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Global Galactic League of Nations
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Cosmic Disclosure: Global Galactic League of Nations (August 2015)

Season 1, Episode 8
Available worldwide

Corey Goode reveals the extent of the global conspiracy to conceal the secret space programs through a multinational group known as the Global Galactic League of Nations. The guise of peace on Earth is maintained through organizations such as NATO and the United Nations. Corey explains that a similar organization was needed to placate the otherwise Earth-bound nations and maintain secrecy for the burgeoning space programs. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast August 18, 2015.

Subtitles available in English, Deutsche, Português, 中文, Русский, and Español.

David Wilcock


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keren.vinjevold, posted on August 24, 2016

I would love to find out more about how the portal was originally found. By whom?
Thanks for a awesome show

simon.villaeys, posted on August 7, 2016

Hello, I was wondering whether other translations were coming? I think a great deal of French speaking countries would love to watch this, as I do! I am trying to get them interested to these great videos but most of the time, they get lost in translation. Maybe I could help to translate them?

kchaon, posted on June 19, 2016

The psychopaths that run the Earth are experts at enslaving the masses and the masses are thoroughly psychologically conditioned to function in these roles. In order to level the playing field, support will be required in psychological deprogramming and accurate spiritual information. What are the plans for support in regaining our spiritual and psychological freedom, as well as financial equality?

paigerogers45, posted on March 8, 2016

I LOVE these videos, I am 18 and I have been so lost !!! So confused so mislead by media, school and who knows what else, Cosmic Disclosure is making EVERYTHING in my life make total sense, I want more than anything to learn as much as I can about all this, the TRUTH and learn the true potential of LOVE and LIFE. I just recently created a tinychat room, specifically for talking about these topics called Spiritual Evolution, I would LOVE to hear all the different views on life and learn from others, as a child I was ALWAYS in nature, I LOVED nature, so so much, I got mislead in middle school off track and everything started to go wrong, in 2012 I got extremely ill and saw no light I was in complete darkness until just a few months ago, I finally remembered and saw the light I had forgotten, and I want to go back to living the life of love, light, and mystic, Please join my tinychat if you have time, I have been posting links all over gaia, youtube channels, like gaia planetary station and others hoping souls who understand and are conscious will see, I haven't seen anyone on sense I started it, Please I would LOVE to conversate and learn from others, I know so many of you are ahead of where I am now and I would love to talk and learn from other like minded souls, Please join, I am a artist so often times I will draw for very long and leave the site up while I am drawing hoping someone will join so far no one has, I hope someone sees this and joins at the right time.Also I am not PaigeRogers that is my mom. Much LOVE to ALL!!

simon.villaeys, posted on August 7, 2016

Hi there! I tried but you werent there! I'm an artist too! anyway, see you another time!

paigerogers45, posted on August 15, 2016

I gave up for a while as no one was joining but i have got plenty of comments saying people have joined but haven't seen me, I am trying to plan a better way more people can join at the same time without me staying on for hours waiting, if you have any ideas let me know ! :)

skullandbonesband, posted on December 11, 2015

I wonder if Corey saw any Brazilian flag there too . It's a blue circle over a yellow diamond over a green rectangle. I'm very much his age, and on my 17 I was at university studying physics, and was very aligned with german culture (my ascendence). Off course other countries probably have other ways to recruit, but what is astonishing is that Corey face was very familiar to me first time I saw. I got some problems of hearing toughts of a lot of people that age (and never used drugs), which is the age that he was regressed, so what I mean Corey narrative seems very plausible to me. All that stuff that re reffers about german tech (in second season) was a thing that I already had for certain.

jim41, posted on October 6, 2015


tcreo, posted on September 30, 2015

I love this interviews, I cannot have enough!

Marymarsh000, posted on September 27, 2015

just wanted to say I think David asks great questions. Its not easy to do a good interview and David does it every time!

dretta-love-wisher, posted on September 25, 2015

The Pleiades is a manmade name, coming from the Greeks. How strange that the people who actually inhabit this body of stars refer to themselves as The Pleiades. Uncanny. Unless they gave their name to the Greeks.

