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Electric Health with Dr. Jerry Tennant
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Open Minds: Electric Health with Dr. Jerry Tennant (April 2016)

Season 6, Episode 17
Available worldwide

The complexities of chronic illness continue to baffle even the most ardent of scientists. But Dr. Jerry Tennent thinks he may have unlocked the secrets to overcoming chronic illness and returning to the body to its natural state of health. His breakthrough work involves helping medical professionals understand that healing comes not only comes from nutrition and exercise, but from maintaining proper levels of voltage. This interview with Regina Meredith was originally webcast April 7, 2016.

Dr. Jerry L. Tennant attended the University of Houston School of Optometry and was accepted into the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in 1960 at age 19. He graduated in the top ten of his class in 1964 with an MD degree. He holds patents on surgical instruments, intraocular lenses and other devices and has written books on cataract surgery, life-style management, and Integrative Medicine.

Regina Meredith
Dr. Jerry L. Tennant


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paulbspence, posted on September 14, 2016

Wow, another piece to the puzzle for living a healthy life. Along with Pat Flanagan, Jack Kruse, and David Wilcock, Dr. Tennant is right on point with his information. Just another confirmation that traditional medicine is failing the general public and we need to move forward with different approaches. All of these interview with Regina are a must.

sitdown004, posted on April 27, 2016

There is a documentary coming out called "On The Back of A Tiger". Mr. Pollack, who is mentioned in this interview, is one of the featured scientists in the film.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on April 28, 2016

@SITDOWN004, thank you for the recommendation! I'll pass this on to our team.


zenventurous, posted on April 20, 2016

Wow, Regina! This was an excellent interview. A brilliant understanding of how health issues start as a voltage issue, and then how it ripples out from there. This is a concept I keep hearing more about lately. I really hope you interview Dr Jerry Tennant again. I'm definitely going to watch this one again!

Deb L, posted on April 16, 2016

I have just learned about myself.

AshmoreMY, posted on April 13, 2016

Fantastic interview - would love to hear more/a follow-up (discuss thyroid, more pathways etc.).

FollowYourBliss, posted on April 13, 2016

Great information…and big thanks to (Dr.) Jerry Tennant for sharing his knowledge. Regina, you always get the coolest guests, I’m so grateful you decided to take your broadcasting career in this direction…you have benefited many.

Further information that compliments what Jerry details can also be found on David Wilcock’s episodes discussing Pyramid technology (Wisdom Teachings). The pyramid technology, as it relates to energy and healing is quite powerful.

longlifeenergy, posted on April 12, 2016

Dear Jerry and Regina, Thank you for this very informative interview. I understand more clearly now how, Meridians, Mudras, Pranayama and over all gut health work together to keep our bodies healthy.
Regarding teeth, I have found that oil pulling has been quite beneficial and has made a remarkable difference to my oral health. If anyone has caps, bridges, etc. or can't bear the thought of pulling their teeth out, this may be an option. You can read about Oil Pulling all over the internet.

FollowYourBliss, posted on April 13, 2016

I totally agree, oil pulling is GREAT! It took a little bit to get used to it, as you 'pull' or swish the coconut oil in your mouth for a while...but it's a great tool in your oral health, which...according to this episode is critical to your overall health.

