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Get Ready to Sweat

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Get Ready to Sweat

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Sun salutations are not the only way to build up heat and sweat! Enjoy sending a surge of warmth through your body as you strengthen, tone and MOVE in this class with Kreg Weiss. This intermediate hatha yoga flow is a delightful challenge to your body awareness, balance and proprioception skills.


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OneLove2002, posted on August 7, 2016

This was a fast paced, creative flow , but it never felt rushed. When you are short on time, this is a great way to get your body moving and energized, but also very grounded. Thank you Kreg. Namaste.

kregweiss, posted on August 14, 2016

thank you, onelove2002, for sharing your warm comments. when I wish to get energized, 'slow, but steady' is my preferred approach - helps maintain awareness and control while benefitting from the energy surges. Kreg :)

aromarose, posted on May 8, 2015

Always love the well rounded and grounding practices Greg offers. Beautiful Savasana Namaste.

kregweiss, posted on May 9, 2015

Hi aromarose, Thank you very much for your warm comments. If you enjoyed the engaging energy of this practice, you will likely also enjoy my video 'Cycling Energy Flow'. Please feel welcome to share more of your feedback any time. Namaste, Kreg

aromarose, posted on May 11, 2015

Absolutely I will try it out. I really do love the centreing and guided savasana's in your sessions and of course all of the rest in the middle, ha.

Yantribherga, posted on December 2, 2014

A bit too fast for me in the morning, but in general, as always, a good detail oriented practice.

KeithA@GTV, posted on December 2, 2014

@yantribherga - Yes, sometimes it's nice to ease into the morning practices. Perhaps save this one for the afternoon or evening! Our hatha classes generally move a little slower than our vinyasa ones. Check them out here!

knittingmomof3, posted on September 23, 2014

Thank you Kreg for yet another fantastic, invorgating and yet calming practice.

kregweiss, posted on October 2, 2014

hi knittingmomof3 ... happy to see you enjoyed this more energizing style of Hatha flow - gets the blood and heat circulating! Kreg

kregweiss, posted on July 23, 2014

thanks @EeeGee @leahowe @Megamind for enjoying this 'sweaty' version of hatha flow

Megamind, posted on July 20, 2014

Fantastic practice, beautiful flow. Loved shavasana xxxx

leahowe, posted on July 18, 2014

Beautiful! Wonderful sequence, totally like a dance. thank you!

EeeGee, posted on July 18, 2014

Invigorating and sweaty flow, yet so grounding and fluid - it felt like a dance. Loved this short burst of yoga! Adding it to my favorites. Thank you, Kreg!

jayadhara, posted on May 29, 2014

@kregweiss I'm sure I did :-) thanks!

kregweiss, posted on May 28, 2014

awesome @jayadhara ... big question: did you sweat? ;)

jayadhara, posted on May 26, 2014

Thanks Kreg, loved it!!

mightytaiyo, posted on August 26, 2013

Kreg - thank you for's perfection. especially so for after long day at the desk invigorates the heart \body but still flows beautifully and instills calm to my brain ;)

serina, posted on August 25, 2013

Kreg- Such a full, rich,and beautiful practice,and so uplifting!

kregweiss, posted on August 24, 2013

@aromarose @norton great to hear you enjoyed this practice ... this practice had another 'title' prepared but I was so sweaty by the end, we decided to name as such :)

aromarose, posted on August 24, 2013

Hey thanks this was an awesome practice to wake up and do. Loved the savasana too!

norton_2, posted on August 24, 2013

Great inventive vinyasas. I will try to use some of them in my classes! Namaste

kregweiss, posted on August 7, 2013

@sloffreda warm thanks for your feedback - happy to hear you enjoyed this short, yet energizing hatha practice ... regarding teaching, I am currently doing workshops and trainings (no weekly classes) - I will be presenting in Newport, VT and Ottawa ON this Fall (and planning to have new workshops in Montreal in the future). Namaste, Kreg

sloffreda, posted on August 7, 2013

Beautiful practice, short and sweet but still awakens and works the body. Thank you Kreg! Do you teach at any studios in Montreal?

mariewickstrom, posted on May 8, 2013

Loved this one.

autumn336, posted on April 23, 2013

I loved how the practice began, but moving into stretching and then into savasana at 20 minutes was a little disappointing. I was all warmed up and ready to flow!

palindrome242, posted on April 11, 2013

This class included a good short workout but given that it was only 27 minutes long, I expected the "sweating" part to last longer. The class transitions to slow stretches about halfway through.

