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The German Flying Saucers
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Deep Space: The German Flying Saucers (August 2016)

Season 1, Episode 3
Available worldwide

During the furor of World War Two, German engineers created the world’s first flying saucers using information gleaned from ancient manuscripts, channeled information and possibly with the assistance of extraterrestrial beings. Despite these superior advances in technology, the German government surrendered. Meanwhile, the keepers of this secret technology fled to Antarctica. The series of events which would unfold from this action would pave the way for the establishment of a national security state and give new grounds for the German scientists to continue building out a secret space program. This presentation was originally webcast August 29, 2016.



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msmarytalt, posted on September 28, 2016

He is in this Disney Video from the 50s : Disneyland - 4.12 - Mars and Beyond

einklang777, posted on September 4, 2016

What is not mentioned here is that Victor Schauberger had been invited to Texas together with his son who later continued the research of his father. Unfortunately a lot of materials were lost since the Americans took away his materials, otherwise he could not have left the US, he had no money, no return ticket. After arrival in Austria he died a few days later. Wonder why..... The saucer was only a side effect of his research, it is said that he was surprised that the small vehicle he had built went straight through his roof.
The grandson is now giving lectures on the work of his father and there are some books also in english available, most is in German.
Agartha is mentioned short here in the film, it seems that there were others who had visited Agartha, not only Admiral Byrd. It is great that there is now more information revealed

slawek.lernacinski, posted on September 3, 2016

This is much better than the last two episodes. Can be better understood and memorised. No more disturbing music, what is the key to the movie and understanding the contents.
Thank you, well done :)

manprayer, posted on August 31, 2016

Is starting here on this great venue. Can't wait for This info to be broadcast on CBS NBC etc. Let's have full disclosure and move forward

Colescottpa, posted on August 31, 2016

Nice background info but redundant if your a cereal watcher. I've been away for over a week can't find disclosure update for last two Tuesdays.

simon.villaeys, posted on August 31, 2016

OMG!!! this episode is just fascinating!!! I have always been fascinated with WWII!

carlosborg, posted on August 30, 2016

Thank you Gaia for this series! I am learning so much.
Keep it going! Glad to see David Wilcock on the episodes.

mkeller, posted on August 30, 2016

Deep Space is a "Home Run" for Gaia. Please keep episodes coming! This episode (3) was particularly enjoyable.

pmak4500, posted on August 30, 2016

des.susko, posted on August 30, 2016

I've really been enjoying this show! Thanks team at Gaia! I am so glad I have a subscription to the best network on the planet! I mean that most sincerely!

In Peace and Love,

cnitro1320, posted on August 30, 2016

I Love this show !!!!
I love the way they are not holding back information or sugar coating things .
I believe what they are telling us is the TRUTH .
Great job !

zentzel, posted on August 30, 2016

Make this episode free so that we can share with the world.

darsiramirez, posted on August 30, 2016

tons of awesome illustrations...thanks

ZackLMiles, posted on August 30, 2016

Two thumbs up!

joshverduzco420, posted on August 29, 2016

we gaia members should use the comment section as a public think tank to bounce ideas off one another and help one another

Becca, posted on August 31, 2016

Great Idea! The powers that were are going to have to tap into our ideas once they realize what a mess they are making and what kind of trouble they are causing the rest of the world and the planet itself. It is almost like the powers that were have a mind parasite that is causing them to go insane. Helping each other now is the best idea. Form communities in your area and committees of safety . Grow food for everyone when it fails we will already have our solutions in place. Make ways to clean water and the air. Also ways to generate electricity on a community level. These are things we can do NOW. Having things to barter with as well. Home schools set up so we can continue on.

thatcrazytoaster, posted on August 30, 2016

it's one of the major components of what's in our air now. The Nazi's used Maria Orsic to channel Aldebaran's info on building space crafts, so the ET's were necessary for this to be built, the Germans couldn't have done it on their own Mr. Bara.

redhot, posted on August 29, 2016

LOVE this new program!!!

CGCW4, posted on August 29, 2016

Well done, thank you!

uangeljackie, posted on August 29, 2016

Hi. I've tried watching Cosmic Disclosure and Deep Space in The New Gaia mode and the videos freeze-up or otherwise have very jerky motion. As of right now, I'm not a fan of the New Gaia. This "old" program is working just fine. I hope you can fix the jerkiness of the new Gaia or I won't be renewing my subscription. Otherwise, I love the programming here and applaud Gaia for providing this information.

thatcrazytoaster, posted on August 29, 2016

I agree. Gaia is fine. You tinker, you loose the essence, originality. Learn from those that have done this and ruined it/themselves. Learn from others mistakes. Thank you.

