Fluid Strength and Tone Video
Fluid Strength and Tone

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Fluid Strength and Tone

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Fluid Strength and Tone is a 60-minute vinyasa flow class with Kevan Gale, from Stil Studio in Boston, that focuses on building strength and toning the body. Build heat and strength through a sequence that begins with standing warrior variations and pinnacles with the Bhujapidasana arm balance. Then work on flexibility and tone with back strengthening postures, a Side Crow to Headstand variation, and hip and hamstring openers like Upavistha Konasana and Samakonasana.

Fluid is a substance that continually flows under an applied stress; smooth, flowing, graceful. Fluid Yoga is not a style, it is a recognition of life as ever changing, flowing from one moment to the next. It's a way of life.


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corwell, posted on February 5, 2015

Your videos are my favorite ones on Gaiam. I use them almost morning M-F. Any plans to release anything new? Do you have any longer classes available online? THANK YOU!

kevangale, posted on February 5, 2015

Thanks so much, I'm glad you are finding them enjoyable. You can check with GaiamTV directly on additional release plans. Wishing you well and hope you continue to enjoy the videos.

pillowfacelover, posted on January 22, 2015

thank you, it brought lost of clarity <3

kevangale, posted on January 22, 2015

Happy to hear. Wishing you well.

arsondude, posted on October 30, 2014

Difficult, but simple and amazing yoga nidra at the end:) thanks. love.

kevangale, posted on October 31, 2014

So happy you liked it. Enjoy your practice.

ryckee, posted on October 20, 2014

I really enjoyed this practice. I thought it offered a lot of advanced variation but I think it could be rated lower than advanced so intermediate practitioners will enjoy it as well. It is a great transition practice for beginning arm balances because it doesn't consume the whole practice but you still have the opportunity to practice towards them. Thanks Kevan!

NicoleUrdang, posted on October 14, 2014

At 61, I prefer a slower, deeper practice with longer holds; however, this is still well choreographed. And, the meditation at the end is sublime.

codychokhman, posted on October 9, 2014

i adore kevan gale. he is like the eye of the storm, power within calm. gorgeous. looking forward to seeing more of his practices.

mkadison, posted on March 29, 2014

Kevan! I miss your classes. This is the next best thing to being there. I love your muscular style of yoga. We don't just stretch, we really build strength. In all your classes. Thank you!

kevangale, posted on July 4, 2013

@BlissAngel I'm so glad you had an opportunity to practice on this beautiful interdependence day! Thanks for trying it out the practice despite the stil shot. I appreciate your comments and agree with your recommendation of changing the class level so it is consistent and clear to all MYO members. With all my classes, I try to offer variations for everyone so I'm glad you found the variations achievable. More classes are in the works so stay tuned! Have a Happy 4th.

BlissAngel, posted on July 4, 2013

One more really important note: the guided savanasana was AWESOME and was a perfect ending to the class. Also MYO needs to change the rating level to Intermediate or Level 2, and not advanced, such as other reviewers have suggested. More people will take the class this way as well- I would ask Michelle to consider changing the level from Advanced to Intermediate, if for no other reason than to stay consistent with what you're calling the class, which is level 2, Intermediate, not Avanced. Thanks & Namaste~

BlissAngel, posted on July 4, 2013

I added this class to ,y favorites a couple months ago, but I just had the opportunity to take it this morning, here on our lovely independence day! I have to say it was an amazing class, instructed at just the right pace and I do like the sequences as well. I think that the still shot on the video can be intimidating as that was one of the reasons I held off on doing it myself, however, I was able to do everything in this class, and so can anyone else- maybe not get into the full expression of each pose, like Kevan so gracefully does, but we all have to start somewhere so just taking the pose to your level of comfort for where you are in your practice today, is a great start! I'm now going to do the other two classes from Kevan where the video still shots look even more intimidating than this one- lol- but I'm anticipating them to be as amazing as this one was for me! Namaste~

kevangale, posted on March 15, 2013

@KiumarsCoates Happy you practiced with me and thanks for the feedback. The newer Fluid Yoga videos allow for more transitional time so you might want to check them out. Happiness.

