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The Four Horsemen

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The Four Horsemen (2011)

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As the global economy continues to veer from crisis to catastrophe, many more people are looking for wise counsel on how to reshape the Western Economy. Over the last three years, two dozen global thinkers, many of whom have been marginalized, have come together to break their silence and explain how the world really works.

Their views transcend mainstream media and short-term political explanations to describe in simple terms what needs to be addressed in our universities, governments and corporate structures. We will not be returning to “business as usual.” Four Horsemen doesn’t get involved in banker bashing, criticizing politicians or conspiracy theories. The film looks at the systems that we have chosen to live under and suggests ways we could change them.

Noam Chomsky, Max Keiser, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Prof. Joseph Stiglitz
Ross Ashcroft

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joxyjules, posted on September 23, 2016

thoroughly enjoyed watching this.

noonan.kathleen, posted on February 20, 2016

Excellent analysis and overview of the evolution of our current economic system. Is this video available for purchase ? If so, where / how?

canonbhai, posted on February 15, 2016

This film provides a real wake up call. An accompanying Study Guide would enhance its use significantly for group discussions. Thank you!

badu2us, posted on February 14, 2016

I thought I knew a lot about what is going on. BUT! I knew nothing! Thank You Gaia!!! I see a "NEW WORLD COMING"...

adamal, posted on February 8, 2016

I am going to share it with everyone.

squib_by1, posted on February 4, 2016

I love documentaries like this yet find myself in weeks of anxiety, despair and depression after watching them. The truth hurts when we are helpless to do anything about it

ralf.riedel, posted on February 3, 2016

I encourage every viewer to check out an alternative to our deep-rooted perception of what an economy should look like. Check this out:

Enjoy and spread the movement.

lynn19, posted on January 30, 2016

This movie made 5 years ago very much needs WIDE distribution so its message can become part of a larger collective consciousness. I do so hope gaia becomes that vehicle.

freestyle_zillwood91, posted on January 29, 2016

At 01:05:27 it loops audio and freezes the video. Still happens after page is refreshed.

jbrand1997, posted on January 29, 2016

This movie educates, enlightens, and confirms suspicions. Wow!

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