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Yoga Every Day: Fearlessness

Season 2, Episode 20
Available worldwide

Today's hatha practice with Nichole Golden is working with: Abhinivesha. This is the klesha that means: fear of death. This can also be interpreted as mistaking the impermanent for the permanent: such as the body as being permanent. Freeing yourself from this klesha means living with connection to what is eternal, infinite and timeless and being fearless in the face of death: both the little deaths that occur day-to-day as you constantly evolve and the big one, when you take your final breath in this body.



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Suecarroll, posted on August 2, 2016

Initially I found the sweetness of Nichole's classes a bit off putting but after a few weeks I started to feel the wisdom of her classes. Her teaching is perfect for me - I have some flexibility limitations and am fearful of some poses and something about her teaching has helped me overcome some of this, especially this week - after nearly 10 years of practicing yoga this week I did Crow pose for the second time ever and Wild Thing for the first!

Thank you for the 15 minute classes, I have been waiting for short classes like this for a few years and was getting tired of repeating the old ones. Long classes just don't work for me.

strauss5marija, posted on August 1, 2016

When it will end up this 15 practising that is not at all MYO style?? I do not like it at all and I am sure that I am not the only one, all summer you did not make nothing interesting except Rodney and Colleen fantastic teachers!!!! This??? who is doing this in such short limit of time without risk of hurting themseves?? Really I cant find good practise like beofre I am coming back to old ones becouse they are milion time better then GAIAM took MYO , yes I saw Mara Brascombe today this is something finaly good to do !!!! Will you GAIAM do make good hatha yoga for us that we are your members??

blueheart978, posted on July 30, 2016

Not only I enjoyed the yoga portion of this but also the explanation part which really solidifies why behind doing the various poses. Appreciate the calm and directive voice since it helps easily follow the steps ! Excellent instructor

yogagal123, posted on July 30, 2016


So wonderful to hear that you enjoyed the poses and the explanation! I am so very happy to "have you in class!"


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