WildWind, posted on March 2, 2013

Beautiful practice to enliven and and connect. Thank you!

law1000, posted on January 27, 2013

Challenging. Good upper body workout.

Mazhawes, posted on January 8, 2013

Fabulous! Really lovely, sweaty flow, this is going to become one of my regulars. Thanks Kreg :)

wthatcher604, posted on November 12, 2012

Energetic, vigourous flow. Really enjoyed quickly creating fire in the body and then having the chance to relax in savasna. I'll be coming back to this one. Great complement to the rest of my daily workout routine.

RevStan, posted on October 14, 2012

Fabulous quick energetic blast if you are short of time but want to raise the heart rate and do some stretching.

kregweiss, posted on August 14, 2012

Hi denulenka, Glad you enjoyed this practice. It was fun creating this hatha sequence that can make you as sweaty as with any vinyasa class. Namaste, Kreg

denulenka, posted on August 13, 2012

I am your big fan Kreg, your lesson is always perfect, full of new ideas and very inspiring, thank you

Kaneki, posted on August 8, 2012

Perfect quick flow. Thank you.

dancelittledancer, posted on June 13, 2012

I really enjoyed this class and the fact that there was a warm down element for the muscles worked. Just enough challenge for me so that i'm still able to enjoy the practice!! Very clear and precise. Thank You :)

JReddy, posted on May 26, 2012

Awwww yeahhhhh

taizack, posted on May 14, 2012

i woke up late this morning and it was a fantastic quick way to get yoga in may day still thank you :)

MallinaCashew, posted on March 26, 2012

Thank You! Always a pleasure doing your videos. Namaste

Stecky, posted on March 26, 2012

So perfect.

apettway, posted on February 7, 2012

This was a great. Loved the sumo portion...It's always great to see what the body can do. Thanks

kregweiss, posted on December 5, 2011

Great work, Megan/mrenkow! Yes, when doing the 'dips' in side plank, insure your shoulder to wrist line is proper and as you dip, keep lifting out the shoulder girdle to avoid strain on the rotator cuff muscles. Cheer, Kreg MYO

mrenkow, posted on December 3, 2011

Two months after my initial post (and six days/week of MYO classes), I am able to do the full dip in side plank! I still enjoy this class as much as the first time I did it! Thank you!

kregweiss, posted on October 11, 2011

hi cheryl/cmartinez1584, thank you very much for trying this flow ... the 'sumo' sequence is quite a fun way to build up heat and challenge your balance and coordination skills [little out of the 'yoga' box] ... namaste, Kreg MYO [great profile pic btw]

cmartinez1584, posted on October 10, 2011

Loved this flow! Thanks Kreg

kregweiss, posted on October 3, 2011

Hi Megan/mreknow ... yes, the dipping motion in side plank requires a great deal of foundational strength in the shoulder girdle and arm ... little tip: place the foot of the TOP LEG on the floor behind the bottom leg (about at knee level) - you can press fully into this 'top foot' to lessen the weight of the body on the shoulder/hand OR lif the heel slightly so you are taking just a little bit of weight off of the upper body ... over time, you may be able to reduce the 'use' of this ground foot and eventually stack the feet and proceed with the full version including dips (with integrity). Most important, in all variations, is to "lift" out of the shoulder even on the down phase of the dips so you are not straining the rotator cuff tissues. Namaste, Kreg MYO

mrenkow, posted on October 3, 2011

Very challenging class. I was unable to dip in side plank because I am not strong enough yet, but look forward to doing this practice over and over until I can master it. This is one of Kreg's best classes for sure!

kregweiss, posted on September 21, 2011

Hi Amanda/thedancelady, very happy to hear how you enjoyed this practice. Yes, the 'sumo' movements can be tricky and challenging. As an alternative, you can replace this nicely with Chair Pose/Utkatasana to build up similar heat. Namaste, Kreg MYO

thedancelady, posted on September 21, 2011

Terrific class as always, but I think this one ranks among one of the best, although I couldn't do the Sumo poses due to tightness in groin area (Arthritis) but we will overcome! Thank you anyway

mpsf, posted on September 9, 2011

Thank you very much and that is an excellent article, Kreg. Namaste.

kregweiss, posted on September 8, 2011

hi mpsf, thank you for your feedback ... for integrating strength and muscle conditioning, one would ideally explore vinyasa or ashtanga-style flow ... however, if you are new to yoga and fitness, you should start with basic hatha flows as these will offer enough physical challenge the beginning and help you build a progressive foundation ... i recommend that read my recent article on incorporating yoga and weight training to help you understand the principles of muscle loading for developing strength: Namaste, Kreg

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