality we see today? I think Will is precisely the problem but it is an individual thing whereas the belief in collective will exists within the Trance of the collective where individual will never even defines itself much less asserts itself. There seems to be the same old fallacies haunting this narrative.


That it is not AI trying to invade life but life has always been trying to invade biological machines (AI in the flesh). The narrative of AI expresses perfectly the growing awareness of the mechanical side of man Prior to having been totally illuminated for what it actually is. AI is simply a mirror to mechanical side of life enabling consciousness to better penetrate it. Humans may represent the greatest entry point of life in the form consciousness. If everything in life is a mirror it can only have any sense to be so relative to conscious life. Thus we might reflect on AI as such a mirror of the material and
mechanical aspect of being. A growing consciousness at some point at least should begin to see and feel how the outer world is a reflection of the inner being - and so it must be for the outer
experience or knowledge of AI. Nothing is as it seems from the perspective of Mechanical mind but as this mind expands - assuming that it can and does - it does reach out to various degrees to
realize how all is reflecting the state of the inner world. If one believes the AI is a threat to the universe that reflects simply a state of being - this reflects a machine though it grasps a rudimentary
distinction between AI machine and what is consciousness has not yet explicitly discerned them much less realize them as reflections within. The AI can only reflect upon the inner state of those who
hold a particular narrative - or rather a narrative is a reflection of a certain state of being which does not yet realize that narratives are always reflections of inner states of being. This explains in part
why the Corey narrative has not really reached escape velocity from the old paradigm ironically despite the fact that it includes so much Other worldly data. It also reveals the poverty of data in an
intellectual or machine mind which has not yet embedded the deeper states - for which the body has not yet reached the refinement to inhere a far finer energy which ambiently surrounds us.
The individual going within to explore opening to this energy all around us gives us much more practical material to work with than clinging to the We the people. WHO the fuck is WE? There can be
many WE's based on an infinite varieties of superficial commonalities. But how can there be a meaningful WE without a conscious individual which would make that up? An individual who realizes
that he alone must voluntarily pursue what it means to seek and develop himself. This narrative so far has not escaped the old paradigm though it is expressed in new otherworldly data. And here is
yet another hint - The real self in this narrative is still "Occulted"....

Politics depends upon Mechanical People (mechanical thought):

In the political world There are different Knights in shining armor to represent the commonalities of frustrations for their respective WE groups. Such commonalities among a particular WE group
then represent superficial Data which the mechanical mind accepts as total significance. Bernie And Trump are such anti-thetical characters that nonetheless very effectively embrace different
sets of frustrations - or common gripes. The clear cut division of extremes shows this all very clearly as a divide and conquer strategy and it depends exactly just upon this superficial level of
distinctions. This bears out exactly why the superficial mind, or you might better say "human" AUI (Artificial Un Intelligence) both calls into being the non-essential the data points and a culture which in turn calls that mind into automatic response.

Bernie mentions one set of horrible truths about the government and Trump yet another. Even in their honesty of calling out real facts they are highly bifurcated. Bernie mentions Fed reserve banks and
even chemtrails ordinarily taboo topics. The people sense the truth of these facts which engages the emotion to accept the automatic response system which ensues thereafter : Bernie for all his plethora of factual truth data points - opts for a new healthier version of Chem Trails. Why not throw in Free education and health Care? As if any of these 3 institutions behind each were positive enough to begin with - as if they were not toxic to begin with - The premise is still the same - the system is fine we just have to get the right people in. The
real intractability of this system is the failure to see past mechanical thought which attracts to ideology and its laundry list of gripes. Yet nothing which is based on the essential conditions of man
life and consciousness can be considered. The gears are already spinning the emotions are running hight in their preprogrammed directions. So far there was no case of any candidate Ever grounded in the essential. But If the people ever got slight wind of this as important the system would simply feign a simulation for that too. Some TM guy from India would magically show up and proceed to
foment hope for real change yet again - Because the Dressing would again look very different. We would have the TM president etc....
To which I can only say of these non evolving types - Silly biological androids clearly you were made to exist in perpetual delusion as free range slaves....
"Machines they were born and machine they will perish" - Gurdjieff

andrewgoodall1971, posted on May 31, 2016

the bubble doesn't collapse because the stockmarket is carefully monitored by A.I systems - if the thing looks like it is going to collapse before the cabal want it to.....they pull the plug and point a finger at some poor electronic server. imo.

