Yoga Foundations: Embrace Your Journey Video
Embrace Your Journey

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Yoga Foundations: Embrace Your Journey

Episode 15
Available worldwide

In the final session of our Yoga Foundations series, Rodney and Colleen will integrate all the knowledge you've acquired in the last 14 days. As in the first class of this guide, this is a rounded practice that includes poses from the whole series. This practice will leave you ready to walk into any Yoga class feeling safe and confident!



Introduction Video
Episode 1 Introduction
Introduction (October 2015)
Episode 1
, 3 minutes
What is the Yoga Foundations series all about? Rodney and Colleen give a brief overview of what you can expect.
Available worldwide
Embrace the Beginning Video
Episode 2 Embrace the Beginning
Embrace the Beginning (October 2015)
Episode 2
, 28 minutes
Welcome to your first practice! Rodney and Colleen designed this practice as a way to experience the complete arc of a yoga class. It includes a little bit of everything: standing poses, balancing poses, forward bends, ...
Available worldwide
Foundation: Standing Poses Video
Episode 3 Foundation: Standing Poses
Foundation: Standing Poses (October 2015)
Episode 3
, 24 minutes
Standing poses are the foundation for your Yoga practice. Rodney leads you through this grounding and strengthening practice that focuses on the legs and feet. By holding the poses for longer periods of time you will develop a ...
Available worldwide
Flow: Intro to Sun Salutations Video
Episode 4 Flow: Intro to Sun Salutations
Flow: Intro to Sun Salutations (October 2015)
Episode 4
, 24 minutes
In this practice, Colleen leads you through a slow flow practice of standing poses and sun salutations. She introduces the concept of linking poses together fluidly and letting your breath lead the way.
Available worldwide

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sabineschulte, posted on May 24, 2016

Namaste! Thank you for your beautiful guidance!

aliciavalentyn, posted on May 1, 2016


Alicia Valentyn
Phoenix AZ

joan07, posted on February 24, 2016

Hi Rodney and Colleen,
I've been away from yoga for a long time, but got reintroduced to my first love last month through a few days of yoga in Victoria with my granddaughter while visiting. She was first introduced to it many years ago as a child by me and is now a practising yogi. I loved it so much I searched out your videos so I could restart my practise slowly and relearn the basics. I found your fundamentals series and have worked through it. It was the perfect reintroduction and learning series and I feel much more confident now to move on with my practice. It was also an excellent way to work out the stiffness and kinks that I feel in my body, although I am still quite fit from weight training and exercise, but not flexible.

Thanks again and hope to find the next series in your products.

Joan Fehr

jolowmo, posted on January 13, 2016

Thank you so much for this guide - loved it :) Unfortuately I often avoid Rodney's videos because I can't hear his lovely voice. I think it is because he has such a deep voice, when he speaks softly I can only hear a rumble. I turn the volume on my computer right up, but I still can't understand what he is saying a lot of the time. I would love to do more of Rodney's videos and it would be great if he could speak more clearly. Thanks so much. Jo

HilaryC2, posted on January 2, 2016

Thank you for breaking each of these poses and prep for the poses so thoroughly. It was a delight to practice each of the sequences. Namaste.

Natsch, posted on November 23, 2015

Thank you very much for the Yoga foundation series- very enjoyable and never to much words - just right.

Lilidouce, posted on November 15, 2015

I love you both, you did a great job. My right hip is more flexible after yoga foundation. You bring me much happiness.
Suzanne Labelle.
Montréal Qc Canada

jkimpton, posted on November 8, 2015

This series was perfect for me as I am recovering from a knee injury and haven't been able to do my usual more vigorous yoga. Slowing it down and bringing it back to the basics was excellent for me. Thank you! Today's final practice was perfect.

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