Book Tours: Embraced by the Light (Betty J. Eadie) Video
Embraced by the Light (Betty J. Eadie)

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Book Tours: Embraced by the Light (Betty J. Eadie) (1999)

Episode 19
Available worldwide

Betty J. Eadie died after surgery, according to the legal definition, yet she revived immediately and tells the story of her near death experience in her book Embraced By the Light, which has sold more than10 million copies. Betty has returned with a mission: to share the reality of unconditional love which she experienced during her brief time on the other side.

With guardian angels to guide her, she traveled through a tunnel where she experienced tremendous healing love, and then witnessed a being of light with spiritual light emanating from him. When she got closer she knew him intimately as one would know a parent or a dear one...she recognized him as a central figure of one of the world's most recognized wisdom traditions.

Unconditional love is intuited and recognized by many. When articulated with divine clarity within the story of human experience this remembrance of love, this call to awaken, takes on a life of its own. It acts as a gift, showing a deeper possible reality, the real truth of living, to the hearts of those who are involved in the play of forgetfulness and separation.

Corinne Edwards
Betty J. Eadie


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runswithduck, posted on May 20, 2016

What she posits is only part of the earthly entanglement.
Some come here with a certain amount more volunteerism; that is, came here as requested by God, with certain assignments requested to accomplish.
Those may, or not, accomplish those. But they do the best they can.
And while here, can become derailed by the adventures here. And struggle with difficulties, too. Just like everyone else. .
It's our responsibility to do the best we can, to be the best we can.
We're all in the same soup, both here, and There.
We're all soulmates, to a greater or lesser degree..depending on how much of which part of the soup we drew upon to come here.
She's spot-on about why we cannot judge others...not even ourselves, really.

leyla, posted on December 8, 2012

I liked,was very nice

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