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Fire Flow

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Fire Flow

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Are you looking to stoke your inner fire? This flow with Clara Roberts-Oss blends strong pranayama breath with asana based kriyas to ignite your inner strength. For those with lethargy, jet lag or just plain old tired.


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lunalilly, posted on May 11, 2016

From across the other side of the world. That was wonderful. Thank you. xxx

alisonb, posted on February 3, 2016

all good with clara,
only hard part are the birds nests so will see how my back feels tomorrow...

JustineK, posted on January 18, 2016

This is a fabulous quick and energetic routine. Loved it :)

ZackLMiles, posted on May 1, 2015

Just what I needed. Very relaxing. Perfect length for a quick energy boost.

EeeGee, posted on April 29, 2015

Is it possible to love Clara's teaching any more than I already do??! Such a great sequence to get the juices flowing in a short amount of time - relaxing, energizing, and perfect before my workday begins. Love it so! Thank you, Clara!

4jenfarls4, posted on January 11, 2015

I liked this, but ended up streaming it on my Roku instead of my iPad In order for it to work. The audio worked on the ipad, but the video would freeze.

HeidiV@Gaia, posted on January 12, 2015

@4jenfarls4 - I apologize for any inconvenience. Someone from our Customer Service department will be in contact with you.

jpr823, posted on November 10, 2014

Short and sweet. Just what I needed.

imaginegirl, posted on December 15, 2013

Great workout for a quick jolt of energy.

MummaD, posted on July 25, 2013

Wow! Great practice - I was feeling so lethargic at the beginning but now all the cobwebs have gone...

illy123, posted on July 14, 2013

Love this video!!

kateyates87, posted on March 29, 2013

Great practice, and a nice way to start my Friday morning!

montlake, posted on February 14, 2013

A quick burst!

spiceharmony, posted on February 5, 2013

I enjoyed doing this dynamic practice that was short enough to fit into my morning preparations. The brief time invested was worth it! Namaste everyone!!!!! Have a joy-filled fantastic day. We have so much to be thankful for!

apwash, posted on January 19, 2013


bridgettepar, posted on January 3, 2013


bridgettepar, posted on January 3, 2013


Hotyogamama, posted on December 25, 2012

Love this one

illy123, posted on December 18, 2012

Most amazing class! Left me charged & energized for my day at work :) thank you!! Namaste xx

Lindasummers, posted on December 17, 2012

Awesome Clara !! And so ethical on your part to acknowledge the beautiful Shiva Rea :)))

mrogers0, posted on December 16, 2012

Great practice after a hilly 3 mile jog.

lavender65, posted on November 26, 2012

Thank you Clara.... I am left light and filled with power. m.

JReddy, posted on November 23, 2012

Still love it!

lindsalee17, posted on October 30, 2012

One of my absolute favorite yoga videos (and teachers!).

lindsalee17, posted on September 25, 2012

Beautiful. I feel energized and strengthened. Thank you for helping me connect with my inner fire.

Sarah8_2, posted on August 29, 2012

Oh my! Another testament to trust the Universe for providing you what you need! Feeling the need to strengthen my inner fire, but thought I was going into a practice that I had done before... I instead found a practice that empowered my fire! Something I was needing!! Much gratitude and love... Namasta!

jinxmebaby, posted on August 18, 2012

Awesome awesome! Loved this. Great faster pace and instruction. One of my new favorites!

RevStan, posted on August 15, 2012

If you like Shiva Rea then you'll like this. Fast paced, good strengthening postures and breathing techniques. Only minor quibble is could do with more of a counter pose after the back work.

JReddy, posted on August 3, 2012

Amazing class!!

jaxyogini, posted on June 23, 2012

I'm new on iPad and think I just rated this a 1 star instead of a 5 by mistake! Good to help alleviate early evening lethargy.Thank you!!

sallyrud_2, posted on May 3, 2012

Wonderful! I love you, Clara!

marsay007, posted on April 14, 2012

I adore this practice, all of Clara's videos are awesome.

narellebitunjac, posted on April 11, 2012

Great thank you!

fb200248, posted on April 10, 2012

It's a kind of warm up for my day. Quick and efficient.

bolsenboblitt, posted on March 7, 2012

I did this class before work this morning, and I feel really energized & ready for the day! It was the perfect length for an early-morning class.

vanessaooms, posted on January 11, 2012

This is one of my absolute favourite classes on the site. Thank you, Clara!

mariliamello, posted on October 6, 2011

Just what i needed!! You are great, Clara!!! thank you!!

ErinBetrem, posted on October 1, 2011

So wonderful, namaste indeed Clara:)

evahuszar, posted on September 19, 2011

For you too Clara!Thank You!!!

myouser27225, posted on September 12, 2011

Beautiful start to the day! I can really feel the 'fire' in my belly and the heat that it stimulates throughout my whole body! Very invigorating! As per usual Clara, LOVED IT!!! THANK YOU for your guidance*** XOXOOX

millermom1110, posted on August 31, 2011

I was going to take a nap but decided to do this video instead. So glad I did! I feel ten times better. Thank you!

clararobertsoss, posted on August 29, 2011

Hi Mpatton,
a couple of suggestions: if you have a blanket, roll it up and put under your thighs and take bow. It will help give your body the sense of what it's like to take your thighs off the ground. Another way to do it, is as you lift up, try and roll your weight forward towards your heart. That should help take your thighs up. You can also take half bow, half locust instead of full bow.

mpatton, posted on August 28, 2011

Hi Clara,
I love this class but I have never been able to correctly do the bow pose I just can't seem to lift my legs off the ground. Any suggestions?

TheJourneyWithin, posted on August 18, 2011

An amazing way to start the day! :)

EmmaBathie, posted on July 26, 2011

Thank you so much Clara - instantly brings me back to self and Source...and leaves such a smile for the rest of the day. This is my new favourite!

kgraf, posted on July 14, 2011

What a great class, Clara! I was feeling a bit sluggish and needed an evening pick-me-up. Thanks so much!

LizaP, posted on June 23, 2011

utterly brilliant -I feel so good now!

tarasyoga, posted on June 22, 2011

Oh Clara, you're such a gem. Thankyou for bringing this light to my day :-)

DreamOcean, posted on June 21, 2011

One of the best ways I've ever started a morning off... trying to get back into early morning daily yoga after getting used to more mid-day/ afternoon practices over the past couple of months, so this was divine. Also one of the richest shorter length videos I have tried on the MYO site. Salama Clara, you always bring me home to myself and my practice!

Ren, posted on June 18, 2011

As usual, brilliant! Thank you, Clara.

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