Enjoy the show, wish it were an hour long.

aknowz, posted on October 10, 2015

Wasn't it also the Greeks that placed coins over the eyes of the dead? Not unlike the alleged video of the stasis beings in Sleeping Giants... if nothing else an interesting correlation.

georgic, posted on September 16, 2015 This is Michael Schratt speaking about the achieved ET contacts and sighting. Yet the piece of information that I have found fascinating is that everything related to ETs or aliens or UFOs is "blue" such as "Blue Book", Project Blue Beam, Tacit Blue and now The Blue Avians? Has anything connected this? Can we have a discussion about this?

eucopian, posted on September 3, 2015

Just a guess, but I have the feeling that examining how this "mix of 22 genetic programs" unfold is not ONLY what this earth "Experiment" has been about. Maybe not even the MAIN purpose.

Considering how "alien" some of us are to many of our own family members, I would suggest the possibility that souls have been "isolated" here mostly "away" from their "home soul groups" in order to discover how to successfully interact with 3D "family members" of other soul groups. I could see how discovering "the way we develop" around other "soul types" would be almost of MORE interest than even what is genetically happening here. If Corey chooses to speak to this, would welcome any input. Great job guys, and looking forward to a wonderful YEAR (at least) of these great updates!!

angels2you2, posted on August 28, 2015

absolutely stellar information... thank you so very much!

alanm18, posted on August 28, 2015

Go to Amazon and look for The Cosmic Pulse of Life written back in 1976 by Trevor James Constable. In this remarkable book Constable tells how he regularly photographed unidentified flying objects using an infrared film in his camera. Among those beings are giant amoeba-like creatures in our atmosphere just like the ones Corey describes. Good pictures are shown in the back pages. This book in jam-packed with good material we should all be aware of.

2quick8, posted on August 26, 2015

Sadly, as much as I love these two gentlemen and admire their work, research and sharing of it, it is sickening really that they continue to do what many millions of others are doing online and in person. Discussing, arguing and working hard to figure things out and get answers to any questions they have not yet found. These guys surely should know that inspiration never stopped despite what preachers and priests tell their followers. We continue to be inspired with new art, music, inventions, movies, medical breakthroughs and so forth, and yes we have new writings and books for our day and time here now. We have been given answers to most all questions and we have avenues available to get any question answered. Whenever Jesus was puzzled or not sure how to proceed with certain circumstances, he would go off to himself and meditate or just talk to higher realms, beings or just Source/Creator and get his answers and guidance. He never went silent. Why would he? He continues to speak to us through several or more human beings, channellers. He is responsible for the book A Course In Miracles and also the incredible The Way of Mastery sold at All of the guesswork, opinions, ideas and thoughts flowing from these two here in these videos can be answered by visiting or communicating with the two most pure channels for Jeshua (Jesus), Judith Coates who lives north of Seattle and Pamela Kribbe from the Netherlands. One of the most shocking revelations from Jeshua, is that the most famous wedding where he turned water into wine, was his own wedding to his beloved Miriam, known as Mary Magdalene. They had six children and took in some orphans, lived some 600 years in that famous lifetime, traveling and living all over Europe and the Middle East. Why is it that these two very knowledgable people are seemingly on the same level as all others who simply guess about things or just express their opinions? Corey is in touch with higher level beings, yet here he just offers ideas and opinions about several subjects. I'm just totally frustrated here that we can tap into all truth and facts but refuse to for some strange reason. I have hundreds of transcripts from the Judith Coates sessions and there is no doubt whatsoever who it is that is coming through her. She was actually one of his teachers when he was a youth and living with the Essenes. Her name was Judith in those days as well. She has come into this lifetime to work with him and bring forth his messages of Love.

eucopian, posted on August 24, 2015

I have finally figured out why so many "bugs" are scurrying around in the corner saying EVERYTHING negative they can think of against the amazing Sphere Alliance. Because they have NEVER been so scared to the core like this before. 6th Density beings -- we're talking a true CUT ABOVE the energy of ANYONE the Cabal CAN deal with. You cannot REACH 6th Density (Please David, correct me if I'm wrong) as a primarily Service to Self entity. Their beings can't TOUCH what 6th Density ones can do because UNLESS you're working with Pure Light, as 6th Density beings are ALWAYS doing, you can't GET that kind of power. So all these guys who KNOW they have NOT been loving, forgiving, etc. KNOW any of their plans are toast. These are really ANGELS folks, though they are too humble to admit it I dare say. And sorry, folks, but when the true Seraphim show up, any tricks and shenanigans going on WILL not succeed. Love to all, and much thanks to David and Corey, great, incredible work you are doing

