Forrest Yoga: Unraveling Tension in the Hips, Neck and Shoulders Video
Forrest Yoga: Unraveling Tension in the Hips, Neck and Shoulders

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Forrest Yoga: Unraveling Tension in the Hips, Neck and Shoulders

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In this Forrest yoga class, you'll work to strip the layers away from the emotional and physical blocks that are held in the hips, neck and shoulders. Using breathe in combination with these unique postures create freedom and strength these areas. You'll feel cleansed, refreshed and alive.

Recommended Props: Block, Strap


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xiomara_nino, posted on July 16, 2016

I tend to carry tension in all three of these areas (plus my jaw) and this routine was extremely helpful in guiding me to let go. I feel so much better! The instructor is very kind in her instructions. I will be coming back to this session again and again. Thank you!

bostonbean, posted on February 2, 2016

Pain, tension and anxiety in my tight jaw, neck, shoulders and upper back stems from my TMJ disorder coupled with a previous shoulder dislocation on the same side. This nurturing practice has been my savior! The moves and positions are paired with compassionate reminders to retrain your thoughts and body. Pausing in a pose to regain body awareness, seeing where you are holding tension and then with intention, letting go. Love this!

strauss5marija, posted on January 8, 2016

After beeing sick, and some pause this was wonderful so nice practise I feel alive and good again, thank you I will be searching more yoga with you Jo Namaste all the best in 2016. :)

vsanjana, posted on December 4, 2015

Absolutely love this! Really seems to work for me to release tension in my neck and shoulders. I find it just the right amount of talking and explanation. As a singer, I find this particular practice very helpful with breath work. Thank-you!!

maggie.preston, posted on November 19, 2015

very thorough and clear instruction. great for all my sitting and computer use and PMS lower back pain (although had to skip the core work because of this). the savasana at the end is very short, so I recommend having a timer nearby if you want to give yourself a longer one

KristinM_2, posted on September 7, 2015

I've done this practice a couple of times now and I find it very well-sequenced and balanced. My neck and upper shoulders are often very tight and the neck release focus is really helpful. Thanks!

haha2x, posted on March 24, 2015

i randomly clicked on this video. My first experience with Forrest yoga. It was just what I needed, slow, body aware and compassionate. Perfect for us who need to work more on flexibility.

HeidiV@Gaia, posted on December 22, 2014

Thank you all for your comments. We are happy you enjoy this video and have taken note of your request for this style of yoga :).

darant21, posted on December 20, 2014

Jo is a terrific instructor and Forrest yoga is both therapeutic and challenging in the best way. I have the Ana Forrest series and would love to see more from Jo.

Cukee27, posted on December 14, 2014

I've been practicing Forrest yoga for two years and absolutely love it. It centers and smooths me. Along with some healthy challenge. I am so glad for this video, please add more Forrest yoga...

darant21, posted on September 9, 2014

Great practice; thank you Jo! More Forrest Yoga Please!

bkordansky, posted on August 3, 2014

I use this practice to stretch out my shoulders which are a problem on and off. Good for after, upper body workouts like swimming. Very restorative.

martinezash, posted on July 29, 2014

All day today I was feeling like I was one wrong move away from a migraine that I knew was directly tied to the growing tension in my neck. I tried to intersperse my work with stretches but nothing was helping. So I did this practice when I got home and alas, my neck has length again. I'm not super familiar with Forest yoga but I would love more offerings of it on gaimtv. I also though Jo's guidance was great for a home practice.

Jmahannah, posted on April 6, 2014

For people who go on a computer daily this is a must!

dakinitouch, posted on March 1, 2014

I practice yin frequently. As a matter of fact, just went to Yin workshop last night.
It can be an extremely transformative practice. I did NOT feel this was it. It kinda turned me off a bit.

Tagfrank, posted on February 24, 2014

You should give YIN yoga a try. I think you'd really like it. You need to slow down. Namaste

Tagfrank, posted on February 24, 2014

Not "should" but turn the should into a want

surrealm8, posted on February 24, 2014

This truly got into the areas that I've been wanting to work on and release. Jo is a great teacher, this is now one of my favorite new yoga workouts. I wish I could buy this on DVD!

jfras27, posted on February 17, 2014

For a quick yoga exercise. Jo takes the time to give great verbal prompts to help get into the pose. Just what I needed to start the day. Thank you. Namaste

Dmedtrans, posted on January 31, 2014

I have degenerative neck disease and it has changed the way I live.... my doc gave me the go-ahead to live life again (another doc told me I could be paralyzed if I fell off my horse, so I quit riding). I think I actually have a lot of emotional resentment TOWARD my neck because of these issues, and this is JUST what I needed. I can't wait to incorporate some of the techniques here into other routines, as well. THANK YOU!!