KiumarsCoates, posted on March 15, 2013

Hi Loved the sequence and human delivery of the instructions (without yoga voice) I did however find that the speed of the class inhibited my ability to really find a deep presence as I often found myself only taking one or two long breaths in each pose. Would love practice this sequence with a slower pace, more time to feel what is happening. I felt a bit rushed.

anamaria1972, posted on October 4, 2012

That door is like my grandma´s in Usulutan, El Salvador

kevangale, posted on April 17, 2012

Great to hear. See you when I get back. Have fun!

msvermontsegur, posted on April 17, 2012

Thanks Kevan, it came in handy this week with spring break. See you when you get back.

kevangale, posted on April 7, 2012

Hi Emma,
The paypal link on my website should now be working http://www.kevangale.com/pvyu-yoga-with-kevan-gale-dvd/. Also, feel free to drop an email to info@stilstudio.com to reserve a copy.
Thanks for your interest and happy practicing,

em123, posted on April 7, 2012

Hi- have sent a couple of messages via your website but received no response. Have grid to order your DVD through Paypal, but the link doesn't work.

kevangale, posted on April 5, 2012

Good to hear you enjoyed the straddle split. We just released a new video that is more advanced and I will be adding a few more in the next few months. Enjoy!

montlake, posted on March 31, 2012

A nice practice! I always enjoy seeing a few new pose combinations and the poses leading up to your arm balances were interesting and different. I was so happy to see the side strattle splits. Other than one of Eion Finn's Blissology discs, I haven't seen anyone doing this pose.

I dont' know why My Yoga Online rated this practice as advanced, since you describe it as level 2. I hope that you go ahead and let us in on some level 3 practices! We are ready and waiting!

kevangale, posted on March 30, 2012

Thanks Laura, you've convinced me! I'll add a 90 minute practice in the upcoming filming. Stay tuned and thanks for practicing.

laumontemayor, posted on March 29, 2012

And I second the 90 minute practice, would love to see more of your classes.

laumontemayor, posted on March 29, 2012

Amazing!! This is exactly what I need to clear my mind and give my body a good challenge. I have a really hard time concentrating in general but I found your voice to be quite soothing and relaxing. Besides, I loved all the arm balances! Hopefully I´ll get there soon with repeated practice. Thanks so much!!! :D

kevangale, posted on March 21, 2012

Glad to hear you appreciate the challenge. It wasn't that long ago that this practice was so challenging (still is in so many ways) for me too. I'm sure you'll continue to see a lot of progress as you work with the practice. Have fun!

wbfog, posted on March 21, 2012

Awesome video! This flow is so challenging for me, but is exactly what I want. I will work hard to perfect these poses. Thank you for your hard work, Kevin!

kevangale, posted on March 9, 2012

Gratitude for practicing and taking the time to provide feedback.

monsterika, posted on March 8, 2012

I really liked a lot of the sequencing in this - the transition into titibasana in particular was really illuminating, as I always struggle with that one! I agree with some of the prior comments here in that I found some of the pacing to be a bit too fast, but I found that if I just used the instruction to guide my own breath and flow it was a really nice challenging, yet calming, practice.

kalimama, posted on March 8, 2012

Another great and creative flow. Thank you for sharing your practice!

adalisadav, posted on March 7, 2012

Amazing. The calm you bring to your practice never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for sharing with me the gift of yoga now over two years ago and for inspiring me always! Your student, Alisa

kevangale, posted on March 7, 2012

Hey Kate and Linda,
It's great that you appreciated the challenge of this practice. Kate, I'll take a look into offering a 90 minute practice. Sending you both peace,

Lindasummers, posted on March 7, 2012

Thank You, Kevin !! THis practice was exactly wanted I needed today..
Peace your way...Linda

katecr1219, posted on March 5, 2012

Great Practice!! love all the new arm balance transitions and sequences. Any chance you will do a 90 minute class?

kevangale, posted on March 5, 2012

Glad you enjoyed the flow and challenge. Thanks for practicing.

hirshson_2, posted on March 5, 2012

i also enjoyed the sequencing and flow; also agree about the quickness of pace. a good practice for when you're in an "on the go" mood. i like the advanced variations; it's nice to work at a higher level of challenge. namaste.

kevangale, posted on March 5, 2012

Thanks for practicing with me Nicole. I agree with your feedback and will be slowing down the instruction and pacing for the next two filmings. Happiness,

NicoleUrdang, posted on March 5, 2012

This is an excellent, challenging practice.
I wish there had been a little slower instruction for some of the harder poses.
One of the best savasanas on MYO.

bcdelony, posted on August 26, 2014

I have a membership and I cannot seem to find a video to play on this page.

snwong48, posted on April 25, 2014

No video to play.

Gaiam_TV, posted on April 26, 2014

The video should be playing now. If you are still experiencing playback issues please contact customer service.
Thank you!

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