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The Edge of Dreaming

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The Edge of Dreaming (2010)

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Amy Hardie is a rational woman and professional filmmaker until she has a dream that her horse will die, and wakes to discover him dead in her field. She tries to pass it off as mere coincidence until another nightmare comes, in which her deceased ex-husband predicts that she will die before her next birthday. Amy chronicles her year and her quest to understand the cause, meaning and reality of her destabilizing dreams. A beautiful and haunting meditation on life and everything we hold dear.

Amy Hardie

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Wolfieluv, posted on January 25, 2016

Dreams are one of many ways we learn lessons. How we process them and the level of prominence we give to the message as we endeavor to learn the lesson conveyed by the dream will affect our present moments. Balance is the key. The lesson Amy learned was one we should all put into practice every moment of every day. However, I cannot recommend this film because I felt too emotionally and energetically drained living through the entire year of her experience.

elsaobando, posted on December 9, 2015

Beautiful cinametography , compelling story

Mjhenderson981, posted on October 11, 2015

What next? Show us what looking a little had led to

Coragavin8, posted on September 12, 2015

I thought this was really wonderful. Thought provoking and insightful, and beautifully shot. Thank you!

sheabee23, posted on June 21, 2015


runswithduck, posted on March 9, 2015

What I've learned over a longish lifetime: Challenge the veracity of dreams like this.
What about it informs one it might, or not, be true?
If it's scary, could that indicate something within us which needs more effective processing?
What else might it be trying to convey?
I've had too many premonitory dreams or 'odd' communications, for all of them to be coincidence. And, learned to direct dreams, continue them the next night, and/or intentionally change the outcomes of the ones I don't like.
Imagination? Maybe.
There's no way to prove a dreamed outcome which was avoided by my intentional interference of the original,
and no way to prove an outcome that came true as originally dreamed. I cannot prove memories of where I existed before this life, but I trust those; just don't share them, much. It's meaningful to me, mostly.
So, we kind of enter a vague area of probabilities. Things can change, creating other outcomes.
We DO seem to have freedom of choice.
Some will trust and believe certain dreams; others will not.
Perhaps the question really might be, what do we DO with or about them?
Prepare and try to divert the predictions using all manner of changes or avoidance?
Scream at the Universe what we'd rather?
Just let it play out?
I've done all those--they work. Maybe not always as we thought, or at least in accordance with how effectively we are able to effect chose changes. Again, it seems to be more about what we chose to DO about it, more than the substance of the dreams alone.
It is possible to avoid a dreamed outcome, only to succumb to a different scenario resulting in the same final outcome.
Shall we accept death as part of life, as a step-between, or keep following society's general divorcement from that awareness?
We do indeed, live forever--not as the current body, but something intangible. The air, water and molecules of each who have walked the earth over all time, still exist for following generations to breath, drink, share; we have barely begun to understand what that might mean.

andrewkwhite, posted on April 26, 2014

This was a great film, but so much of it was downright scary. I'd recommend it, but don't watch it before bed.

borsello.lmt, posted on March 15, 2014

I was drawn to this movie while looking for something to watch. I passed it but kept hearing the title repeat as I looked at other possibilities. After having watched it, I realized I have been withdrawing into myself for some while & not living outward anymore. This is a form of diminishment although certainly not to be considered a death... Still, perhaps a parallel exists.

As a writer, I loved watching the words emerge from her pen. I see that so much on my own. I need to find my way with words as Amy finds hers in images. I think the glimpses of the ravished earth she sees are inner landscapes of her own lungs. She is given this view to redirect her desire into one for health. I have two friends who practice shamanism and both offer me pointillistic insights all the time. It is the combination of mystery and pragmatism - the very properties of our female earth home - which give me the understanding and courage of changing my path to one that brings me outward into more life.

This film showed me where to put my attention and how to re-engage it into the positive. It was valuable for me in this exact time-frame. While I was watching it, the moon rose over my shoulder.

Time to be moving on.

smilesooner, posted on August 23, 2013

From a very scientific perspective and person, this is a great look down the rabbit hole. Perhaps there is more, she is led to wonder - the film maker's dream pushes her to begin to explore further. I get the sense that was the purpose of her dream. I wish her well.

And as I have only recently decided for myself, we do live forever essentially. My thoughts on this have completely changed after having been a person limited by a very scientific and physically bound perspective until recently. I shared her strictly scientific approach too, but like Amy, I have been nudged beyond that view.

So her final thought or wish for herself was the goal of this exercise. Well done. Live long and prosper Amy Hardie. You learned the lesson of your dream very well. Like you, I await many more lessons myself, in this life and in others.

sonia, posted on July 29, 2013


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