Disclosure: Exposing the Vulnerability of the Cabal with William Dean Garner Video
Exposing the Vulnerability of the Cabal with William Dean Garner
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Disclosure: Exposing the Vulnerability of the Cabal with William Dean Garner (August 2015)

Season 2, Episode 7
Available worldwide

Dean Garner unfolds the deepest secrets behind the establishment of the Federal Reserve and exposes the vulnerability of its power holders. Expanding upon the implications of the four parts of conquest, Garner explains how the Federal Reserve was finally enacted. This grand scheme was a tapestry woven with many common threads; threads spun from a single source that is now at its most vulnerable. As we dawn upon the renaissance of humanity, we can recover our collective power taken from us by this singular source. In this interview with David Wilcock that was originally webcast August 6, 2015.

William Dean A. Garner is a former scientist and US Army Airborne Ranger who was formally trained as a research biophysicist, with a background in physics and engineering. He is the author of Who Really Owns Your Gold, the bestselling author of 17 ghostwritten books, and has edited many bestselling books including Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Now retired, he resides in Cape Town, South Africa.

David Wilcock
William Dean Garner


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1111hanek, posted on August 13, 2016

David Wilcock, Your knowledge and insight continually just blows me away- fantastic speech at the end of the episode. Keep up the good work!

yves1, posted on March 17, 2016

in a program of 34 minutes David spoke about 25 minutes.

1111hanek, posted on August 15, 2016

Not that David Wilcock needs defending, but you need to back off and watch some more episodes dude. Wilcock is a first rate interviewer. If you bother to watch the interviews with Graham Hancock and others David listens to everything Hancock says without interrupting even once. He doesn't utter a word until Graham stops speaking, then he quickly poses another question. The bottom line is it's his show and I'm sure there is a reason for everything he does.

sal9, posted on February 16, 2016

so the The Cute and well educated chrestian Templar's learned how to slaughter people hash-inching with (Islamic) assassins ?????
i feel that was a Foxilian slip !!! ????

odom.devin, posted on October 29, 2015

david thats you playing the music intro.
~ed a.~
yo brotha!

daiglebw, posted on October 28, 2015

David (or anyone else),

Have you heard of Summit at Sea Nov 13-16? I'm concerned this might be Titanic 2 considering how many thought leaders are attending. I have a few friends and contacts going, and want them to have a smooth journey.

Todd75, posted on September 25, 2015

In this interview you mention taxes... Did you know that a man/researcher/scholar Peter Hendrickson researched taxes and found out, with many provable instances thus far, that taxes are IN FACT voluntary based on the codes and definitions within the Internal Revenue Code? I would love for you to look into this and do a show on it. I know for a fact that it's true, and have much evidence to prove it, but I don't have quite the mouthpiece that you do. www.losthorizons.com. If we all realize, and I mean those who haven't read up on him yet, that we can defund gov't legally, this will help us all.

mclippert, posted on September 25, 2015

Fairly certain a conversation or interview has "2" people conversing/talking but maybe there was a prearranged unannounced agreement where DW would speak and control 95%?? Still I liked it.

BobAphet, posted on May 17, 2016

MCLIPPERT you nailed it! I was thinking the same thing, like FFS David, shut up and stop interrupting and talking over your guest.

The intro's are ego on steroids. MY epic interview, I do this, I do that, I I I I.

We don't need D "spoiler alert" W exercising his ego for 5 minutes, just put the damn interview on.

9one9, posted on September 13, 2015

Love the ending empowering each and every viewer.

stusmith, posted on September 5, 2015

So to create such an elaborate assassination one would question how they knew where the iceberg was and that it would do the job. Second, there were life boats and were not the rich controlling who got on the limited supply? Was it not the poor who ultimately perished in that tragedy?

aarcudaman, posted on August 24, 2015

Highly recommended of how we are manipulated by these devils https://youtu.be/XckOIvdauHg

aarcudaman, posted on August 24, 2015

I am confused at how all these precious metal brokers want to sell you gold ,silver, etc for money that is going to be totally worthless soon. I say forget those pieces of paper saying you have gold but they will hold it for you until you need it , Haaa
I don't think so, that is how we got into this funny money horse crap system in the first place

fsbu, posted on August 24, 2015

so..how would they make sure those fed opponents would really die and not be rescued?

sure the rescue operation was stalled and all that but still a few hundred people have been rescued and survived right ?
and it was mostly the poor people that had not much chance to get to a life boat as they were trapped.

one would think the fed opponents were not the poorest and might have had a good chance to get to a life boat to be amongst the 700 something that were rescued. couldnt they still have been successful at stopping the federal reserve from being formed ?

