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Exploring Spiritual Politics

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Exploring Spiritual Politics (2006)

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Inspirational, best-selling authors, and renowned teachers of the Ageless Esoteric Wisdom, Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson, explain how we can address the problems of the world, from the inside out. Many of these social issues are caused by negative collective thoughts. If the causes of these problems are metaphysical in nature, surely the solutions are as well. This is where we can learn from the cultures of indigenous people and the hidden teachings in the world’s religions. Addressing the inner causes of social problems, from a place of wisdom and compassion, may be just what the world needs.

Corinne McLaughlin, Gordon Davidson

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dumitru, posted on June 6, 2013

Corinne McLaughlin
I see pros & cons in her talk.
I loved her quote: “Politics is the final frontier of consciousness.”
I also appreciate much of what she said about cooperation and dialogue.
However, it’s ironic that the most concrete example she gave of this was the agreement reached between the Sierra Club and Dow Chemical on “Sustainable Development”. If you look a little deeper, you will find the Sierra Club is a prime example of the elite strategy of controlling their opposition. The environmental movement is being led by them and Al Gore into supporting such things as a carbon tax which will allow unelected elites to control the global economy even more by taxing the energy use of all businesses. They say this is to save the environment, but the money will go to unelected world government bodies, and the taxing mechanisms will allow them to further destroy the competition to their own corporations. We really need to practice looking past the PR and instead look into who will actually end up in control.

Gordon Davidson
It’s ironic that Davidson brought up the synchronicity of names and spiritual lessons, because one of my favorite examples of this is Al Gore’s company. His business partner is David Blood, so, of course, their company is now referred to as the “Blood and Gore Carbon Trading Company”.
Unfortunately Davidson goes on to praise the United Nations, which is the “friendly face” of the New World Order.
As for nuclear fusion, it is still a highly centralized way to produce energy, as opposed to wind, geothermal, wave action, solar and zero-point energies, all of which are both safe and decentralized.
His false portrayal of the 1994 U.S. invasion of Haiti is appalling. The U.S. went to the aid of their old corrupt buddies in the military to oust the democratically elected president Aristide. Aristide was a reformer, elected due to a wave of revulsion against the corrupt government, and he was dismantling the corrupt military when they tried to throw him out. The U.S. stepped in to finish the job of getting rid of Aristide.

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