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A Glimpse of the Other Side

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A Glimpse of the Other Side (2009)

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Since the 1970s, near death experiences have become the subject of public curiosity. And since that time, more and more people have put aside their fear of speaking out about their experiences. In this documentary, three women talk about what happened to them on the threshold of death. All three recall their experiences having progressed in a similar manner: they all report seeing themselves lying dead and observing what was happening in the room from outside their bodies. They describe approaching a light in a tunnel and having been welcomed by their dead relatives.

This phenomenon is now also being examined from a scientific perspective. What happens after death? And what part of a person continues after death? Above all, these questions relate to faith and religion. But there might also be points of contact with quantum physics.

German, with English voice-over

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2quick8, posted on January 30, 2016

I couild not wait to see this video to see how it lined up with the Messages from God about Death through Neale Donald Walsch. In his book Home With God In A Life That Never Ends, the whole death process is explained with the 3 stages of death, the Holy Inquiry and all the options during that time. No two experiences are going to be the same exactly, because we get exactly what we think we will and what is primarily on our minds the moments before, during and right after death. And just as was mentioned in this video, the first stage is the recognition that we have separated from the body and can watch or see it lying lifeless and all that is going on around it. Many do not realize or know that they have died because they are still aware and seeing things. In this book I mention we are told that the 3'rd stage of death is when everything stops and we are asked "what next?". This is when we can go back to the most recent life we just left, or move on to something else. Most do not return, but those who do, as we are finding out, we call them NDE or near death experiences. They all did die, but chose to come back. It seems we can have what seems like a weeks worth of experience in the afterlife but only a minute or so of time has gone by on Earth in the physical world we just left. So it seems these people were only gone or dead for a few seconds or minutes, but they got to experience a lot on the other side or dimension. As you also see, there is no such thing as the church would teach you, of a judgement and decision about where to send you. We are creating these lives and experiences here now in the physical, but things take a while to show up. but in the afterlife during the 2'nd stage of death, whatever we think about comes to life right then and there instantly. So we need to get control of our minds and thinking real quick. Some people don't experience any tunnel or bright light, because they don't expect to. But most have heard of such a thing and so they expect and then do experience this. The book also has some startling info about death and one of those items is the fact that we not only see deceased relatives and friends on the other side, but we can see those we thought we left behind. Because in all reality we are all already dead. Everything that could ever happen, has already happened. But we keep coming back here to try out a different track. Since here we only can experience one track at a time, we need to keep coming back to experience all the other possibilities and options from the other tracks of life. So therefore, we can actually be there in the afterlife to greet a loved one who just passed on. This also explains why many or most do not come back to this life after death when they face the Holy Inquiry.

Shyann1, posted on December 1, 2015

Unfortunately, only the people who HAVE experienced OBE's and NDE's are very aware that we are spirits...in these human bodies.
Science needs absolute proof and it must be repeatable to be accepted as fact. Anything that is seen...science accepts,..but the
unseen....well, that is a whole different story. Scientists never knew about bacteria...until they saw it with a microscope, then
comes the ahh haa moment. They need to explain it...and if they can't,...they dismiss it. THAT is a joke...trying to make the

Dragonwings, posted on November 21, 2015

Unfortunately it won't let me play the video....any Idea why? (also the button for "watch video" is in a different color then usually - does this mean anything?) Thanks for help :) xx

artistsuzette, posted on November 19, 2015

This was very interesting ~ especially the part about having more than one 'soul' ~ ~ ~ I never knew that ~ ~ ~ Thank you for a good program

cedguru, posted on November 17, 2015

Of all the presentations I've watched and literature I've read on the outre, this is the one I most want to believe. This presentation said only about 10% of people reported an OBE. So my question right now is why only these 10%? I would love a breakdown of the people who have had OBE. Are there commonalities?

jbrand1997, posted on November 17, 2015

I'd like to see the published data on this work. Any chance that you can do a follow-up?

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