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The Future of Humanity Part 1
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Mind Shift: The Future of Humanity Part 1 (October 2013)

Season 1, Episode 3
Available worldwide

The world is experiencing advances in technology and growth in population at an unprecedented scale. If we are to ensure the future of humanity, we must adapt to these changes and radically change how our economy affects the environment. To better grasp what lies ahead, Daniel Pinchbeck talks with three entrepreneurs who are already reshaping economic philosophy: Howard Bloom, Miki Agrawal and Amber Lasciak, in this interview originally webcast October 8, 2013.

Howard Bloom offers a unique perspective on evaluating the environmental and economic challenges that humanity faces. We may need to learn to embrace the very things we were taught to despise. Next, he joins Miki Agrawal and Amber Lasciak to discuss the successful ways they have implemented a new economic philosophy. What ensues is a lively discourse on the importance of living-out your passions in a way that inspires others to do the same while creating a positive impact upon the world.

Click here for Part 2, where Howard Bloom and Richard Smoley discuss the evolutionary nature of human consciousness.

Daniel Pinchbeck
Howard Bloom, Miki Agrawal, Amber Lasciak.


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Redefining, posted on March 21, 2016

Loved the interview with Howard Bloom. The multiple gadgets in his pockets explains his chronic fatigue. I hope by now he knows about the effects of high levels of radiation from our gadgets on the biological system.

denmichfort, posted on June 7, 2014

I loved this program, as it made me think. I don't necessarily agree with the capitalism coming from nature comment made by Howard Bloom...as truly it leaves far too many people out of the equation at the end of the day. There is so much poverty which stems from Capitalism and it's destructive greed filled ways, one big pyramid scheme where we are being told so many lies to justify the almighty profit. I am disappointed in that aspect of the show, however I do feel it is important to hear every view on the matter, so this was definitely explored here!

yecidortega, posted on December 31, 2013

I really like this program today. At the end of the day, everything is about passion...for your goals, your life, this world. I am glad that you are welcoming women into these conversations. I am not disappointed of this channel. Keep the good work.

skylajane, posted on November 12, 2013

I found this interview enlivening and stimulating. I welcome these kinds of programs on GaiamTV. I may not agree with everything I hear. That's fine. I'm interested in authentic, thought-provoking, non-mainstream ideas.

radiantearth, posted on October 26, 2013

Some interesting ideas in this and, being open minded, I'm drawn to read some of what Bloom has written. However, by the end I was starting to feel a bit sick watching them congratulate each other. I don't think it is the duty of every person to work really hard to become something more than they are - I think everyone has the right to live a simple life if they choose. In our current paradigm, people living a simple life are having most of their wealth siphoned off by the money-as-debt financial system and the misuse of tax - not to mention the massive corruption and exploitation that western powers inflict on poorer nations.

The interesting thing though is how social entrepreneurship could be part of the evolution of society. Ultimately though, I'm still unsure whether a truly evolved civilization can have anything other than total equality - some form of consensus decision making (or at least a true democracy - not what we currently have) and an equal sharing of resources. People who start businesses kid themselves into thinking that just for having that original idea and maybe a bit of legwork, they deserve to take a slice of all their colleagues earnings forever more - that's what it amounts to. Perhaps they should be rewarded for the work they did to start the business, but taking the profits indefinitely? Not sure how I feel about that. An especially poignant question for me, being a potential social entrepreneur!

A current alternative would be something like a workers co-op, where everyone collectively owns the business and gets paid equally. Harder to swallow for me though is the consensus decision making or the fact that as truly equal members, you could be voted out of your role as creative manager, despite having given birth to the whole thing!

denmichfort, posted on June 7, 2014

Brilliant response! I couldn't have said it better :D

BeamHouse, posted on October 24, 2013

From what I gathered from the interview, Howard Bloom is a very interesting guest for Gaiam TV to host. His perspectives don't come from the same place that seemingly many others' do- as evident in the comments. However, that doesn't necessarily mean he's inferior, negative, or programmed. He is an admittedly logic-based thinker- this was addressed in the very beginning of the interview. With that type of perspective, he is obviously more focused on another angle of addressing many questions presented to him. He shared a PROFOUND wisdom in his example of the oxygen-consuming bacteria. This lesson was an extremely valuable part of the interview for me and will stick with me forever. I hate to think that anyone critical of the lack of heart-based communication on his part might miss this nugget of information. Especially considering his background as a scientist (which aren't know for their emotion-based thinking). What an interesting man! I hope to live a tenth of what he has experienced in my lifetime.

The ladies were wonderful, too, as is any individual wanting to share knowledge, wisdom, and alternative perspectives. Again, I learned from their experiences and gained wisdom from their views and the way they presented/manifested them. Every soul has something to share that is valuable to anyone and everyone. We must simply be willing and ready to look/listen for it.

Love, love, love.

DiamondsR4me, posted on October 20, 2013

I love Miki Agrawal and Amber Lasciak. They have such great positive energy.Thank you for being such a inspiration!
<3 & Blessings xx

DiamondsR4me, posted on October 20, 2013

Howard Bloom should learn about the pineal gland & about water. This guy is just talking a bunch of negative stuff. He seems very black and white....main stream media brain washed answers . Not impressed He should tune into Gaiam TV wisdom teachings... etc.! He seems kind of programed & is not very enlightening :/ He is defiantly a left brain thinker...

tuvi, posted on October 20, 2013

This didn't sit well with me, I checked out at 17 mins because I felt absolutely no heart resonance with this discussion. I love almost everything I have heard on Gaiam but this was off somehow. And I STRONGLY disagree with the comparison made between Howard Bloom and the likes of Einstein and Newton.

azgard123, posted on October 15, 2013

Everything worked perfectly well... Now your site wants me to install silver light... but here is the kicker I have the newest version installed already so please fix your site... I am paying for it after all.

DiamondsR4me, posted on October 20, 2013

you have to open Gaiam tv up on internet explorer with the e. Do not open it on google or it will not work. =]

circle_dancers, posted on October 13, 2013

I was appalled that this got good reviews. It seems to me that Howard Bloom has made all kinds of untrue statements. IQ has gone up - I don't believe it. Life spans have only increased because early death during childhood has decreased. Standing up for current mass agricultural practices - sorry but co2 is the least of our worries. Gmo's and pesticides are huge problems that should not just be brushed aside.

joanna, posted on October 13, 2013

Same league as Einstein/Newton et al? Are you serious? I just got the creeps listening to Howard Bloom. I absolutely concur with circle_dancers remarks.

feisty1, posted on October 9, 2013

Wow-Awesome. Well done. Great show. Intelligent, insightful, inspirational, informing, educating- " mind shift."

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