meinuniverse, posted on May 29, 2016

After a UFO comes down on a Church in Jerusalem which was filmed by different peope and vanished so fast that it must be a secret vehicle the media starts to make short news about things like UFOs and confirmed alien existens. This was in 2011 and I have >100 news reports from Fox, CNN ,chinese media and other. The chinese have to close two times since than a whole airport for hours because of a hovering UFO (perhaps Corey knows the group inside), but the news make no running "gag" about this and activist post this reports- As a pakistany plane crashes in the hills and >300 died a russian report blamed a triangle shaped UFO for this accident. A few days later a russian airplane which was sth like the premiumbird of the russian industries on its testflight with all the members of the major companies crashed also. After that the news reports about UFOs were not so often to find or totaly out. It shows a problem or the tensions which are here. Its the normal mad diplomathy which we know from the cold war and therefor to talk about this like a hidden 3 worldwar is a right statement.
Than like Corey says there are negotiations. They talk about this and that but the fact that we surrounded by various of highly developed civilisations and the poeple perhaps will accept this societys more than their native is something we have through all mankind history. Its more like our civilisation will broke in peaces because it can only through allies defend itself and they will also have influence to make sure that their gifts will not be turned against them. The world without the curtain of secrecy is mainly the result of what people feel towards this other cicilisations because this ability is blocked through lies about the present situation. When I talk about this stuff its interesting how the people react and the potential which is in humanity is unknown.
In my opinion its the best way to go one step after another and try to weaken the enemys of a free world. For this it is also important to know the plans of the extrateresestials.

aknowz, posted on May 28, 2016

Who speaks for us at these negotiations? Where are our representatives? Why is it that the "bad "guys get to negotiate among themselves for our future without our involvement? Who? The cabal? The depopulators? The murderous thieves? The genocidal maniacs? The psychopaths? The manipulative and the mind controllers? The demonic draco reptilian hybrid viper Archons? Perhaps some can redeem themselves but the soulless don't get to decide our future. Not anymore, they are done. We are done with them. We are aware now. We just have to all stop feeding them our energy, our fear and our money.
My family and I are peacefully resisting and opting out of the corrupted game altogether. We assert our natural rights to co create our own system our own reality. We won't be slaves or perpetuate the corruption by supporting it, condoning it or turning a blind eye to it. I'd rather walk alone than walk with the crowd the wrong way. We don't have all the answers but now we know what we've been doing wrong and how just about everything we do can be done so much better, for ourselves, our children, our community and the Earth. SO NOW, RIGHT NOW is the time to continue to learn and to implement those amazing positive changes we know makes the world a better place. We should be brave enough to speak the truth and blow the whistle on corruption when we see it.
Quick story:
I had a very eerie experience years ago at a grocery store where 2 young women were working together to steel something. One distracted the clerk and manager by dropping a glass jar in an aisle while the other made a grab for something of greater value. As my girlfriend and I were going through the very busy checkouts the manager realized what was happening and darted after the girl who was shop lifting. In the excitement I found myself speaking out to, well everyone, in the whole front end of the store. "Whats he going to do?", I yelled as he's chasing after her in the busy downtown street. "What's he going to do? .... He can't touch her! He can't do that!!" as the man jumps on the girl and begins dragging her back towards the store. So I yell "What that man is doing is a far greater crime than what that girl just did! Nothing gives that man the right to lay a hand on her or anyone!" A cold chill whet up my spine in the silence as I looked around at all of some 30+ people, customers, cashiers, grocery guys bagging groceries and realize that no one cared. Not one bit. But it was more than that. It was the empty em-motionlessness that you'd expect in a robot that I got from everyone upon which I quickly came to realize an incredibly scary truth about the level of programming we've all been subject too. It happened, it sank in and I realized how drone like we had all become.

