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Spirit Talk: Forgiveness (April 2014)

Season 1, Episode 3
Available worldwide

Death is simply a change in energy from one form to another. However, we can carry the burdens of our life into the spirit realm if we do not learn to let them go. Forgiveness can be a wonderful blessing for releasing these burdens. James Van Praagh presents a meditation on forgiveness before connecting live studio audience members with spirit in this presentation originally webcast April 10, 2014.

James helps Bonnie connect with her father, mother and sister. When her son comes through, he has a message for his sister who is also in the audience. Using a photograph to make a connection, several family members in the audience reunite with long lost relatives on the other side.

James Van Praagh


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Shyann1, posted on November 14, 2014

Woww.. I was LMAO on this one James :) I have been putting off watching this.
But im glad I did, u are so good w/ people James. I learn so much from U !
What u do is so healing, mediumship is another healing modality <3 iv'e been
giving photo readings for 5 yrs now, for free online. But when I did my first
in person readings @ a metaphysical festival, I could actually feel goose bumps
when spirit would merge with my soul, I mean from head to toe the whole time
it was wild !! And I could feel their deep love...for my clients...omg it was the
most beautiful feeling <3 I thank God I have great Spiritual Teachers :) Love Ya !!

janycegodwin, posted on September 17, 2014

Jack is amazing!!I love the way he convoys information. He is so amazing:) colorful and genuine. such a perfect blend<3

patty Chapman, posted on April 15, 2014

I love the show James! I had the honor of meeting you in Scottsdale in Feb, You brought my husband thru , who had died 17 months ago. It changed my life and my belief system, I have been able to share that experience with two beautiful people who had lost a family member, And I could see a visable relief in thier hearts, Thank-you for my healing and giving me a gift I can use through-out the rest of my life, to give comfort to those who are grieving! James You Rock!!!!!!! Much Love Patty!

3732qto, posted on April 11, 2014

I loved the Meditation you guided us in. While Meditatiing I begin to go up to my crown.
I saw green. While coming down I saw green, red, blue. I begin seeing the "Third Eye" a couple of months ago.
I now see the eye all the time. I am Highly Sensitive and connected with the spirit world. Especially my husband
who passed over nine years ago. I have been keeping a journal of his visits to me for the past four years.
Before him loved ones and others I know have also pay me visits. I can also hear high tones of ringing.
There is so much going on now. Can you share your thoughts on whats happening?
Can you also do a episode on the "Third Eye".

kidheaven, posted on April 11, 2014

I loved this episode on forgiveness! What a wonderful meditation and the picture, with the grandmother coming through was awesome, made me think of my mother and how she LOVED to YARD SALE......LOL James, I love this so much and cannot wait each week for more. You are such a wonderful teacher and we are so blessed and thankful for the work you are doing! Blessings Always!

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