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Healthy Talk Radio: Fresh Herbs

Episode 40

News of the day includes a 28 year study of balance in our relaxation and work time and heart disease, a diabetes study, preventive stomach removal, and intravenous vitamins. Deborah Ray and Dr. Leo Gallon discuss health benefits of fresh herbs. For instance, cilantro kills bacteria and rids the body of toxic metals.

Deborah Ray
Dr. Leo Gallon


Episode 1 Osteoarthritis with Dr. Bob Arnot
Osteoarthritis with Dr. Bob Arnot (11/14/2005)
Episode 1
Deborah Ray welcomes Dr. Bob Arnot to explain his research into osteoarthritis and Dr. Mitchell Ghen. Dr. Ghen talks on various health subjects.
Episode 2 Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging (11/15/2005)
Episode 2
Dr. Mitchell Ghen joins Deborah Ray to talk about healthy aging.
Episode 3 Hormone Health
Hormone Health (11/16/2005)
Episode 3
Dr. Mitchell Ghen joins Deborah Ray to talk about hormone health.
Episode 4 Benefits of Exercise
Benefits of Exercise (11/17/2005)
Episode 4
Dr. Mitchell Ghen talks with Deborah Ray about the medically proven benefits of exercise.

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chrisitna shekoski, posted on August 3, 2013

Disappointed. Her guest did not come on until 30 minutes into a 50 minute interview. The guest spoke for only 15 minutes, giving very little info. To many commericals in the talk, could you of not taken them out? Talked more of chemicals in herbs than about the health benefits, recipes and ways people to put herbs in their life.

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