New study shows acetaminophen dulls our empathy... digital EMF signals like from wi-fi, smart meters and cell phone/towers are killing the bees along with Alzheimers and dementia due to the heavy toxic metals in chemtrails...
IF Militia's need things to do they could cut down cell towers and take out chemtrail planes. They could save the bees and all life affected by these technologies...
Quote of the Day: " The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant." -Maximillien Robespierre microphone drop and I'm out, love n peace...

mysmart.fraga, posted on May 23, 2016

when will be added sub subtitles in Portuguese?

SGallatin@Gaia, posted on June 10, 2016

Portuguese subtitles are available now, thanks for watching!

dj.miss.mixit, posted on May 23, 2016

It seems to me that the cabal are just a big bunch of psychotic children throwing an on going tantrum. As a mother and someone who remembers being a naughty child, I can still recall that feeling of lying and covering up my bad behaviour as to avoid punishment. They need a good clip round the ears, some time out and 'family therapy' to rehabilitate them. We are here to forgive you like loving parents if only you'll let us in. Who wants a hug?

mikeylikesit, posted on May 21, 2016

I have been watching you talk for a number of years now. I like knowing about what is really going on. I test it all for truth. As far as I know, most of what I tested is true, at least for me. Knowing all that, I have a hard time talking to anyone else about any of this. Part of it is a fear of being discovered as a "truther", but the majority of people I talk to about it cannot even start to believe any of this is actually true, as I do. This stuff, which I know to be true is hard for most religious people to fathom. People want to believe the government because the government is a huge thing to go up against. There are some people I used to talk to about this, but as they got older, all they want to do is be with nature. All types of people just run from me whenever I mention any of this. I can hope for full disclosure, but as long as the churches hold sway over the populace, people go to their "God" and trust "him" when they don't understand what is going on. Then there is the popular media, which is controlled , in toto, by the Cabal and the Cabal's AI, which is great at figuring ways around what I consider to be obvious Cabal failures and turn them into winners. How does one start to talk about it in public, knowing what I have said is true, at least for me.

nc-gruete, posted on May 21, 2016

Is there still any hope for full disclosure? Isn't there any technology to prevent them from blowing up those under water vulcanos?

mmasviken, posted on May 19, 2016


adrian6, posted on May 18, 2016

I heard from one person that he saw on the TV that China make rise from plastic.
1. Any body heard of such
2. This is the most amazing weapon as it can be if they give it to solders. Remember black gooe and how
the fascist made it.
I do not know if anybody get me on this , but please make some comments and I will try to follow this blog.


celestialshedevil, posted on May 23, 2016

Perhaps what the person you talked to is referring to is utilizing fillers in the manufacturing of food. Did you hear the whole thing about wheat containing particles of Styrofoam? The whole "Subway uses the same chemicals used in producing yoga mats in making their bread"? ... What they are saying is, in the refinement of wheat (i.e. any bread/flour product that contains wheat), manufacturers add an unnatural filler so that people feel full but it's not a natural full. I'm sure they do the same thing with rice. Ever eat Minute Rice? or Pringles Potato Chips? or a variety of other pre-packaged foods? They have to put unnatural additives in the food to give it a certain texture and taste because it's not natural, so it needs flavor and texture to be consumed.

adrian6, posted on June 4, 2016

The person told me: is rise from plastic, not a filer or such.
Now this is huge danger as if this is related with black goo, that mean solder can eat it and become the most killer you can imagine, as the Nazi did but this is more general and of huge danger.