Pam_dna, posted on January 20, 2014

This is one of my favs for paying attention to the neck. Thank you!

Misha08, posted on January 6, 2014

I took this class first thing in the morning and felt I really needed some sort of simple warm ups prior to holding postures. I enjoyed the instructor (although she could speak less) I like the sequence, it was different and definitely felt good in my body.

lralbaugh, posted on December 11, 2013

Wonderful change up from sun salutations that hit right at the physical manifestation of conflict and stress. LOVED IT!

j9cell, posted on November 8, 2013

I have very very tense muscles in the neck and shoulder area, TMJ problems and often have what I call "helmet head or headband headaches". I tried this video for the first time yesterday which totally got rid of my headache and today I feel as though I had a deep tissue massage (a little sore), which is great because for me soreness means my muscles are letting go of whatever has been keeping them tense. Massage treatment is something I can't afford regularly but really need it, this is a great alternative!

irenerm, posted on October 23, 2013

its like you were here and knew how it felt...really needing it

jaemep, posted on July 18, 2013

Jo, one of the best home practices ever. Love the variations, I swear during relaxation I notice blood flowing to my shoulder/trap area.

Pru, posted on July 6, 2013

great release. interesting variations.

float, posted on May 4, 2013

Thank you Jo, I feel so cared for and tended to when I do this program with you. Nothing compares to how good I feel after.

Tagfrank, posted on April 29, 2013

I had my tonsils removed in my early 20's. this helps me release the tension is a way I've never done neck is a really sensitive area...believe me...I breathe into my body...I try to be fluid like water.. My yoga has also become emotional ('s so intense) so learning to really use my breath to heal my body and get those big releases is just taking my practice to another level. I wish Giaim tv had more Forrest yoga...maybe with Ana Forrest

rcarson, posted on March 18, 2013

Was nice to experience some new poses that were very effective in release of muscle tension. I have had cervical surgery and low back injuries and this hit all of my problem areas. Great instructor...calming and reminds you to breathe deeply throughout which is usually a challenge for most people. Interested in learning more about Forest yoga now!

johnsie4, posted on March 7, 2013

I have built up tension as a mother of two small children. This is the perfect naptime treat for myself. I love it, thank you.

beringiaz, posted on February 23, 2013

My first experience with Forrest Yoga. I found the neck releases to be nice, but I had a hard time with so much dialogue from the instructors. It would have been nice to get into a pose without hearing so much about what emotions I was supposed to let go of. If I'm thinking about emotions there is really no way to actually let them go. Some moments of silence would have made this a better experience for me. I'm not sure I'll be doing this one again.

mariettaberner, posted on March 12, 2014

I loved the workout- I feel really relaxed and rejuvenated. However the cadence and tone of her voice counteracted the meditative component of the yoga. I felt like she was trying to get me pumped up rather than relaxed. But - I do feel well-stretched and less fatigued!

Vlm5280, posted on February 23, 2013

This was a great video! I think it would help to watch ahead of time if you're a beginner. I love how Jo supports releasing and letting go of tension, so helpful.

Estelle, posted on February 13, 2013

I really liked this, but it would have been good to review before doing it, as they were somethings I was unfamiliar with. Overall, feel more rejuvenated after doing it.

Ikreitz, posted on January 1, 2013

I selected this video as I had a bad headache for three days due to very tight neck, shoulder and back muscles. After practice it reduced it to a dull roar. I'll be doing this one again.

near-vana, posted on December 9, 2012

An excellent work-out, with great TIME for breath and noticing what is holding or stiff ...thank you!

Pamelam, posted on December 8, 2012

This was my first Forrest Yoga practice. How wonderfully relaxing! I'll be looking for more Forrest Yoga!

adgoodma, posted on November 18, 2012

Jo really teaches a solid class here. Forrest is really my favorite way to practice yoga. You get an amazing work out while really keeping in touch with how your body feels. I keep all my tension in my neck and this the ONLY way for me to work it out. Forrest is great because it doesn't have any of the 'show off' elements that drives me crazy with other types of yoga.
Highly recommended for people who are looking for a great workout as well as people recovering from injuries.

casiasfaith, posted on October 16, 2016

When my shoulders are overly tight this practice always does the trick to loosen me up. I come back to it often.

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