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The Electric Snake
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Shamwari: The Electric Snake (2008)

Episode 10
Only available in United States

The Born Free lions are about to be taught a very important lesson that could save their lives – Johan is using an electrified snake to warn them off approaching real snakes. The only problem is, Johan ends up bearing the full brunt of the electric shock!

It’s all hands on deck as the team struggles to push a rhino into a traveling crate. If it turns around it could some serious damage with that horn.

The world’s deadliest cargo takes to the skies as we translocate 5 lions to another game reserve. There is nothing separating the big cats from the pilot, and if one of them starts waking up it will be a disaster. And love is in the air for Africa’s antelope as we witness the blesbuck mating ritual.

Lyndal Davies
Lyndal Davies


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