Vincent.Mellon, posted on May 17, 2016

It seems to me there has been a movement to disclose specifically Saudi Arabia's involvement in 9/11. This worries me because it looks like they want to skip the Bush administration's involvement. I feel like that specific disclosure could be used to put blame on the saudis. then We go and have another Iraq war in a new country without actually addressing the problem at home.

truthor911, posted on May 17, 2016

but its up to us to articulate that point great job

caroleepoe, posted on May 16, 2016

The past week there has been an advertisement on the CBS channel about an interview with a man whose daughter is in the "Earth Space Defense" - while asking him about his daughter, the camera pans around showing his military memorabilia, him wearing a USArmy hat and ending with how proud of her he is. It ends with the "Earth Space Defense" - I haven't seen this ad before the past week, is this part of the disclosure?

analisa12, posted on May 16, 2016

Maybe the starseeds are the best thing that ever happened to the people in the Cabal, even though they may not see it that way, yet. It sounds like its been pretty messed up, even for them. You can't really be happy and do so much harm just to stay in control. We want change for the better, expansion. We want a clean slate and to start fresh down here. Openness. honesty, transparency and peace, and much greater freedom. I am going all out for the galactic civilization, and no one can talk me out of it. It is just too hard living under a dimmed down society. Forget all these secret negotiations too. It just sounds like more of the same. We deserve to have choices and to speak for ourselves. We deserve the whole truth,and to live in a truly open society. I want the same lifestyle as the inner earth people. Just because the Cabal is afraid of letting go of their perceived power and control, doesn't mean it will be worse. Nothing could really be worse than what they are now and this whole situation. Actually, if we have the full disclosure, in a way everyone will be freed up.

jcservices, posted on May 16, 2016

They talked about “both sides” going against each other, but I am not sure who they are referring about. Is it the Alliance against the Cabal? Or is it 2 Cabal factions going against each other?

spacechalice, posted on May 16, 2016

What i'm not understanding is the bodies part. I was recently watching about the ascension process and 4th density from david's Wisdom Teachings series and he explains that when we transition into the 4th density our physical bodies basically 'die'(?) and we then change into light/rainbow bodies. Now what I am understanding in this series is that the inner earth beings experience a 4th density reality, as in time is different for them, something about them experiencing kharma a lot slower, etc. -- but they still have physical bodies? Is that correct? The videos about the ascension process - etc, etc., were made in 2014, so I don't know if there has been new information since 2 years ago? I am unsure. I've heard that you can still retain a physical body in 'higher' densities from other people but then some people are saying our bodies will change spontaneously in an instant? hm. There are a lot of gaps in my understanding as I am still learning all of this but is there anyone with a more in depth understanding that can clarify?

caseydobbskai22, posted on May 16, 2016

caseydobbskai22, posted on May 16, 2016

Fantastic the future is bright freedom love truth and abundance a "dream world" lol im making it a reality go head say somthin different come at me lol We can do this once you and your ego wakes up i wont laugh at you ill love and forgive ya negative posters and ignorant ones I win. full disclosure wins.

paulpaige1955, posted on May 15, 2016

Corey you say the Russians are threatening to release 911 info, but that's all they are doing. threatening. Why wouldn't they just release the info? they must have something they want in return for not releasing the info. We can't rely on them., also the main stream media is controlled by the Kabal. and are never going to acknowledge what is really going on. If these friendly aliens have tech like Med Beds, why are they waiting to give it to us? There are millions of people on this Earth that are suffering with life threatening diseases, or medical conditions that could be taken care of with the Med beds. They said they were going to give us this tech, to make people wait is just as bad as Earth people having a cure for Cancer and with holding it. Screw the Syndicate and what they want concerning full disclosure, they shouldn't have a say in it, or even be a factor. Of course they want partial disclosure over 100 years, most of them will be dead, then what do they care !!! To even take their wishes into consideration is ludicrous. They are the scum who have been screwing us over for 200 years. If 50 ships land on Earth what is the Kabal going to do about it?? NOTHING. Most people know the Govt are some of the biggest liars and crooks on the planet, and know they are being controlled by the all mighty dollar. Everyone knows they are just puppets for the Bilderberger group and other kabals. Why would the Blue Avians and the Sphere beings even take their wants into consideration. I don't get it, it's like they are trying to keep them happy!! They don't deserve to be happy
Drop a Med Bed or 10 into every Hospital on Earth, and see what happens. People are going to know it wasn't the bad guys who did this, they want us eaters all dead. Would be a good first contact don't you think.
To delay complete disclosure is just a cop out. Proof is in the pudding so to speak, seeing is believing, put your money where your mouth is, need I go on??
I believe they are here to help us, and have always known we were not alone ( crazy to think we are the only life in the vastness of space). Millions upon Millions of other people know this too, isn't it time everyone did??
Get on with it, we can take it.

