Open Minds: Ghostly Voices with Michael Esposito Video
Ghostly Voices with Michael Esposito
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Open Minds: Ghostly Voices with Michael Esposito (October 2015)

Season 5, Episode 50
Available worldwide

Michael Esposito, an expert in audio recording, shares some of his most profound discoveries while recording ghostly voices. A faint whisper in your ear, or a faint voice calling in the distance, we have all heard unexplainable sounds that pierce the silent veil of night. Could it be that certain locations are prone to recording audible emotional emanations and reproduce them only when the conditions are right? Or can we really detect the lingering presence of spirits yearning to be heard? This interview with Regina Meredith was originally webcast October 29, 2015.

Michael Esposito is an industrial musician, experimental artist and researcher in Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). Over the years, under the Phantom Airwaves institution, Michael has participated in hundreds of paranormal investigations all over the world. He has conducted extensive research at many active locations and has developed a great deal of unique theory and devised many unique experiments within the field of EVP. Focusing primarily on EVP research, he has collected tens of thousands EVPs and video.

Regina Meredith
Michael Esposito


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tnkdec06, posted on April 8, 2016

Thank you for talking about the voice burrowing! My family and I always joke about how we haunt the house my parents still live in and that we grew up in! My parents hear us all the time talking and moving around in our old rooms! Wild!

katwomantxstyle73, posted on March 26, 2016

interesting interview and loved getting to hear about the places he went to test out his work and research and techniques, but i have got to admit..... and i don't know why either....but for some reason, listening to EVPs kinda freak me out, I would must rather hear THEM with my own ear, which I have, compared to listening to a statically recording.... but then again, I'm not really one that is RELAXED by listening to White Noise either.... hmmmm interesting! so for me this interview was fascinating but there was that little voice saying...okay get ready, they are playing the recording...YET, did I not listen....NOOOOO lol. it definitely kept my attention! thanks for the share!

firis13, posted on November 2, 2015

Quite weird... Yesterday I watched the Wisdom Teaching episode 64 (regarding positive and negative greetings) ... dreamed with David Wilcock having a recording device with some beings getting in contact with him through it, and he was writing down whatever they were saying.. at that time the entity was saying his name : .. My name is .. (I forgot the name).. Something that I never dreamed with.. don't remember having dreams with Wilcock and certainly no dreams with these voices...Had cold waves coming through " Oh! That is too scary!" And left from there continuing dreaming further..
Woke up, went to have my cup of tea, opened Gaiam to watch the next episode of Wisdom Teachings , and the first thing that pops up is " Ghostly voices!" .. already knew what it was about... Something that I am not particularly interested in, and would never watch... but Hey! Such a synchronicity! - I had to watch... Again this cold waves coming through as listening to the recordings...

Not sure If I'll ever need to use or apply this information in my life, however it was interesting to know about.. Thank you.

One question.. How does Michael deal with these kind of things in such a calm and happy manner? All the show he was with a smile on his face and very positive about all that... I understand that this is a ordinary phenomenon, nothing one should be afraid about... but I cannot help having these shivers when listening to it! Reminds of the scary movie " White noise".

lightweaver515, posted on November 1, 2015

Yes, as you had noted what "Abrahams" take on our desire/ intention helping to bring these things out, refresh them in our realm so to speak... This is a good part of why some Northeastern indigenous peoples will practice a period (often a year) of not outwardly speaking of a deceased person or setting up many things of theirs as people do as rembrance (alter) areas and sharing stories at this time. This is to directly avoid our desires interfering with the past persons smooth journey in spirit. As if to not fragment the energy as it flows in its direction, pulling it "back". After that amt of time, there's usually a gathering where all share share share about them together. Thank you for your programs I enjoy your style of interviews very much. SjU

threebirdsdream, posted on October 30, 2015

At first I though (this may be a Halloween fluff piece (sorry Regina--should've known better) but the longer I watched the more fascinating layers built upon one another. During the comments about barometric pressure and its affect on EVPs I immediately remembered my grandparent's home in Teague, Texas. I spent my summers and winter school breaks in that house and could discern the difference of tone and resonance from heat and cold. In the summertime I could hear people talking all night long. Crying, short little bursts of a man's voice, a bossy female voice kind of high pitched and nasal. Now, this house used to be the Davidson Sanitarium at the turn of the century. My great grandfather was one of the few doctors in that area for a very long period of time. Many people were birthed and passed on in that hospital. My grandmother never really told us too much about the layout of the place other than the seond floor was removed sometime in the 1960's. She didn't tell me that the bathroom where I took my shower was the morgue closet. Fun times!

Also regarding the Sallie house recordings-the hysterical female voice saying "Why in here?" could very well be Sallie's mother questioning why the doctor took Sallie into the bedroom to operate. Why didn't he use his medical facility? I think he saw a chance to be rid of the evidence of his little tryst.
As to Esposito's comment that there is an elemental in that seems plausible but I get a very strong feeling it is a looped negative pattern of energy that has been fed way too much. The elemental should've clean house by now! I see a squatty brown thing...somewhat toadlike. Wet, muddy, gaseous. VERY yucky and putrid. The witch that lived there more recently was really feeding that entity. Such a shame. I send white light and healing to that place. Sorry if it hurts your tourism dollars, Atchison.

rmeredith, posted on October 30, 2015

Sounds like you lived it first hand! Thank you for sharing for sharing your story.

wilhelm, posted on October 29, 2015

I hold deeply in question the notion that the dead, other entities, spirits, or a tree for all it matters, only exist because we want them to exist in our consciousness for whatever reasons suit us. This theory may very well proof to be yet another masked expression of extreme egotism and spiritual arrogance thereby putting the human species on this pin prick of a planet yet again in the center of the infinite universe. Now, we only need to watch the daily news to see the mounting lethal outcome for other human and non-human life forms alike who have been at the receiving end of the active expression of this theory. Moreover, in my humbling and sacred work as a hospice nurse I am over and over reminded that the best way to be of service to the other human being is to give the notion that it is about me, a very wide berth indeed!

Satsy, posted on October 29, 2015

Somebody is going to love this one.

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