Paige.K@GAIA, posted on August 29, 2016

Hi UAngelJackie,

I'm so sorry you are having trouble streaming from our new site! I have sent you an email with some questions to try and fix the issue :)

Please be on the look out for an email from



TheTacoNomad, posted on September 5, 2016

Will this be available for the purpleplayer download? I get super choppy streaming as well. I even tried the new beta site.

scottc89, posted on August 29, 2016

I do hope that his show and others that will follow,will begin to open up, peoples belief systems, where, what you have been told about out space programs, the second world war, and what really took place with our American Gov't and the scientists and earlier histories will light a spark, where you as an individual will begin your thirst, for this kind of knowledge. Keep in mind there are literately thousands of decent people, doing their best to "wake up" the sleeping population in regards to so many hidden truths, that the rabbit whole goes very deep!!.

I personally have been researching this cover-up and history which the majority are not aware of. I can tell you with all my confidence that this information is not fairy-tale, or imagination by a few individuals. If you knew what I knew, and I in the vast array of data, documentaries and the plethora of information about these kinds of secret knowledge, you would believe as strongly As I do!

The key is all you have to do, is begin the quests. It won't be to much longer before it is so apparent, that all will discover, really how far we have come in the vastness of space explorations. I am telling you now!, it is beyond your imagination, what your education system has told you! Don't rely on that Crap that they fed you, in college and university that this can't be done, and that's not possible! You must teach yourself to go beyond what you know!>>>>

My departing words, it's Time you Wake Up and see it right in front of you! Don't give up, make that pledge to get to the bottom of it! Join the True Disclosure Movement, for what we are entitle to knowing and having within our society! We can now, change this world as we know it, for the generations ahead, we already have all the tools, knowledge and technology to move away from a fossil fuel based economy. The only thing holding us back is us! Demand your Government, take the steps needed, to thrust us in to the Golden Age! We have to work together through our education of this taboo subject.

umaaraheru, posted on August 29, 2016

How long will it take for the next episode ,the Dark Alliance to be posted.

Paige.K@GAIA, posted on August 29, 2016

Hi UmaaraHeru,

Thank you for taking the time to comment. The next episode will be on Gaia next Monday!

If you want more Deep Space be sure to checkout the podcast and article called Deeper Space after each week.


umaaraheru, posted on August 29, 2016

All I can say is wow.This along with Corey Goode and William Tompkins is some great information.Keep up the good work David.

qualteam, posted on August 29, 2016

Time to get at the truth about Antarctica and what the Nazis and Reptilians were planning for the human race.

bvb10, posted on August 29, 2016

Another great episode. Learning lots. Thanks for all the voices and interviews. LOVE THIS SERIES !!!!

kara.wells1, posted on August 29, 2016

the music is gone... but so is Regina?

kara.wells1, posted on August 29, 2016

there she is :)

robinbradley2468, posted on August 29, 2016

I would like to see the "credits" regarding who is directing and producing.

Paige.K@GAIA, posted on August 29, 2016

Hi RobinBradley2468,

Thank you for taking the time to comment today. Jay Weidner and Melissa Titl are the producers and directors of Deep Space. :)


smithhamilton4, posted on August 29, 2016

Great Episode!

Ratzrushing69, posted on August 29, 2016

Loving these shows !

Paige.K@GAIA, posted on August 29, 2016

Hi RatzRushing69,

We are so happy to hear you are enjoying our newest series! Be sure to check out Deeper Space to find out more information about each episode :)


brianowens, posted on September 3, 2016


khalenstensby, posted on September 23, 2016


rdcevananderson, posted on September 24, 2016

Why am I able to download episodes 1,2,5,6 but not episodes 3 and 4?

Mjkpahoa, posted on September 9, 2016


dan.crouthamel, posted on August 31, 2016

Great episode! You certainly won't learn this on CNN (Cabal News Network).

jameslynch795, posted on October 21, 2016

Why am I not able to view this video????
Thank you..

emily_lynnt, posted on August 30, 2016

This series!! I'm hooked.

P.S. I'm liking the new beta version of Gaia. Unlike some of the other comments, everything i've watched so far on here has seemed flawless whereas the old version seemed a bit slower and some vids were choppy. Also love the new video display layout, easy to navigate through and eye pleasing :) Good job Gaia.

tonydibenedetto8, posted on September 9, 2016

I'm with you on that, however, they would have to get Kim Kardashian's BUTT out of the way. So people could see this information!!!

wm, posted on September 10, 2016


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