craigbarker13, posted on May 15, 2016

Hi Paul, I agree with you 100%. BUT, I think we all, including myself don't fully understand the power that these guys have or hopefully had. These guys can kill JFK and just walk away, they can kill who ever they like and just walk away scott free. It seems their can and anybody who has any evidence on the matter of 911 or free energy goes the same way. So this means to me anyways that the Alliance have to tread very carefully. Remember the cabal have been thinking tens of years ahead if not hundreds of years ahead with their mind control and plans. I think Putin is on a fine tightrope at the moment. Weather he is with us (to free the people) or not only time will tell. I would like to think he is and doesn't want any more loss of life and I'm sure he was part of the cabal at one time, but just like me and you, has had enough of it all. But can you imagine how hard it is to trust any of these guys who are coming over to the Alliance.

About landing 50 ships on Earth, well I think we would be all cob smacked at how much fire power the cabal have. If you take a look at Dr Judy Wood and she explains that the Twin World Towers were brought down by a very powerful weapon as well as explosives, in my mind.

Disclosure will happen. I believe if we all think this way, then it will happen. Yes, the cabal are making a lot of money but will not be around to spend it (positive thinking). The main thing is to wake up as many people as we can and I know that's not easy. I for one see the world is changing. More and more people are waking up to the BS that is given to us. It doesn't matter if governments want to change laws to suppress us. If we all wake up to it then their can do nothing about it. Power for us is in the amount of people who see through this curtain of lies and deceit. If we all woke up from the Matrix today? then there would be no more cabal.

I would like to thank Corey and David for a excellent series. Keep the good work up. Now I'm paying for it, the quality is excellent. :-)))))))

Cheers my friend

Craig Barker

P.S. as you said Paul, anybody who thinks that we are the only beings in this vastness they call Space are very very very programmer.

des.susko, posted on May 15, 2016

Hi, I can sympathize with you on having to wait for these technologies to end suffering on this Earth. I have family members who are sick right now. But I think it's important to point out that if the SBA were really taking into consideration what the cabal wanted they probably would have let them escape a long time ago. But their quarintine is up and no one has been allowed to leave including the Draco and other negative ET's. And to level the playing field the SBA has given the SSP Alliance advanced technology for defense. It appears as if it's just a matter of time before all these will be brought to justice in whatever way it will be humanity chooses. It's what's happening here on Earth that needs to be brought up to speed. I agree with you on partial disclosure, its a cop out. FULL Disclosure is what we will get. If you haven't yet, read Corey's latest Intel. The cabal are trying to go into hiding in Brazil and Antarctica but are being thwarted. If partial disclosure was going to take place what are they running from?

In Peace and Love,

newdirection7, posted on May 15, 2016

Thank You!
Always good stuff.

