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Good Company: Future Shock

Episode 68

Today on Good Company, Michael Connor talks to Alvin Toffler, co-author of Future Shock and Revolutionary Wealth, about what it means to be a futurist and what paying attention to emerging patterns and deep fundamentals can show those who are willing to look. Former CEO of a national production agency and author of Buddha 9 to 5, Nancy Spears, talks about her book and how the teachings of Buddha can really transform the American workplace.

Michael Connor
Alvin Toffler, Nancy Spears


Episode 1 Social Capitalist Awards
Social Capitalist Awards (1/5/2006)
Episode 1
Michael Connor welcomes Keith Hammonds, the Executive Editor of Fast Company magazine and Horowitz, the Executive Director of Working Today.
Episode 2 Shareholder Activists
Shareholder Activists (1/12/2006)
Episode 2
Tim Smith and Lesley Lowe talk with Michael Connor about the shareholder activists coming into the boardroom.
Episode 3 Workplace Ideas and Dilemmas
Workplace Ideas and Dilemmas (1/19/2006)
Episode 3
Author of Ideas are Free, Dean Schroeder, and Shel Horowitz, a regular author of the column, What Would You Do, join Michael Connor.
Episode 4 Organic Ethics
Organic Ethics (1/26/2006)
Episode 4
Michael Connor welcomes Mel Newman from Newman’s Own Organics and Thomas Costigan, a columnist for Down Jones Market Watch.

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