The FIRM Bootcamp Max Calorie Burn  Video
The FIRM Bootcamp Max Calorie Burn

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The FIRM Bootcamp Max Calorie Burn

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A highly effective, fat-burning workout that combines bootcamp training with cardio drills for ultimate results. As you jump, hop, squat and lunge your way through this high-energy workout, you'll build muscle, speed and agility. It's fitness at its best with bootcamp conditioning basics and plyometric “power burst” exercises. Get amazing results three times faster with the Bootcamp - Maximum Calorie Burn workout!

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peachwhip, posted on May 6, 2015

I'm getting back into cardio after a looooonnnnng haitus, and this video is great. Challenging, but not to fast. Comprehensive, clean, easy to follow. Loved it!

Melzwack, posted on March 30, 2014

This is a good overall workout combining weights, cardio, and phlyometrics. You cover all parts of the body plus get a nice sweat. I'm not super in shape yet I was still able to participate. All the moves are done in a manner that I was able to learn and do. Overall nicely executed, clean style, but still very challenging. By the end I'm sweating and a little sore yet I made it through this twice now. Love this video. Very professional!

melanieanspacher, posted on July 25, 2013

This was a fun, challenging but reasonable one hour workout that I will definitely do again. I agree with the post "with one major complaint" but once you do it twice that won't matter.

Rena H. Hardy, posted on May 22, 2013

Its really a good start for people who are restarting exercises who have been not as active in regular daily routine workout plan. I will try it again.

coratamara, posted on December 26, 2012

I found this workout comprised of too much jumping around, and I was hoping for a bit more weight work.

lawhergirl, posted on August 16, 2012

i really liked this video and thought it was an overall good workout. my major complaint though : i'm sure its good that they have a modified version of the routine but everytime there was a "power move" the camera immediately shifted to the "modified" version which made it difficult for during the "power" happened so much it became distracting but overall i thought a solid workout

hypercarmona, posted on July 11, 2012

I thought that I was in shape, but I was sweating with this workout. It really kept my heartrate up, and the moves were challenging. (But not so much that I needed to watch Su Mi.) I will absolutely be doing this one again.

scoulter, posted on December 26, 2011

Alison Davis is all business. Her routines are clean, easy to follow and yet still challenging. She is very clear in her calling, and explains how to do each exercise correctly. Also, I love her adorable accent (I'm Australian, so American accents are very charming to me).

After this workout, I felt thoroughly worked from head to toe, and I'm doing it at the beginner level (following Soo Mi, another instructor in the background cheerfully demonstrating the low-impact variations). The camera was frequently on Soo Mi, making sure that beginners don't feel as though they are getting the consolation prize. I'll get a lot of mileage out of this video, because I'm still working at the 'easier' level and there's so much further to go before I get to the advanced level.

I especially liked the focus on core strength, but honestly there's not a single muscle this video doesn't work. It also offered a good cardio section. As I mentioned in another Alison Davis review, it will be helpful if you have some prior experience with aerobics or dance (following a beat and a routine). If you haven't, then focus on getting the legs right before you try to incorporate the arms.

Bellabbeauty, posted on September 26, 2016


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