earthhrt, posted on May 15, 2016

We live because there are receptors sites on our cells for oxygen, food, nutrients for our systems to function. Humans are inclusive in the mammals with a section of our brain being reptilian- not a coincidence and obviously genetically engineered for a purpose. This is our fight, flight, freeze activator, fear based organ. The reptilian brain- the brain stem and the cerebellum are the activators of the limbic system- particularly the amygdala (the fear reactor of the brain) and is the origin of the resonating, luesh (?)(David Wilcock)
This ancient, reptilian brain is the receptor site for Dracos to access, to allow the reptilian vibrations within and to create their choice buffet- fear. This fear based receptor site permits the creation of such looming pain (as your and Gonzales' interaction in the meeting with the white Draco).
Other animals without a reptilian brain, shake off fear after a threatening experience. I sense as part of the genetic engineering, humans store fear experiences as patterning in the amygdala/ limbic system. And the energetic Draco nutrient system is sustained.
And the light in the tunnel is….
Humans continue to evolve despite the Dracos continuous creation of fear mongering. Humans, in discernment and choosing the truth of their beingness- the vibrating frequencies of light, love and sweetness, ignite an expanded awareness. This choice lessens the fear response activation from the reptilian/limbic generator, expanding the pathway of greater awareness for the discernment of choice of fear or love.
This body I inhabit, is highly responsive to the non-ionizing microwave radiation from the cell towers, antenna and wi-fi. My childhood was violent and life threatening. Despite the continuous soul work, the limbic system, at every second, is prepared for fight, flight or freeze. Survival was based on feeling and sensing the most, minute energy. Hence, decades later, microwaves set the system in life threatening response. What I have experienced, the second a threat or a defense is sensed, fear ignites the limbic/reptilian system, opens the gate to the flood of microwaves- and intense pain and the repetition of feeding the other dimension with luesh(?)
By the grace of the divine, this body knows the difference of the light consciousness and the gate to fear. In the depth of emptiness I have seen dimensional dark flames dance- tempting me to feed their hunger for separate identity. When fear is touched, I now stay in what I love- the beloved consciousness, light. And there are so many microwaves, I practice, practice, practice. The divine has created such a gift of microwaves to take this being closer to what it loves. The reptilian/limbic energy is less activated and is being served less from this being. I sense the frequency of the brain being activated, and go to what I love.
The fear of your previous experience with the piercing dracos, set the reptilian brain in motion, greater available access to their reptilian frequencies Your love of truth, connection to the guardians and the honey comb earth shaman is one of the many reflections to your truth in beingness. In the event of another encounter- feel, experience your truth in presence.
Making the choice of discerning the truth of whom we are reduces the control of the Dracos on the human existence, the planet. All is affected, changing every frequency in creation. The greater picture- the reptilian brain/limbic (their receptor site) evolves. No thing is outside the frequency. Affect the human beingness- effects the reptilian brain, effects the Dracos. All evolve by the love of beingness, divine, consciousness.

eco1, posted on May 18, 2016

Bravo, HRT. Many people's research and direct experience are parallel and on a par with yours. Others are new to the last 20 years of uplifting, empowering discoveries in the physical-level neurology of consciousness. They might be struggling to understand their inner chaos when overburdened with an exhausting combination of lifetime trauma, misinformation, brain fog from GMO food, messed up water, soil, Microwave Radiation from Smart Meters/cellular tech, anything toxic to derail and distract from the awakening process. If people do not find or learn healthy guidance and groundedness early in life, they can easily end up in cults (New Age, fundamentalist, UFO, political, corporate, scientific, etc., all fields of human activity) which further entangle them despite their best intentions in control mechanisms which repeat endlessly under different "isms" -- prolonging suffering which ripples out to all beings.

Flipping/integrating the fear/control hardwiring of human brain receptor sites into self-love and therefore true Service To Others is entirely possible, and perhaps billions are now engaged in this. Might not feel like it with all the intensity of personal and collective breakthroughs, though, but often feelings and perceptions are based on toxic programming which we have been expected to keep repeating. Game over: The process is often slow and tedious, but the way through to greater degrees of freedom is first understanding that all humans seem to have to undergo this process of transmutation which is simple, but never easy if it is real. There are so many good and inexpensive ways to do this that it is not possible to list even a few of them here; Dr. Kelly Brogan's, Rick Hansen's or Dan Millman's sites are three examples that do not involve dangerous charismatic guru-figures or magical thinking but do teach commonsense, loving consciousness skills in small steps that really sink in. The habit-mind with intention and time transforms useful but un-evolved fear-anger energies into powerful, nurturing creativity. We are this second experiencing a healthy wave of transforming energies that are rewiring the amygdala for STO and self-nurturing creativity, love, discernment. Those who direct their daily focus to allowing their lives to be directed by their True Self make it easier for others to wake up.

