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Earth Under Fire

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Earth Under Fire (1998)

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Ancient myths and esoteric lore from around the world tell frightening tales of humanity's suffering through destructions by fire and flood – legends of catastrophe so extreme and so pervasive that now we tend to discount them as imaginative exaggerations. Dr. Paul LaViolette thought so too, until he discovered an ancient "time-capsule cryptogram" written in the stars that relates a galactic cause for these events.

Supported by years of research, Dr. Paul LaViolette explains how this scientifically advanced message combines with ancient esoteric lore alerts us to a cyclical cosmic disaster, one that could reoccur today, virtually without warning.

Earth Under Fire weaves together shocking accounts from ancient legends with stunning scientific data to reconstruct the details of a horrifying tragedy that plagued mankind for endless generations with periods of persistent darkness, frigid cold, searing heat and mountainous floods, from which only a few survived.

Paul LaViolette, Johana Lambert
Jay Weidner

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nkwhitehead8, posted on September 17, 2015

I am old enough to remember his book and have read it when it came out. The benevocent ET's have notified our Government and this is one of the things that will be discussed when the Pope and the UN all meet in September. There is a contactee who is bow the theird generation to receive contacts and messages for humanity they give him to tell us knowing the governments of the world are not going to tell us anything about it So they have placed a lazer tpye of net aroud Earth this time to prevent a pole flip and have taken some other precautions to try to help us make it through this. This man is now being contacted several times a week as it approaches us and given updates for us. It appears they are planning on evacuating us to another nearby Earth like planet until it is safe to return us home again. They deliberately blew up all the underground tunnels the Elites had built fir themselves to ride it out then return to Earth once things were safe to come out of the tunnels. Now they are not going to be rescued along with us The ETs are able to do this for us because the Elites broke the treaties they had and have not followed through with leaving the planet as they were supposed to twenty years ago but in oeder to remain in control here they did 911. You can all check for updates at Ray Kosulandich/ Facebook. He has another radio show with more updates for us on Sept 21st if you go to his FB page you can get dates and times so you can call in and ask him questions. He has already given out a great deal of information to us.about this. Now there is more information they are giving him to get the word out to us so we know what to do before they evacuate us. Some will ascend to a higher realm a this time while others will not comprehend what is happening they will remain on 3D Earth like 'planet they have prepared for them.while according to Sheldon Nidle many of us will ascend to Agartha and will be aided by the Agarthan's and the Sirian's, He says this has been planned for a long time. For more information on this subject you can visit Ray Kosulandich FB /page and he will be posting a lot of updates there along with allhis radio shows where he works to educate us on the coming events. This is a very well done video. Thank GIAM for doing it and posting it here...

nkwhitehead8, posted on August 7, 2015

I can remember reading the book when it first came out. It was considered highly controversial in the academic commmunity at the time with many debunking it. I was happy to see Dr Violette was stilll walking among us as it hits us once again in time and space. Many thanks for producing this scolarly video at such an opportune time. Hopefully it will turn out not to wreck so much damage on our planet and humanity as it has done before......Thanks to Dr Violette on doing the original research on this subject for it can not have been easy to face up to all the criticism of he academic community at the time. IT Appears you will now live through your predictions. May Prime Creator educate humanity by experience and yet keep them and Dr Violette and his team safe whie we all go through this energic magnetic shift.....Again sincere thanks to GIAM for publishing the original thesis or book by Dr Violette. We will be hitooting the worst of it most likely in September....`

janepinter, posted on February 3, 2015

this explains a lot. thanks

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