myboojan, posted on April 12, 2016

Thank you for this info Ms. Meredith. You have no idea as to how much you have helped me with your shows. Two of your shows, Dr Kruse and now Dr Tennant have given me more insight into my health conditions that doctors have been negligent in diagnosing, treating, and much more. I'm not looking to take legal action, but what I am so sick of is this rigid, ignorant, controlling, and manipulative medical profession that does not serve to heal their patients, but serves Pharma companies, money & power for medical institutions, and to line their own pockets. I have a medical background so this is why I am saying what I am saying. It is because of my own ignorance and reliance in believing in the medical profession by accepting their help with care of my rare & difficult medical conditions, that because of one right after the other of failed treatment or incorrect diagnoses, I finally woke up and decided that I needed better help to heal since my doctors weren't interested in helping me heal. Because I have a medical background, I made the choice that I needed to find better ways to help me heal. I needed better answers and I went on a journey by researching into my health conditions. For me the healing process began thru my research that led to studying and using alternative & natural medicine. And because of these two shows with Dr Kruse & Dr Tennant, you have not only helped me find actual answers into my medical conditions, but you have also been instrumental with all that you have done because this same info from these two doctors that has helped me has also given me much insight into helping my daughter who is currently dealing with sudden medical issues after child birth of which I suspected all along as being Hormonal in nature. I have been working with my daughter to help her communicate with her doctors so she could get the appropriate testing done. Her test results came back & her blood work was very revealing. She does have hormonal imbalances, including HypoThyroidism. In running tests on the Thyroid gland, the testing needs to include specific testing & this never would have been done if I hadn't run into the info on the Thyroid testing from both of these doctors. As far as my health and medical conditions are concerned, well, I am confronted with difficulty in getting my doctors to listen to me, look at the info that I have that can help me better, and of their reluctance in implementing a better care plan in diagnosing and treating my medical conditions. My doctors have been trying to convince me to go on a Statin drug as a treatment for my Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X), but I refuse to take this drug due to its side effects, and also because I don't have high Cholesterol but instead I have slightly elevated Triglyceride levels, that I firmly believe has to do with why I have elevated blood pressure issues and that has been resistant to the natural supplement treatments because the natural supplements are fighting with three of my blood pressure meds; and that these 3-blood pressure drugs do not control my hypertension. I have already been thru a battle with my doctors since 2006 over the 5-high dose Blood Pressure drugs that they had me on and that were not controlling my hypertension, but were instead causing severe hypertensive crises. Since my doctors would not help me, in 2013, I decided to research the Blood Pressure drugs they had me on, and since they insisted on not helping me by reducing or changing these drugs, I made the choice to remove two of the 5-blood pressure drugs and then slowly reduced the other three blood pressure drugs, and by changing the BP drugs, my health & blood pressure stabilized. I do NOT want others to do what I have done because it is dangerous, and that what I did was my choice and because of my medical background I was able to do what I did safely. I want doctors to listen to their patients and be willing to help them when they cry out for help like I have done and am still doing. I refuse to lay down and give up and my doctors know this. My doctors also know I am serious when it comes to my own healing. Blessings to all of you at Gaia.

joanlulich, posted on April 12, 2016

I'm back again. I am doing groundbreaking work that will show how all supplements that are isolated and not in food form are detrimental to the body, including zinc. After watching the interview, I looked for the area in the body that works as the charger. That area is the Deep Cervical Lymph Nodes. Zinc shows as bringing down the voltage there. I am curious what you would find, Jerry, when you use your device.

It is time for us to be consistent with our thinking. It is important to always ask why a body would be deficient in a nutrient.

Scalar Wave Energy is needed to maintain correct voltage potential. It is the basal ganglia that becomes blocked.

I find the emotions and metals/vitamins/minerals/toxins that resonate with the lowering of the voltage and blocks the scale wave energy.

This interview was an important piece to my work.

fiore.martha, posted on April 12, 2016

what an incredible information, i truly appreciate you and i have shared this program to all my friends and clients. I have clients comming so sick with chronic conditions that for sure are not getting better until they go down and peel the first layer of problems that is heavy metals and toxicity that then attracts infections caused by virus, bacteria, parasite and fungi. IT MAKE SENSE!!

mariearmstrong, posted on April 12, 2016


joanlulich, posted on April 11, 2016

I appreciate the tutorial on how fungus plays a role in the making of humid & fulvic acid. This is a another reason to grow your own food or to buy from an organic farmer who understands how to properly supplement the soil.

Instead of supplementing zinc and other nutrients, I like to find the cause of the body being deficient. Any nutrient should be transformed into food before consuming as our bodies are designed to eat food.

This is a wonderful interview. Thank you for having Dr. Tennant on your show.

michaelamariejoan, posted on April 11, 2016

Fascinating interview. Also perfect timing, as I am looking into getting dental work done.

AmyRowe, posted on April 11, 2016

I was torn between finding this absolutely amazing and completely depressing. I am 44, fit and very healthy, (rarely get colds) but have two teeth with root canal work. If just one root canal compromises your immunity by 63%, then what on earth does that mean if you have more than one!!! I barely slept last night, worrying about it.

