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Forbidden Reading
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Empire of the Word: Forbidden Reading (2009)

Episode 3
Only available in United States

There have always been forbidden books, and people who have broken the law to read them. In this episode, we look at how the simple act of reading has often had revolutionary consequences. How do nations such as China ban books when every written word can be delivered through a phone line into a computer? And what of books that supposedly threaten social mores, such as child pornography, erotica, or the merely risqué? Often hidden or restricted in the past, they are racing out across the world on the Internet. As reading takes on electronic form, has the age of censorship just ended? Or is it just beginning? We will meet the characters, both past and present, who struggle to publish so that we are free to read.

Alberto Manguel
Mark Johnston


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Only available in United States

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motherearth, posted on October 21, 2012

Those who fear are the first to condemn anothers belief. This program talks about how dangerous it is for many people around the world to publish their beliefs. It saddens me to know that after thousands of years we are still letting the bully are win.

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