The Fractal Meditation System: Gamma Waves Video
Gamma Waves

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The Fractal Meditation System: Gamma Waves (2011)

Episode 4
Available worldwide

Moments of inspiration can occur almost spontaneously, and during times of creativity we are literally experiencing a higher level of consciousness. These moments occur during periods of gamma frequency brainwaves. Using specially encoded audio known as brainwave entrainment, it is possible to directly synchronize our brainwaves into the gamma state.

This wonderful journey of fractal formations and stunningly beautiful visuals will take you on a voyage of consciousness. The inspiring soundtrack has been encoded with gamma frequency brainwave entrainment. Together, the visuals and audio of this video can help bring about deeply moving moments of creative and inspirational meditation, as well as enhanced flashes of cognition.

Marcus Ashley


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Gamma Waves (2011)
Episode 4
, 38 minutes
Moments of inspiration can occur almost spontaneously, and during times of creativity we are literally experiencing a higher level of consciousness.
Available worldwide

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vivalafeldman, posted on October 5, 2016

Highly suggest going through each of these videos back to back. Sometime during the beginning phases of Gamma waves I was pulled right out of my body. As I'm laying down on this little couch I suddenly have the sensation of rushing along head first through what had to be some infinity portal since this room is small. Couch included since I could still feel the fibers touching my body. As this continues on for a while my mind is still thinking and wondering at all that's occurring. "Am I going out of body? is this an abduction?" haha though I knew it wasn't the latter. Suddenly the rushing movement stops and my body as if injected with helium lifts up off the couch without warning and i float on upwards to the ceiling. Now I wonder if I came in touch with my ceiling or the neighbors ceiling above me because I thought I went through a floor of sorts, but my eyes were still closed during this time. As I come up to this ceiling though I hear not myself but my SELF ponder "now the question is can he/I make it through the ceiling. I come in contact with it and can feel it as if it were a physical thing. This doesn't disappoint me though, it simply elates me. I'M TOTALLY TOUCHING THIS CEILING WHILST OUT OF BODY!! I open my eye at this same moment and sure enough thats definitely the ceiling, all up close and personal and barely inches from my nose. I decide I must test this at once so I open my body's eyes and sure enough as they open I see a lasting dual image superimposed of the ceiling and my knee and the view from my physical body of the eisle and window at the foot of the couch. The superimposed image disappears rapidly as my eyes open to their fullest. That was grand. Let's go again!

angelaval33, posted on April 17, 2015

So relaxing! My first time meditating with brain waves. Thank you!

vanecht, posted on December 4, 2014

Sounded fine until persistent broadcast failure took over. A consistent experience for me on PC and iPad.

jeffsounds, posted on October 29, 2014

Seriously diggin' these meditation videos. As a student of Transcendental as well as a few other forms of meditation, I find these greatly enhance my daily practice. You can watch the visuals and float along with the music or you also close your eyes and just let the sound, binaural beats and brainwave entrainment carry you away. Highly effective (for me at least). It would be awesome to see more of this type of stuff on Gaiam TV.

philprovencher, posted on March 1, 2014

Should we use headphones for best result? Usually, brainwave entrainment technology works with binaural beats.

brandi.l.eckert, posted on February 11, 2014

I would like to see more of this kind of visualization and brainwave entrainment audio. GAIAM...MORE PLEASE! lol....Astral Traveler - another FANTASTIC one, but the selection seems fairly limited at present.

dcambrian, posted on June 11, 2016

I know you love Gaia. But there are literally thousands of brainwave entrainment videos on

bradedwards, posted on November 3, 2013

I really enjoy all these, but (and I'm sure it's subtle) but are all these essentially the same?

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