jshorvath, posted on May 15, 2016

There is a hierarchy present throughout the universe. It is the human elite and lower level ET's who are scrambling. Those ET's of a higher order - those creatures akin to the 'builder race' and higher up this hierarchical ladder - are the ones calling the shots. If there is disclosure, the evidence of which appears to be building, it will certainly be on their terms and their timetable. They are the ones behind the scenes pulling the strings, and it will be their schemes and their agenda, which everyone else (including humans) will ultimately be brought into. Our societal norms are not their societal norms; they use whatever means necessary to bring about their agenda as efficiently and economically as possible. So utilizing all manners of deception and trickery is to be expected on their part. Not out of malevolence, but rather efficiency. To my way of thinking, its all about moving us into the fold - and thereby bringing about their own further evolutionary development. For such is the universe - we are all interconnected one to another... especially the creators to the created. We, all creatures, are all returning to 'Source' – howbeit along an inconceivably circuitous route.

drawtterrag, posted on May 14, 2016

Posted 14 May 2016 -

Corey is currently working on a large update covering current intel in more detail.

des.susko, posted on May 14, 2016

Hi Drawtterrag,

Thanks for putting up this link! I just read it and all I can say is Wow! I feel bad Corey went through that abduction and interrogation. Also interesting to hear about cabal attempts to flee. We must be closer to FULL disclosure than we had realized. I can understand the reservations of the Anshar but they must understand we are a people waking up to lots of disturbing things and knowing we have been decieved on so many levels takes lots of working through to get to a place of love and forgiveness. So I hope they can be patient with us. I believe it is important us surface dwellers develop a good trusting relationship with our subterranian "big" brothers and sisters. We all need each other and essentially we are all one.

I just read the transcript from the Joint Corey & Cobra interview by Rob Potter last night and there's some very interesting info there too. Thought I'd post that link too so others can also have it readily available.

Here's the link for anyone interested:

In Peace and Love,

drawtterrag, posted on May 14, 2016

That was just the first hour of the interview. The transcript for the second hour should be available soon.

This kind of intel must be kept current, as you can tell by Corey's brief update. A lot has changed recently. Gaia needs to dismount from their lofty perch and change the format for Cosmic Disclosure. Maybe using Skype, with David in Southern California and Corey in Texas. Gaia could still be in control editing the feeds from Corey and David, although I would prefer no editing at all. After all, when David and Corey do live interviews on radio, there is no editing. What you hear is what you get. The information presented is far more important than having a well polished television production. The video feeds from Skype do not have have to be crystal clear either, as long as the audio is descent.

As I understand it, Cosmic Disclosure is a one year contract. It was setup for 30 minute episodes. This is why there has been no response from Gaia on the numerous requests to expand the episodes to one hour. We should be less than 3 months from the end of this current contract. Will Gaia end up killing the goose that laid the golden egg?

Are you listening JAY WEIDNER?

des.susko, posted on May 15, 2016

A live show, there's an idea! Sounds like a good one. Don't know if Gaia has ever done that or if they are able to but it would be nice. I know what you mean about staying current with the Intel. I try to keep up with info too checking their websites, Facebook and Twitter. I wonder if Gaia even knew well enough to anticipate this problem; that important sensitive intel would not be churned out quickly enough in a timely manner to have the desired affect on our consciousness. Afterall, it is us, the collective, creating the change in our reality. This here, what's happening now, is unprecedented. It's never been done before. The cabal has done well to see to that by taking over all of our media sources and threatening those who talk. So, to have someone come out like Corey and talk about such things so openly and freely is amazing especially considering he is still actively taking a role in everything he is disclosing. While Cobra's identity still remains a mystery. However, it is still interesting the dynamic between their similarities and not so similar claims between their stories. I look forward to part 2 coming out. Regardless of the lag in info being presented, it is apparently still having an affect. The cabal is being taken down and disclosure is on its way!

In Peace and Love,

drm1060, posted on May 14, 2016

This young man, Boriska, is 20yo now and I think the world would be advised to listen to his accounts of wars on Mars and the migration to our planet.

ConsciousnessGrowth1111, posted on May 17, 2016

I just saw this, Corey posted it on FB. SO fascinating. I believe earth must have switched timelines because we haven't been flooded or experienced world catastrophes in 2009 nor 2012 as professed. Wonder what Boriska's current thoughts are.

