Shamwari: A Giraffe Moves On Video
A Giraffe Moves On
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Shamwari: A Giraffe Moves On (2008)

Episode 11
Only available in United States

Capturing a large bull elephant almost ends in disaster when it falls in an awkward position and stops breathing. The team needs to reach it, but it is difficult to find in thick vegetation. We welcome some very rare and special new arrivals. White lion cubs have just been born at Shamwari’s sister reserve Sanbona.

Our work experience student makes a huge mistake and ends up trapped in the middle of a herd of gemsbok. They use their horns like lances and if Siohban isn’t quick enough she could end up stabbed.

It’s a real struggle to hold back the tears as we say goodbye to Melvin the orphaned giraffe. After 6 months at the Animal Hospital he is going back to the game reserve he came from. And the race is on to bring in a leopard that has escaped onto neighboring farmland. We need to capture it before it is shot by farmers.

Lyndal Davies
Lyndal Davies


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