CMcG, posted on August 23, 2015

If that was supposed to be an interview it failed. Why didn't David let Garner talk? Why didn't he save his commentary for another show? I wanted to hear what the guy had to say, especially about how the Jesuits are connected with world power. One shouldn't make accusations without a little bit of info to substantiate. Why didn't David ask some questions about this so Garner could have elaborated? David isn't usually such an imcompetent interviewer. What happened?

dphillips131, posted on September 1, 2015

I totally agree. David often gets caught up in his commentaries on all of the different shows but usually not in an interview. That poor Garner could barely say more than, "Yes." I love the information that David is bringing forward but when he has an expert, let the expert talk! I would have liked much more detail from Garner and less talk from David.

ttsfree, posted on August 22, 2015

Hi David, you spoke over your guest, to the point that it was all about how much David knows. Would have been much more enjoyable to hear your guest be allowed to communicate his unique information.

ominecariver, posted on August 16, 2015


When talking about the movie John Carter, it reminded me of a disturbing movie that came out a couple years ago--World War Z. The movie starred Brad Pitt, very popular actor married to Angeline Jolie, another megastar. Jolie is a member of CFR, not alarming in itself but taken together with Brad's movie, perhaps it is telling. WWZ opens almost immediately with a virus that sweeps through the city turning ordinary people in ravaging zombies. The heroes of the movie are what's disturbing. The US military comes in with gunship helicopters and mows down these ordinary citizens, who are now a threat to the non-infected people, and the final solution to the problem is discovering a vaccine that confounds the zombies bloodlust.

Moral of the story, US military is heroic for mass murdering citizens, pharmaceutical drug companies rescue the good people with vaccines. Its creepy and does this foretell of a future event just as the Titan/Titanic event you guys discuss?

lumaralee, posted on August 15, 2015

David, I love your shows and appreciate the information being presented, but once again you dominated the conversation so that Garner was only able to say very little.

apensatori, posted on August 14, 2015

I have this Feeling............ that the Syndicates (Secret Earth Governments) are Falling....can we start a campaign where Someone always ends the interviews with "Tick Tock Babylon, Rome is Falling" .....to break that sentence in two, the first part "Tick Tock Babylon" means that the time of the Babylon Money Magic Slave System is coming to an end, and the perpetrators of this Unbalanced System should beware of these Times of Change. The second part "Rome is Falling" is a historical identifier, which is telling the Syndicates (Society of Jesus or Jesuits...Which is not as religious as their title makes them out to be, The Illuminati and/or The Secret Earth Governments..etc.) that their Historical Base of Power is crumbling..........I implore (Highly Advocate)....people to start using this little mantra, as a short sweet reminder, that Change is Upon us.........and that.......... We must Simply be the Catalyst for this Change.

UmaruW, posted on August 13, 2015

what are the patterns the cabal does when they issue out a sacrifice? you guys mentioned it that there are keys to look for i.e dance before the storm can you elaborate?

UmaruW, posted on August 13, 2015

what are the restrictions of the cabal? This is intriguing for sure. I just want to know you guys talked about the patterns of the cabal. How can it be deciphered now and what can we look for in the coming future?

cmalmquist, posted on August 12, 2015

Great episode. When two very intelligent minds that know so much about previously secret info come together like this and so much info is revealed, who cares who said what or how many words each spoke? David may have steered the conversation but Garner added a lot too, just as much as David IMHO, and the give and take was very comfortable and intensely interesting to me. Keep up the good work David.

bk.allen143, posted on August 12, 2015

iamchristina888, posted on August 11, 2015

With all due respect David, I found that this was NOT considered an "interview". We know you know a lot but it was a pretty one-sided interview. I agree with the previous comment that you were quite disrespectful and did not allow Garner to share his wisdom.

threebirdsdream, posted on August 11, 2015

David you were so disrespectful. A good interviewer will highlight his guest and stay out of the way. The fake handshake at the end rang about as true as a paper bell. I appreciate your research but you just drove a gaggle of viewers to WDG's website with your bratty attitude. Please get your ego in check and stick to giving us good information.