heartinmotion888, posted on August 26, 2015

I am sure many of us know about what has been going the matrix of humanity and space brother hood...but this presentation is not the total picture as it appears David Wilcock knows a lot more of the whole picture and is slowly unfolding in a logical order so many who have no idea ..will be able to follow and understand it...It is a step by step...preentation that is well thought of and planned for many to YOU appear to know a lot I too am having more validation to what I intuitively give it time to catch up for the benefit of many who do not have any insight to this subject of creation or sacred geometry...Your view ...may be more than what the average person can even begin to digest also...NOT ALL HUMANS are like STARSEEDS ....that came here to share the knowledge ... I am glad to hear that these orbs of light...the blue avians as they call them...are not part of the galactic federation....I do have many friends who are totally into the galactic federation...and it makes me feel validated why I kept it in its own place and perspective...listening to what they have to say...but do not get caught up into the galactic space brother;s agenda.... Angels also have fallen from the TRUTH of DIVINE CREATOR so why not space brothers...some are good and some are not so is good to know your own position as we all choose the game of life we live ...

THIS series will unfold to many levels of people's understanding...I think it is worth listening and waiting to see how it all as not to be overwhelmed.

bretthaugen, posted on September 12, 2015

Thanks for comment Heart In Motion. I'm definitely one of those guys. I'd like to see the bigger picture, but started to feel like DW is losing credibility with me because I'm not sure about this Corey dude. It seems like he's grasping at straws many time to explain simple questions that DW asks. Who care about the colors of the clothes...what the heck are they planning up there in the SSP? The descriptive narrative of how these places look and the mode of transpiration to get there is not very telling as to why these bases exist and what the plans are to begin with...I'm confused by a lot of this. :(

Greg108, posted on August 24, 2015

Great comment, eucopian, thx!

Bye-bye darkness, hello LIGHT!!! We have been waiting for YOU for thousands of years ! Finally YOU are here! :-)

drow767, posted on August 24, 2015

Yes indeed, put the welcome mat out..the time has come "Hello Light"!

joe_fierro, posted on August 23, 2015

I'm hoping this is all correct, as it inspires so much hope. I noticed that when Corey recalls info, and at times looks to his left and at other times looks to his right. This doesn't necessarily indicate fabricated info (Basic NLP Eye Accessing Cues), but it's a noticeable and curious artifact in the interview process.

franciscogh, posted on August 24, 2015

Maybe if González have brought Corey to a few places by now, and they both want the same thing.. he could let him record a few minutes worth of images in a few of this places.. so that we all get things started around here. I´m positive that people after the full disclosure will choose the pacific blue avian way of continue our evolution as an specie.
thanks corey and david.
hi from Chile

hotpot, posted on August 24, 2015

I think it is better to temper hope as dashed hopes can ruin a person.
I've been expecting disclosure for 50 years now. I thought we finally had it with each of the comedic characters known as Drake, Tolec and Tanaath.

Initially very convincing. Vetted By David himself. Gave a time to green light (mass arrests followed by disclosure) of two two weeks.
Claimed to be putting finishing touches to his free energy machine every time he was asked about it. And still is.
Known Associates: The brother of his ex-wife once had a friend who knew somebody that told him that his father was a friend of somebody in the
military who knew that we had had contact with an extraterrestrial over a cup of coffee.

Gave a constantly changing date for 4th density transformation before he was told by his 'contacts' that Time is just so 'yesterday' and inconsequential
when you get past third density. So 4th density transformation was thereby postponed it happens.
Also claimed that a crop circle made to advertise a brand new graphic chip architecture by Nvidia was REALLY a message from his contacts. Well,
possible I suppose, UNTIL you realise that Nvidia DID indeed release a new graphics chip with that 'crop circle' configuration.
Known Associates: Commander WhatsisFace of the Andromeda Council and several Red Indians that used to became extraterrestrial after smoking a
dodgy peace pipe and watching an episode of Twilight Zone from 1958. Oh, and several extraterrestrials that love playing the new
Call of Duty games that are released each week.