I take lots of lovely vitamins and minerals, but then you also drop in that the bulking agents they use in them are bad for you. I mean, where does it all end? I'm try to do the right thing taking vitamins, but it appears you are damned if you do, damned if you don't.

mauionecreations, posted on April 10, 2016

And I love Jerry's calm and coherent countenance...excellent interview!

dreamdust38, posted on April 10, 2016

This would be a good video to put on youtube for people to see. I came over from youtube from one of the videos. It feel lighter at Gaia-different frequency. This video might help a lot of people and help Gaia grow.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on April 11, 2016

Thank you for the recommendation! We hope you will consider referring friends to Gaia to follow our interview series.
! You can follow Dr. Tennant's work on his website here:


dreamdust38, posted on April 10, 2016

It sounds that they have found a clever way to lie. People have lost their moral compass for the love of money

Bioedjc, posted on April 10, 2016

great knowledge

hemessenger, posted on April 10, 2016

He must have got his machine from Pete Peterson David´s whistle blower I watched an interview where he explained it all.

kakrepostcorp, posted on April 10, 2016

There's a self healing technique call "Paidalajin" (On Youtube). And I believe last year the cabal try to set him up with caused death of a young kid in Austria. But Mr. HongChi Xiao knew the big pharma too well, that's why he only teaching self healing without physical contacts. This Paidalajin technique healing millions of people with so called deadly diseases.

haleyhillton, posted on April 9, 2016

It certainly makes sense not to leave dead tissue in the body. More and more dentists are aligning themselves with your thinking and there are organizations which often see you appear to help educate and share your wonderful teachings that share those concepts. So while it may be dental practitioners who were taught incorrectly ... I'm encouraged to know it's not all dentists that believe it's okay to leave dead tissue in the body. So glad you are there so "every day people" realize they do have choices and may feel more empowered to make better decisions for their health care. I'm so grateful I never had a root canal.

annabolinger, posted on April 9, 2016

Excellent! I've known this all along. Thank you!

lulupipersmom, posted on April 9, 2016

In 2012 I had a surfing accident where I knocked 4 of top front teeth loose. Long story short, I ended up having four root canals. In the year after the treatment I suffered from zero energy and gained 25+ lbs. Just curious what meridian these four teeth affect.
Thank you so much Regina for this interview. It would be fabulous if you could have Dr. Tennant on a few more times.

bvb10, posted on April 9, 2016

Great show great guest. Thanks xoxoxo
Life Electric is a blog I wrote :)
Beata aka TFHL

jltennant, posted on April 9, 2016

Thanks for the nice comments!

I wanted to clarify, particularly for Eve11111. Yes, one can be healed with root canals in place. Think of your bank account. The balance is the sum of the deposits you make (think electron donors) and the number/amount $ of checks you write (think electron stealers). As long as you continue to deposit more electrons than you spend, you are OK. But as soon as you spend more than you deposit, you are overdrawn. Work by Boyd Haley at the University of Kentucky has shown that one root canal shuts down 63% of your immune system. So for argument (even though we know it's more complicated than that), let's assume that the only system you have to worry about is your immune system. Now assume that your root canal has spent 63% of your electron deposits. If you are diligent about getting more electrons by eating great food, exercising, getting out in the sun, avoiding stress in your life, etc., you can still have electrons in your bank account. But as soon as you eat enough GMO pesticides, stop exercising, work from dark to dark, and have a sick family member or a divorce, you are now overdrawn. I hope you get the analogy. A root canal is like a knot on your tire. You don't know when it is going to blow out---you just know that one day it will. The fact that 95% of the cancer cases I see are associated with a root canal in the same circuit (or an infection in the bone next door where a tooth was pulled) should give you pause-------Remember that root canals are dead teeth! If your big toe dies and you leave it there, you will die from gangrene. If your appendix dies and you leave it there, you will die from peritonitis. If your tooth dies and you leave it there--------The dentists are the only physicians that think it is a good idea to leave dead tissue in the mouth. No other doctor believes that and it doesn't pass the logic test. There are three miles of tubules in a molar and no laser or drug can sterilize them all, particularly since they are still attached at the tip to the blood vessels and lymphatics so bugs can still get to them.

One root canal in the spleen/stomach circuit put me in bed for seven years. My bleeding disorder was cured in 48 hours after having it pulled and my brain began to work again soon after. I see similar results in my patients, so this is not theory for me! I lived it personally. The real trick is finding a dentist that knows how to clean up the infection in the bone around the infected root canal. You want one that uses ozone and platelet rich fibrin to make it heal and not get infected again. Such dentists are rare and very busy,

Be Well!

Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), PScD

karensufficool, posted on April 10, 2016

I love the way you explain things and use examples everyone can understand and remember. Thank you

model187, posted on April 10, 2016

Electric!...A wonderful interview.I really enjoyed this episode . Scientific approaches applied to alternative philosophies,more of the same please; and a warm thank you to everyone .

lynn19, posted on April 8, 2016

This brilliant man brought together the first 25 years of my study of health and nutrition and validated the last 10 of them! I purchased his book just moments ago. I am a Weston Price chapter leader in NY, and hearing of Dr. Price's work with rabbits was news to me. I am enthused to share it with members. I knew many reasons why root canals were devastating, but this is chilling in its crucial importance. This also explains a major reason why chemtrails are so cumulatively devastating - they make impossible the absorption of all the key nutrients he speaks about in addition to vomiting out toxic metals and nanoparticle motherboards. I gave up supplements some years ago after swallowing rocks for many years. Now, finally, the good doc has a good nutritional support plan I can explore. Several appliances and essential oil methods +nascent iodine I've been using to enhance 'voltage' health are further validated for me by his explanations. Thank you so much, everybody, for the caring supportive effort. "The truth is out there!"

kent1935, posted on April 8, 2016

Dam, that was a good interview.

eve11111, posted on April 8, 2016

That was especially interesting and helpful. To note, many people, including myself, are healed from an 'incurable' chronic illness with root canals still in the mouth. Also, I would love to see him study 'grounding'. Spending time in nature connected to the Earth's electromagnetic field (which we are not when wearing plastic soled shoes or at home without grounding equipment)does regulate the energy in the body. It is extremely healing. Hummmm, the forest where I hang out and got my healing is full of quartzite rock. That's very conductive. Kundalini yoga is very conductive too. That's the breathing oxygen plus the movement which were two things he mentioned. This voltage healing could be discussed for days in all aspects to energy healing. Thanks~great program. I can't wait until this info goes mainstream!

AmyRowe, posted on April 11, 2016

What grounding equipment do you use at home?

eve11111, posted on September 9, 2016

I use a grounding pad, mercola one. Also I put stones on it and sleep with my feet on it. I don't know if anyone has proven this yet, but plain old rocks from the creek or anywhere that were recently in contact with the earth hold the grounding energy for a while, I can feel it.

Also I put some quartzite rocks from the forest around the computer. That works well too for emf. Protection. I wrote this without my glasses on. Hope not too many typos!! I made a hort video on grounding and barefoot walking - called that..

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on April 8, 2016

We appreciate the feedback on Regina's interview with Dr. Jerry Tennant! You can follow his work on his website here:


darsiramirez, posted on April 7, 2016

Jerrys' explanation here reached my long term memory. OUTstanding. I have five people who I will insist sit down and watch this.

trueimage.vs, posted on April 7, 2016

This information is an absolute MUST for everyone to grasp. Thank you so very much for the research and information offered.

mkeller, posted on April 7, 2016

What Wayne Said below... Amen!!!! I do hope there is a part 2 to this. Incredible information for sure.

Lauras0827, posted on April 7, 2016

My son suffered from unexplained tooth decay last year, he is only 5. His pediatrician and dentist insisted it was from 'food/drinks'. I didn't believe that could be the cause, since I know that my son does eat sweets, fruit snacks, juice, etc. The tooth decay appeared suddenly and coincided with his complaints of abdominal pain for which we can not find a cause. This information validates my theory there was a different nutritional/energetic component contributing to his digestion/decay issues. Thank you for the great education. Looking forward to sharing and reading your books. I hope our western day medicine can evolve to understanding the value of energy and nutrition for cellular health.

rayracine, posted on April 7, 2016

I love this episode. I will buy the book and hopefully Jerry can be back for a second episode before 6 months for part 2. so many more questions to ask, this is fascinating and so much knowledge to help us all.

thank you!

art heart, posted on April 7, 2016

Please, Jerry Tennant ,
What is the specific essential oil used to restore voltage connectivity in scars?
Thank you Regina, Jerry and Gaia for a wonderful presentation.

jltennant, posted on April 9, 2016

I created a blend of oils that I use for the scars. It is called "Soreness" and is available from my website It works pretty well by itself but it works best when you apply the oil and then realign the molecules with the Tennant BioTransducer that creates a magnetic field with the Infinity frequency set of the BioModulator.


wayne, posted on April 7, 2016

Wonderful interview. What a brilliant, lovely human being. I've already bookmarked his website. This is incredibly valuable knowledge and information. I keep thinking these interviews on Gaia can't any better, and then they do.

CAROLINED, posted on April 7, 2016

always inspiration and wisdom to be found here @ Gaia .......... particularly anything Regina leads. Always a blessing.
Thank you for all the inspirational work & continued wisdom sharing.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on April 7, 2016

@WAYNE, thank you so much for your kind comments on the interview! We on the Gaia team appreciate your support.

All the best,

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