Earth: Standing Poses For Stability And Freedom Video
Earth: Standing Poses For Stability And Freedom

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Earth: Standing Poses For Stability And Freedom

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A powerful workshop style class with Desiree Rumbaugh on the standing poses. Beginners as well as long time practitioners will benefit from Desiree's simple and clear instructions on the standing poses. Gaining flexibility truly requires strong muscles and the knowledge of how to use your strength more efficiently. Learn how to access parts of your body that you have never been able to find in your yoga practice and heal hamstring and lower back pain at the same time. For those who stay with this class until the end, there will be a fun surprise.


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StrongSister1, posted on April 6, 2016

Desiree is an AMAZING instructor, her cuing is perfect and her attitude is infectious!!! By far one of the best teachers I have had the pleasure of learning from.
Thank-you for liberating my body and for such comprehensive teaching!

luzpiedad, posted on February 2, 2016

Wow! This instructor is really fabulous!!!

desireerumbaugh, posted on February 2, 2016

Thank you for writing. I am happy to hear that you enjoyed the class!

katiej, posted on January 1, 2016

Fantastic. Really changed my practice, thank you so much!

desireerumbaugh, posted on February 2, 2016

I am glad to hear this!

adiaz, posted on July 27, 2014

Love love love! Thank you! Made the standing poses have so much clarification and made it so much easier! Thank you!

desireerumbaugh, posted on February 2, 2016

I am glad you enjoyed the class. My goal is to make the practice easier and more helpful for people.

desireerumbaugh, posted on April 20, 2014

@mrsdoos I am truly happy to hear that this class is helping so many of you!

mrsdoos, posted on April 20, 2014

I love Desiree! This class was such an amazing way to wake up. She really helps you make sure you are doing the poses correctly and getting the most benefit out of each pose. Her vibrant personality and wit makes her classes fun. Thank you!!!

kimberley8, posted on September 8, 2014

I have a knee running injury and this workshop was very knee opening and wow my legs feel heaps strong... I have been doing the back bender series as well and I feel awesome every time I do it... I love your style and would love to see more workshop style classes from you Desiree.... I love the merging of yoga with biomechanics.... thank you thank you thank you

frawla, posted on January 9, 2014

Thank you! Wonderful video!
I would like to see one on shoulders

SkippySuzen, posted on January 2, 2014

Thank-you!! Wow...You've revolutionized my yoga practice. It made all the difference when I focused and activated all the muscles in my legs. I got further into all of my poses than I ever did before. Just wow...

sunnylion, posted on August 15, 2013

Hallelujah! Bless you, Desiree, for sharing your knowledge; you're a sincere teacher. I do feel empowered after your guidance. Holy Moley Batman, I'm 44 and I did the splits! I haven't done that since I was a teenager! This rocks!

energiayoga, posted on August 14, 2013

WOW! Holy Crap, I love this woman. She is amazing & so genuine. Going to Fav's.

livingtolearn, posted on July 14, 2013

desiree, I woke up, sad, and way too early and with my muscles way too tight from over exertion, i have been practicing yoga for years and yet I felt like a beginner in all that you taught me, the poses freeing in ways I have never experienced, like I could stay in them forever. You are a fabulous teacher and so inspiring and give me hope that I can continue to practice yoga throughout my life! Thank you!

omazul, posted on June 9, 2013

This is a great class, as well as the other elements. Where is the fire, back bending, one?? Don't let us down on this one. cheers

BonnieS_2, posted on April 25, 2013

I have a lot of joint issues, some that come and go, and add to that very very tight hamstrings and quads. And I've been practicing for over 10 years. Just following along with this video twice has made an enormous improvement in all poses involving hips, quads, hamstrings. Even my yoga teacher commented on the amazing gains I've had in one week. Thank you, and please, more like these.

wkariw, posted on April 11, 2013

I'm a runner. For as long as I can remember I've had very tight hips, and a weak butt. I'm starting to balance out. I feel it! Thank you!!!

rawrunna, posted on March 10, 2013

You are an awesome woman. What an amazing, affirming class. I feel so empowered.

kdamstetter, posted on February 20, 2013

This class blew my mind. I am so happy, I finally got to open my hips for the first time and understand how it works. This will change my practice drastically! thanks Desiree, I will see you this year at Wanderlust!

zella, posted on February 4, 2013

Wow. I am a yoga teacher coming back from a serious injury that has put me out of action for a couple of years. I faced my fear of opening my lower back, and moved passed it. Each pose, old friends given new life. Namaste.

kimberley8, posted on September 8, 2014

I love love love your teaching style... fun and informative... keeping things light and real.... Wondering if you ever have considered Melbourne, Australia as a place to do workshops?

jamihall, posted on January 17, 2013

Thank you Desiree! I have done this class several times now and each time I learn something. Today I was finally able to do the splits! I was shocked when it happened.

YOUYOGA73, posted on January 14, 2013

Love, Love, Love!!!! Thank You so much for showing what's already possible in the bodies we're just wonderful :)

gracelessface, posted on January 14, 2013

This is the most helpful session I have ever experienced!!! Fabulous video!!! Thank you!

gingy, posted on January 2, 2013

OMG I need to teach my self how to stand !!! AGAIN!!!

lovethebody, posted on December 31, 2012

Wow this is the first time I have done a full yoga class and I feel so good and refreshed. Thank you so much :)

gabbyb, posted on December 30, 2012

I love your fun-loving "make it a great day approach." Mangoes are now a reminder to be mindful of my stance.

CrawlingChaos, posted on December 18, 2012

You have really put me over a plateau. Now, doing classes I've done for a long time is challenging again and leave me gloriously sore the next day. Thank you for making standing poses active and interesting for me again.

desireerumbaugh, posted on December 13, 2012

@mollyjean99--Yes, while ignorance may be bliss, knowledge is also powerful! Enjoy!

desireerumbaugh, posted on December 13, 2012

@maggiedo78 -- I agree Maggie, we are stronger inside than we realize and it helps immensely to tap into that inner steadiness in life

mollyjean99, posted on December 13, 2012

Well...ignorance was bliss because now that I have learned how to properly do each of these standing postures my yoga practice will never be the same. Thank you for an excellent class

mrsfitness, posted on November 27, 2012

You speaka my language!!! xoxoxo

Genya, posted on November 7, 2012

Thank you My Yoga online for posting workshop videos,it's very helpful and this what makes me coming back to you guys

desireerumbaugh, posted on November 2, 2012

@maggiedo78--I know it seems abstract, but if you are folding forward and you lift your lower abs and lengthen your tailbone, you will create some inner strength that you can push, or send down your legs to your feet for more grounding. Firm your buttocks muscles as you do this. It feels very helpful and strong.

maggiedo78, posted on November 2, 2012

Question: How is it possible to tuck your tailbone in a deep forward fold?..

ssrober, posted on October 28, 2012

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this video. I'm in the process of writing a research proposal: My strategy for the moments is a bit from the yoga, write, a bit more from the yoga, write....I really feel inspired by your words, by your teaching....Namaste....

bpinto, posted on October 28, 2012

I did your class this morning. Thanks for all the tips you give. I also have 3 of your dvd's. I love the way you teach. I hope you will give a complete anusara flow. We all love you. blanche.

desireerumbaugh, posted on October 27, 2012

@hazel45 Hi Hazel, I have not yet been invited to teach in the UK, but I will be teaching in Dublin in May of 2014. Stay tuned to my website for more details.

hazel45, posted on October 27, 2012

i really like your teaching style do you ever teach in London UK ?

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