Arcanum: The Five Layers of the Soul Video
The Five Layers of the Soul
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Arcanum: The Five Layers of the Soul (June 2016)

Season 2, Episode 5
Available worldwide

Many esoteric traditions around the world have used the number five as a number associated with the human form. William Henry explores soul lore from the Egyptian and Hindu traditions which unravel the five unseen layers of the human soul. But it is the Gnostic Gospel of Philip which reveals the secrets of transfiguration into the rainbow body of light. This presentation was originally webcast June 30, 2016.

William Henry


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njjohnsfl, posted on August 14, 2016

The two parts of Soul that I left out of the previous episode, simply because these did not play a part in that discussing are in fact as follows: Chaiyah and Yahidah.

I have no idea why you never mentions these mysteries. Is it that you don't know? As long as you bring the Bible into the discussion, the Kabbalah must be brought into this discussion as well... to make it complete. It is irresponsible to leave this out.

By the way, you only used part of the remedy elucidated by Don Juan Matus. Dream are also involved, sir.

Make the record complete. To do otherwise is misleading.

davicox281, posted on July 21, 2016


des.susko, posted on July 12, 2016

Thank you William, this episode was like music for my soul. I really enjoyed listening to it and you've given me much to meditate on. Meditate. Visualize. Actualize. Namaste!

In Peace and Love,

T Rose, posted on July 9, 2016

I am a visual learner and so I love that William's talks are supported with paintings, lol "a picture paints a thousand words". Also William's presence relaxes me, his aura is so smooth. I feel beyond his words his presence conveys worlds of information....

lcdv, posted on July 6, 2016

Just finished listening to Episode 3 in cafe in Innsbruck, Austria. Just absolutely inspiring! So glad I got on board with your Ascension teachings at Nasville conference in May. I really connect to your synchronistic way of teaching and synchronicities are popping up more and more during our travels in Europe. Just yesterday, I realize the dining car on our Austrian train is named Henry! How about that! Literally and figuratively our souls fed by Henry as we roll along! Ciao!

dhanes65, posted on July 5, 2016

Wm, Henry picks up a persons hearts and make them proud to be alive. What a beautiful talent.

thirdrockwalk, posted on July 5, 2016

Thank you William Henry for this beautiful and powerful information. Watching your presentation is a very feel good moment of my day.

alijordan1973, posted on July 5, 2016

Thank you William for another brilliant episode.

ecan-mcan, posted on July 4, 2016

Thank you, William
You articulate your message in such an elegant, simple way to help us reach our Light Body.
Many Blessings,

lauriefrazier11, posted on July 4, 2016

awesome!! Loved it!

jimnicholson2008, posted on July 4, 2016

T.V. Worth watching ! ; >

andreadunn1, posted on July 3, 2016

I'm grateful to have access to this material.

wjf101, posted on July 3, 2016

William Henry cites research done by Professor Carla Sulzbach and states "of McGill University in Toronto." Correction - McGill University is in Montreal, Que. (Faculty of Religious Studies, McGill University, Birks Building, 3520 University Street, Montreal, Quebec H3A 2A7, Canada)

Aloha8, posted on July 2, 2016

Did you and Claire see the five pentagon points of Christ on the Turin shroud? You convinced me with this series to go to Turin and see/feel it myself.

I see those colours when I gaze at sun, it looks like a tunnel. White in center. I see it every sunset.

peaceday.johnson, posted on July 1, 2016

check it out kechari mudra

Swami Kripalvananda (Bapuji) was one of the great saints of the 20th Century. Meditating 10 hours a day for 30 years, he
“He who knows the practice of Khechari Mudra becomes devoid of diseases, death, lassitude, sleep, hunger, thirst and stupor”.(3:38).

The science and practice of Khechari Mudra is not easily available since the adept masters (Gurus) knowing the Divine Yoga are rare. Moreover, the knowledge of Khechari Mudra is kept a profound secret. It is revealed by the adept master only to the deserving aspirant. In the Yoga Kundali Upanishad it is said as follows:

“One who is able to teach the Divine Yoga is the adept master (Guru). One should go to the place where he lives and learn the science of Khechari Mudra”. (2:16). Again, it is said, “This science of Khechari Mudra is very difficult to obtain. Until the aspirant gets it, he should wander over the earth (in search of it)”.

What is found in yoga texts about the Khechari Mudra is far from adequate. Its real technique and process are always kept secret. The true science of Khechari Mudra is taught only to an aspirant who is spiritually prepared, and that too only by word of mouth.

Lakulish spiritual tradition is fortunate to receive the secret technique and myst

erious procedure of Khechari Mudra as well as the science of divine body from none other than Lord Lakulish, the twenty-eighth incarnation of Lord Shiva, the originator of the Divine Yoga. In Yoga Kundali Upanishad it is said, “He who teaches this science (of Khechari Mudra) and its practice should be regarded as Shiva”.

Lord Lakulish initiated Swami Pranavanand in 1913 and the latter initiated Swami Kripalvanand in 1931 A.D. and taught the profound secrets of Divine Yoga and Khechari Mudra to him. Swami Kripalvanand practiced this yoga for many years and in 1971 he passed on the same secrets to his disciple Swami Rajarshi Muni, who is the present Spiritual Head (Kulguru) of the Lakulish Spiritual tradition and also the founder of LIFE Mission. Swami Rajarshi Muni has arduously practiced Divine Yoga ever since his initiation and has accomplished Khechari Mudra. At present he is engaged in the most difficult phase of transforming the physical body into the exquisite divine body.

