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Your Food, Your Medicine: Eczema (2009)

Episode 7
Available worldwide

Eczema is a term for many types of skin inflammation, and it is also known as dermatitis. In Oriental medicine, skin conditions are caused by imbalances in the functions of the lung and the liver.

It is generally advisable for eczema patients to avoid or limit foods and drinks that are hot and/or damp – such as spicy or greasy deep-fried foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables are generally neutral or cold in nature and are usually beneficial for eczema sufferers.

Diet is therefore extremely important in regulating the condition as is an investigation of the causes of the problem in the first place – usually some kind of emotional irritation that festers deep under the surface of the skin.

Food Facts: It is estimated that 1.2 million Australians suffer from atopic eczema.

Set of Four Medicinal Dishes to Treat Eczema: Chickpeas with Vegetables and Miso; Wokked Tempeh in Miso-Kudzu; Chicken and Vegetable Black Ale Bake; Tofu Nishime.

Geoffrey Wilson
Michelle Cotterill


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Thegreenmonger, posted on October 20, 2014

Mentions how wheat and fried foods can agitate eczema, but shows a bunch of recipes of fried food and wheat gluten. Weird. The music was also way louder than the voice track sometimes, which was kind of annoying.

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