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The End of Time

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The End of Time (2012)

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Recalling the work of Terrence Malick, Werner Herzog and the late Chris Marker, Peter Mettler’s enthralling new film combines elements of documentary, essay, and experimental cinema to create a tour de force that challenges our conception of time – and perhaps the very fabric of our existence.

With stunning cinematography and a knack for capturing astonishing moments, The End of Time travels the planet – from the CERN particle accelerator outside Geneva to the lava flows of Hawaii; from a disintegrating Detroit where Henry Ford built his first factory to the tree where Buddha was enlightened.

Both mind-expanding and eerily familiar, Mettler's provocative film explores the links between renewal and destruction, between primordial mysticism and the furthest reaches of modern science, giving the viewer a transcendent cinematic experience.

Peter Mettler

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eavdicmei, posted on July 19, 2015

What is time but a vibration on the surface of a hollow sphere of water unable to stay in the now due to its acquired memory matrix upon which it consciously functions so being out cast and living presently in its futures past.

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