I posted this comment earlier today but it never showed up...guess y'all are cherrypicking the comments....boo hiss

farrare, posted on August 11, 2015

This wasn't an interview.

echome56, posted on August 11, 2015

Thanks David and Dean! Awesome interview! Don't listen to the hatters David. Please keep the episodes coming and stay safe.

lorna7, posted on August 11, 2015

The other interviews with Dean showed a decided leaning by David to take center stage and focus on whatever the heck his agenda is! But this one really takes the cake. As someone who follows Dean's work and specifically took out a subscription to GaiamTV to listen to these interviews with Dean, this is a great disappointment and does an injustice to the effort and research that Dean has put forth on his subject!

deeme636, posted on August 11, 2015

I really love ya work David. Always have, but your guest only spoke about %30 of this interview. I would've loved to hear what he was about to (trying to) say all those times he tried to speak. That being said, It was still great to hear all the info. Thanks for your work

femig, posted on August 21, 2015

I agree completely.

Jan the Adventuress, posted on August 10, 2015

Dean, great work interviewing David!

cm, posted on August 10, 2015

I've enjoyed the interviews between these two however I have to say that those last minutes were the most powerful for me. About complexity theory and how life 'finds a way'. How the single grain of sand (single agents) CAN be the factor that turns the whole avalanche around. How the outcome can't be predicted until it happens. And finally 'We live in a loving and conscious universe the steers us back to love'. Ahhhh, now there is some heart energy just when the doom and gloom mental perspective can feel overwhelming. Please keep emphasizing this message David, it needs to be spoken more and heard more. Yay!

etheart1168, posted on August 10, 2015

David, this was the most irritating interview that you've done. You kept interrupting the guest, and he has good info!! When you asked him to talk about the Federal Reserve, you paused and then started talking. WTF, man!!! We know that you know the subject but it would have been nice to get more of the guest's perspective. This interview needs a redo.

wwc, posted on August 10, 2015

I would have liked to hear more about the Jesuits from Mr. Garner. It never happened. David has much
information to share but not under this venue. David interrupted William many times and did not let
him finish a thought.

spacecase8888, posted on August 10, 2015

I've been thinking about Dean Garner's theory here. He's all about singling out the Jesuits. And I'm sure they are a big part of the nefarious things going on with this planet. Admittedly, I haven't read his book yet, or the other authors he relies on. But I wonder if a lot of the information he is drawing off of is distorted propaganda of Protestants and Freemasons that demonizes the Jesuits because they felt threatened by them? I'm sure they are infiltrated and that they have a very pathological culture within that organization. But I think this maybe guy's personal experience left him traumatized and gave him a bit of a case of tunnel vision.

Also, where are the Jesuit whistleblowers in modern times? Maybe there are some I don't know about, but I can't think of any. To me, the "cabal" or whatever you want to call them, have many masks. Or hats....like, think of a hat rack with a dozen hats on it. The hat rack itself would be the various ET bloodlines that lead back to the base of the hat rack, which are the "old ones" that Corey Goode talks about, who live for thousands of years. All the hats are organizations that they have infiltrated to some degree or another. I don't know....to me, Dean seems like just another person who has a lot of pieces of the puzzle, but not all, and they think the pieces they have are the whole puzzle. I see this all the time in the "conspiracy theorist" community.

byounghp, posted on August 10, 2015

Dean has loads of info. I want to know what he thinks of different issues in more detail in his own opinion.
He was basically agreeing with David throughout this episode as if he was interviewing David? I like David and cannot hear enough from him. Though, I would like to hear Dean's ideas more in the future. I know it is exciting and could get carried away easily when two minds agree on things. Haha...