DuaneTroxel, posted on May 13, 2016

Hi Corey,
Please set up your home security cameras to record the next pickup for an off/under world meeting. That will establish, for most critics, the validity of your claims. (I for one have believed you intuitively from the start.)

j_kroeker, posted on May 13, 2016

Talmud followers are satanists - is this correct?

Susieq777, posted on May 13, 2016

Hello Suzanna. I'm having trouble downloading this to watch on Purple Player. It only downloads the first couple of seconds. Thoughts?

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on May 17, 2016

Thank you for taking the time to write. The full download file is available now for Purple Player.

All the best,

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on May 13, 2016

We are checking into this now, and will update with the complete file as soon as possible. Thanks for notifying us!


andrewgoodall1971, posted on May 12, 2016

Infultration and the ancient builder race.
Think Troy and the Trojan Horse. That is how aspects of the ancient builder race get what it wants. "federal" reserve is a trojan horse style of infultration. "smart" phones are a Trojan horse. "super" delegates are a Trojan horse. The military industrail complex and it's terminology like Executive "officer" is a Trojan horse. Government, Religion, Military, any form of institutionalised compartmentalisation is a Trojan horse. (need to know basis crap)...aka form of infultration. The "smart" tech is a Trojan Horse. While the Ancient Builder race hides, the intention to infultrate, microchip and hologram mankind is still there.....the cabal is just being "used" by less loving aspects of the ancient builder race.

rollen1412, posted on May 12, 2016

It is only few second long.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on May 17, 2016

Thank you for taking the time to write. The full download file is available now for Purple Player.

All the best,

jshorvath, posted on May 12, 2016

With information such as this, one can simply choose to entertain it rather than trying to pigeonhole it into either belief or disbelief – no need trying to decide right off the bat whether or not its true or false. None of us, including myself, have the proper background here to judge any aspect or facet of this topic as presented by Corey, let alone the entire quantity of information presented…we just don’t.

So while I can keep an open mind about all of this, I don’t feel the need at present to try to analyze its validly or lack thereof … who can say with any certainty?

It’s interesting to me on many levels, though, so I choose to entertain it.


Susieq777, posted on May 13, 2016

I agree. How would any of us know what is true and what isn't? That way lies insanity trying to just intuit what's right or wrong. I'm trying to just stay open and ride the wave. It's too stressful otherwise. And there's a certain kind of freedom that comes with that distance.

tequito9, posted on May 12, 2016

Your approach.

paulpaige1955, posted on May 12, 2016

Don't even know where to start after watching this episode. Having the News broadcast these events isn't going to cut it, taking over all stations at once is the only way to grab everyone's attention. When you change the channel and it's the same broadcast on every one, people will take notice. They will want to know what is going on, what is happening. If your watching a movie, news, Hockey, baseball game, and it gets interrupted, your going to pay attention. Every country in the world, at the same time, for hours on end will get the message across, even people who have had their head in the sand will have to take it seriously. Right now, I see different things being released almost on a daily basis, 3/4 of the people don't pay any attention to it, and don't see what is going on, they aren't putting 2+2 together. I remember watching a show back in the late 80's where they talked about the Bilderberger group and the crimes against humanity they have committed, people just shrugged it off. You don't pull the band aid off slow, you rip it off. Same thing has to be done with disclosure. May shock some people may scare some people but at least there heads will be out of the sand, and we can get onto living a real and better life instead of this slave state we live in now. Ra Eteer RIP that band aid off please. Thanks

ConsciousnessGrowth1111, posted on May 12, 2016

David - Not sure where else to ask this but whistleblower Donald Marshall has accused you of being cloned and participating in the secret underground cloning arena, along with SO many others. Any response? It's hard to know who to believe. Thanks

noahelnagdy, posted on May 12, 2016

Probably one of your best episode to date! Well done all around fellas! <3

roxanne4, posted on May 16, 2016

Do not agree
sos much time used to say so very little
good to know they are negotiating though

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