Swami Kripalu survived the awakening of kundalini, turned the evolutionary power upward, opened the chakras, and achieved kechari mudra, the doorway to the formation of the Divine Body, the spectacular culmination of Sahaja, or Natural Yoga. In this book, author, historian John Mundahl, who spent 4 years with Swami Kripalu, introduces us to this remarkable saintàhis life as a writer, musician, story-teller, public speaker, yoga sadhak (practitioner) and his life in his own words.
OM Shanti

kathrynpochgoldin, posted on July 1, 2016

sorry, but McGill University is in Montreal, Quebec... :) ...

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on July 1, 2016

Hi Kathryn, yes, you are correct about that! :)
Hope you enjoyed the interview.


wakeupfrom, posted on July 1, 2016

bad mic must be higher like others have good voice recordings

alexbroskey6, posted on June 30, 2016


LIZHOW, posted on June 30, 2016

I am having trouble hearing the presentation when the background music becomes more predominant than William Henry's voice. I really like the subject but would like it better without the music (or it should be dramatically turned down.

dflaig, posted on June 30, 2016

I find the subject compelling and William informative but this one was very hard to hear over the music. I don't understand the belief that the addition of noise will add to a presentation. I appreciate this work but will not continue to watch if it is a strain to hear. This is not intended as criticism, just information. I'm probably not the only one.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on July 1, 2016

Thank you for your feedback! I'll pass this to our production team.

All the best,

chandira2012, posted on June 30, 2016

Thanks a lot William Henry for the effort and research in bringing this to the masses!
Like many have commented, this compliments the recent Cosmic disclosure episode!

Just a few comments: 5 layers of soul from Sanskrit Vedic teachings should be pronounced as follows:
Annamaya Kosha: Anna=food, maya (in this context)= made of, Kosha = cavity or enclosed cocoon.
Kosha is not pronounced as "Kaasha"; should be pronounced as written "Ko" sound should be as in "go". Ko-sha
Pranamaya Kosha (Its not "Pranayama"): Prana = life force; maya (in this context)= made of
Pranayama refers to a type of yogic breathing exercises.
For the Sanskrit words to have full innate power, they should be pronounced with correct sound.

(No relation to this presentation ) but many other Sanskrit words that are wrongly pronounced are:
Chakra = Its not "Shakra", "Shaakra", or "Chaakra". Its pronounced as written: "chakra" with no aa accentuation on any of the "a"s
Padmasambhava = no "aa" with any "a" in the word. Pronounced as written.
Prana = pronounced as "Praana"
Dhyana = Pronounced as Dh-yaa-na. Not as Dhi-yaa-na

knudsoncurt, posted on June 30, 2016

A class act from start to finish, William Henry seems to possess the admirable and enviable ability to present his stunning and profoundly significant material in a very sophisticated yet easily accessible way that continually enthralls and teaches the great secrets of the ages and the spheres while never coming across as preachy or a know-it-all. I think his presentation style is top-notch. I appreciate his impeccable taste that shows through in all of his work. It just leaves me does he manage to present such subtle and esoteric material in such a pleasing way and still maintain a very believable humble yet in-command presence!!!
All I can say is that I have immense respect for William Henry and all his work!
I am so glad to see the producers finally saw how much WH has to add to the other original series on Gaia and included him as a guest. As his message is more subtle and not as dramatic/traumatic as the other series' material, it is unfortunate that Arcanum may never get as much credit or notoriety that it truly deserves...
Thank you Gaia for a second season of this show and May the Spheres continue to dress William Henry (and all of us) with the their cloaks of starlight....

mackintoshmargaret, posted on June 30, 2016

Knudsoncurt: Beautifully written and deeply resonant with me. I wish I had written that :)

This series is the most powerful, important and life changing/saving i have ever viewed. I ordered and received William Henry's flash drive this week and can hardly wait to work with the material and all of its images. I came to this series through prayer and later through Cosmic Disclosure, which I also consider to be of immense importance!

Bravo and immense gratitude!

Love and Blessings!

Paige.K@GAIA, posted on June 30, 2016

Thanks for commenting! So happy you are enjoying this season! I agree, William Henry shares his knowledge in such a special way. Every episode blows me away

I hope you continue to enjoy!


vlmanos, posted on June 30, 2016

Great show love it

TLE56, posted on June 30, 2016

Wow, I truly enjoyed this episode. And, as MELANIE.MACK pointed out (message below), this episode correlates with the information that David Wilcock and Corey Goode presented in their most recent episode of Cosmic Disclosure titled "Plasma Beings and Etheric Entities." Thank you, William, for this valuable information. I particularly found useful the information you shared on how to keep the Archons (plasma beings) out of our etheric body. Blessings to you and your loved ones, dear William Henry.

melanie.mack, posted on June 30, 2016

Very good episode! After watching the Plasma Beings episode with Corey Good where he talks about the negative entities that feed off of the loosh or the energy from our fear, this resonated as a great followup of positive affirmation and hope.

karaokeklinik, posted on June 30, 2016

William Henry is so clear in his presentation. Unfortunately, a lot of his material is overshadowed by the background music and I am distracted by this imbalance.

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