Colescottpa, posted on August 10, 2015

I totally agree and have started to change how I think and act and respond! I recently went to my worst enemy( former best friend that I had openly disclosed being bribed and influenced by controlling negative forces (a corrupt multimillionaire) and offered an apology for my statements and actions and said 8 should not have been involved or allowed it to destroy our friend ship. he proceeded to slam the door in my face, I assume he saw it as a personnel breach of confidence and it also lead to his exposure and eventual firing we he envoked some opposition to total totalian dictatorship. I feel he morns the loss of power and potential financial gain and see me as the cause, I look at it as I may have saved his life or at least his soul and that the act of apologizing is you can never do too much expression of love or goodness or being forgiving ie turning the other check. ( but I do agree with the statement of not becoming a door mat. I am done with this particular friend if he chooses to remain on that path or mentality of financial gain at any cost!

carolyn.henry.se, posted on August 10, 2015

I think the title was a little misleading; I had hoped to hear a list of vulnerabilities with suggestions on how to successfully use them against the cabal. I guess their vulnerability is simply when we learn information about them, and about consciousness?

The description of this show mentions that this is an interview, but not many questions are being asked to the interviewee. David is eager to talk about what he knows, and I don't blame him because it's fascinating stuff in exciting times, but I do wish he would allow the other person to speak a little more.

lmn1955, posted on August 9, 2015

A very good one; however David you kind of took over the show. I wish that Dean would have been able to say more. Just sayin'....

kfumft, posted on August 9, 2015

Hearing all of this information is strangely calming.

dumitru, posted on August 9, 2015

David, you said "They can't control the outcome." The evidence of history disagrees. They created the Federal Reserve, WWI, WWII, and just about every other war, they created the Bolshevik Revolution & Mao Tse Tung, they killed the Kennedys and scores of others, they pulled off 9-11 and other false flags, they passed the Patriot Act and other anti-Constitutional acts, they installed Bush and Obama, they pulled off the financial coup of 2008, and on and on. I'm not saying it's hopeless, I'm just pointing out that they can control outcomes. Science looks at evidence. So to say the science is against them isn't true. If we are going to take control of our planet from the Cabal, then we have to do it.

dumitru, posted on August 9, 2015

David, you keep claiming that the Universe only allows so much evil and destruction for our learning, and no more. However, the evidence of history disagrees. It is widely reported that before our present age was a golden age of enlightenment. That civilization was destroyed and replaced by one ruled by tyrants and murderers. It is obvious that there was once a thriving civilization on Mars with pyramids similar to the ones built in Earth's golden age. That entire planetary civilization was destroyed. There was even an entire planet where the asteroid belt is that has been destroyed. The fact is, the Universe allows us to destroy ourselves. There is no guarantee that the "bad guys" will be stopped by the Universe. It's up to us.

BARBARAW9, posted on August 8, 2015

David, I have always loved your shows but I must comment after hearing this last program. I really wanted to hear what Dean had to say, unfortunately you did most of the talking! Could you do another show with him and let him talk?

sara_mae69, posted on August 8, 2015

Yes, I agree about David talking too much.I'm over 6 minutes in and haven't heard a question or more than two sentences from the guest.Perhaps he can get some help on proper interviewing tactics so it's more the guest and less of him ?

evabooker, posted on August 8, 2015

I agree with all the comments. In fact, I'm reading the comments while listening to this show, because it is so hard to watch! David, much of what you are saying those of us who have been following you for awhile already know. Stop preaching to the choir with this basic info! We are here to hear what your guest has to add through their unique expertise and perspective. I agree, you need to do another interview with Dean where he does most of the talking.

origstoneart, posted on August 7, 2015

David, since they must reveal what they are going to do before they do it in order to get our consent, I'm curious as to how and what steps we can take to not give our consent? Is it just by living a life of service to others and condemning the things these people are doing? Or do we need to first recognize the message they are giving as to what they are planning and then consciously refuse our consent of their actions?

angelinabutera, posted on August 7, 2015

Love is a grain of sand. It's knowing the whole universe.
I'm a grain of sand. YAYY! ^_^

jbrand1997, posted on August 7, 2015

David is passionate about this topic but I wish Mr. Garner could have had an opportunity to speak - uninterrupted.

marcia9, posted on August 7, 2015

I agree whole heartedly. I am watching this episode to see what Mr. Dean has to say. David consistently breaks in, anticipates, and puts words in his mouth. A bit much.

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