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Earth Voice Food Choice

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Earth Voice Food Choice (2009)

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All living things, except one, survive in a balance that maintains life. We are charged with protecting the environment because we the only species capable of destroying the environment. But, our food choices are deleteriously affecting air, water and soil. Beyond environmental concerns, economically speaking, we spend a vast amount of money on foods that are the main cause of severe illness including heart disease.

Maybe it is time that we step up and doing something about it. Todd Winant is the author of the Earth Voice Food Choice Manual and a leading health/environmental educator. In this presentation he details the many ways we are destroying the environment for our food. From chemical farming to overgrazing of livestock we are destroying the very systems used to sustain life. The solution is right before us, and even under our feet.

Todd Winant

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Being, posted on June 23, 2013

Let's do it! Some over 50 seem to look at retirement, slowing down their life due to age or looking forward to checking out of this planet when ever the opportunity arises cause it's just too hard without any regard to the effects their life, foot print had on our planet and don't care to change how they eat.

But those of us who do care, it doesn't matter how old we are when we become more awake and chose to want to make a difference. I suggest we share this documentary at public libraries, health food stores, family gatherings or with a group of friends. It's time...find a way and do it.

MagneticMary, posted on June 17, 2013

One easy change can do so much

venuslookingglass, posted on June 14, 2013

This was a great seminar, yea it felt like a seminar ,very positive and helpful and though I can go and tell everyone this message, I will be a living advertisement to healthier living. It ultimately saves you big time.

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