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A False Reality

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A False Reality (2015)

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From the moment we are born, the institutions of the planet own us. They give us a number and enter us into a system that traps us and is so stealthy, most people don’t know it exists. From television to the internet, groceries to healthcare, and politics to religion, our lives are not our own.

Warren Croyle

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rosaluna, posted on October 17, 2016

A little too much melodrama to be sure of the author's intent. Watch it only if you want to be challenged to argue or concede the finer points in a heated discussion afterwards with your inner critic. It could be a lively (if not crazy-making) decision. Have a go at it and see what I mean.

ap0, posted on October 15, 2016

As someone quite alternative, maybe like many of you here, this documentary shared nothing that was new. Like the previous reviewer, I certainly applaud the effort, and feel it probably helps many people, but I also felt it was misguided. Yes, mankind has left the natural world behind and entered a more conceptual and abstract reality -- perhaps a false reality -- but that too has its place in nature. We are that part of nature that has become more self-aware, and rather than having been ejected from the garden of Eden, we are adding new dimensions to this world. Sure, much of it is initially enslaving... but only whilst our awakening is not complete. I like to think we are headed for some amazing destination... that humankind has a real purpose -- and that we are not just on this downward spiral away from our natural start. I couldn't watch this all the way through... it just go too depressing, obvious and hopeless. For me, all this is just part of our awakening to something wonderful!

adamklugman, posted on October 14, 2016

I really wanted to like this film, but in the end it was far too general and spent a lot of time stating (and restating) the obvious. It was more like a lecture with stock footage and depressing music. I applaud the effort and the intent, but the execution left me feeling empty.

RButler98, posted on October 14, 2016

I didn't make it through this in it's entirety. There is some good stuff in there but the idea that mankind shall never have a perfect future? I can't jive with that, we're more than capable of that.

theawakeninguniverse, posted on October 14, 2016

A brilliant documentary that everyone on the planet needs to see.
I feel and can see that a lot are waking up to the illusion.
Apparently 25% are now aware of the corruption and the lies of the leaders / banks and corps and 10% are totally awake and very much outside the box.
We are multi dimensional beings having this human experience.

scottc89, posted on October 13, 2016

I wanted to thank the writer and director, for putting a mild version out for those that just may be in shock of what they hear and see in this gentile film, that is so apparent, if you are awake? But, so many out there is this grand world of ours , continue to live the lie, and prefer to stay ignorant of what been going on generations upon generations. If by chance your a newcomer to the Gaia.com experience and begin you journey here, the good news, is hopefully it will jolt you; into some kind of steps forward in seeing how deep the deception, lies upon lies within lies goes!
But, the saving grace is that you arrived here for a reason, and are beginning to look at yourself, and it's role in this up-side down world. I give those all my praise for taking those early steps in the discovery of a world of illusion. I would encourage you, may you be male or female to share this with those that perhaps find they don't like what they are seeing in the world, and to educate yourself to awaking the real being within you: that needs to learn about our captivity from all kings and queens of industry, corporations, banking systems, and of course our secret governments, that rule us.
There is light towards your desire; to learn, get to the bottom; of what is really going on behind the scenes sort of speak, be strong, diligent, and have faith in your intellects ability; to handle the wonderful journey ahead. Speaking from my many years on this earth, I personally have found my release from this dead end system, don't give up hope, there is wonderful life changing freedoms which you can discover through Gaia's great content of knowledge, - which will inspire the individual to new unknown heights of power; through knowledge, where you as a human being will never be the same by watching,learning and growing in depth of knowledge unknown!

I want you to remember to be open minded, and watch, learn, and discover your new unfolding destiny; be reveal, as you continue on this gift of a network and truly remarkable individuals that have made it in what it is today! There is no better place to be, if you seek discovery of knowledge, spiritualism, looking within self, higher self, and the role you play within it. It;s remarkable!

Thank you, all that contribute to making this a place of awe inspiring growth in our humanity.

Heath72, posted on October 18, 2016

I never realised man was nomadic via the sea? Interesting. Otherwise, I think I had come to many of the conclusions myself and I agree that we need to be responsible and also very careful of what we believe and why. It was interesting but could be a little less 'dark" and with better music. The conspiracy theory approach is not for me. It's not rock science that there are people who want only our money.

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