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En Route

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En Route (2014)

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On a coastal route in the South of Europe, three compartments of a train hold groups of strangers.

In one, a stressed out British couple with a screaming baby find themselves seated next to a wild Roma woman. In the next, a Middle Eastern man having a quarter-life crisis sits with a European woman having a mid-life crisis. He speaks Assyrian and she speaks German. In the last, a deaf brother and sister have to find a way to help an Asian backpacker who is on the wrong train...

En Route explores human connection and non-verbal communication – the catalytic moments that turn strangers into friends.

Nina Franoszek, Trubee U, Allie Jennings, Naramsin Poli, William Martinez, Mario Lara, Charisse Woodall, Luna Shimada, Harold Warren, Gabriel Callan
Xu Zhang
English, German, Assyrian, American Sign Language with subtitles

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