The Fall of Womenland Video
The Fall of Womenland

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The Fall of Womenland (2009)

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The Fall of Womenland focuses on the unique sexual culture of the Mosuo people, a small minority in the Southwest of China, and one of the last remaining matriarchal societies in the world. Their culture was able to survive thanks to their isolated location, by Lake Lugu at the foot of the Himalayas.

Without a formal marriage contract, the Mosuo traditionally build relationships based on free love and sexual satisfaction. But can the sexual liberty and power of the Mosuo women survive as modern Chinese society slowly encroaches their ancestral land? We follow Bima, a young Mosuo woman, and learn of her reality and of the dangers that threaten her inherited way of life.

Xiaodan He

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gmsorceressrose, posted on March 12, 2015

There will always be a place for equality between women and men, and those who understand how to use sex for love, fun, and bonding. You are spreading a great message for those who understand how to hear it.

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