Known associates: Sunfire PLUS an army of interdimensional warriors complete with Perks, Skills etc. The whole role playing game thing. Dragons...
Check. Fairies...Check. White Rabbits with pocket watches...Check. Okay, I'm joking about the White Rabbit but you get the idea. Tanaath and Sunfire
reminded me of a pair of college students competing to pull in the most gullible 'takers'. Almost like they were playing a drinking game. Loser downs a
shot of cheap whiskey or whatever.

So you get what I am trying to say. In MY view, Corey is no more or less convincing than THEY were and I am now quite satisfied that THEY are full of shit. But at the moment, Corey signifies Hope for me. But I am trying not to forget what it feels like to come down from that.

The 'be a nice person' thing goes without saying. I've always felt empathy FAR more than the average person but one cannot tell people TO feel empathy. You either do or do not. Many religious people (even despicably nasty ones) would do good deeds simply to score points because they BELIEVED that a guy was sat on a cloud scoring them points. I recommend restraint at this time until more evidence or corroboration emerges.

mulerider, posted on September 3, 2015

I listened to David Wilcock for several years back before the Drake interview. The Drake interview I took it hook line and sinker, and was SO excited disclosure was finally going to happen. You can imagine how gullible I felt after it didn't, plus I had explained it to people who had no clue what I was talking about. It seems I remember other dates that didn't pan out also but Drake did it for me. In the mean time I have been watching an excellent spiritual teacher Matt Kahn, who 2yrs ago gave a date for the first wave of ascension for the end of this month (Sept. 2015) I am fairly convinced something is going to happen it's just a matter of what. I guess I'll just hang loose and see what unfolds.

bretthaugen, posted on September 12, 2015

If you look at what's happening, you'll see there is a lot of activity being disclosed. I find it quite amazing how some things are even being shown on mainstream media. Hang in there...disclosure is already happening as we watch this program unfold.

thestarsmith, posted on August 23, 2015

Hi Corey,
So admire your courage and compassion. Just wondering how long the process of adjusting to the 4th density will take?
100 years? 10 years? Etc. I believe you said that the buffering effect will gradually diminish and then we will be there. Is this a
generational process over hundreds of years or might one see it in a lifetime? Am praying for safety for you and your family,
David and "Gonzales " and all involved every day. Thank you for your service.

olysback, posted on August 23, 2015

They should charge one price for all the interviews, because David is asking some extremely unimportant and irrelevant questions...nobody cares about the colors of the jumpsuits or what the hallways looked like...we know you're asking those sort of things to waste time and stretch the interviews out, but when a whole segment is wasted on that stuff it's pretty annoying...we know you both need to make money, that's why I think most people would be willing to pay a hire price that included all the videos, you could break it up so you could pay for half of the series, even quarter of the gut feeling is that you would make more money and make it faster. The way you're going now, it seems, will cause you to loose money and maybe some followers!?
All the other comments about getting the information out are true, I don't think we'd all go crazy, I think quite the opposite would happen, we would all go HAPPY!! :)

bretthaugen, posted on September 12, 2015

I agree with disclosing more info faster...but I'm not sure about the one price idea.

cmcintosha903, posted on August 23, 2015

Actually, I think the jumpsuit questions were helpful. I believe that the jumpsuit had long sleeves, although I don't specifically remember Corey saying so. If the jumpsuit had long sleeves, that info would lead me to question Corey's credibility. If you remember, he said he let it slip to a worker on Mars that he was from Texas and that was a no-no. He also said that he reeked of Earth, that his arms were sunburned and people were staring at his arms. Now if he had a long-sleeved jumpsuit on, the Mars workers wouldn't have been able to see a sunburn. I would like to have this part of his story verified.

diannebrannen, posted on August 23, 2015

I think the specific, visual information is quite interesting, and makes it easier to visualize the situations that Corey is describing. I imagine that there are also some people for whom this knowledge of detail makes it more believable that Corey was actually there. I think David's questions are very useful and add a lot to the interviews.

9one9, posted on August 22, 2015

Reagan is speaking rhetorically that global enemies would soon come together if threatened by an outside source. Unfortunately The fact that we are on the verge of another cold war with the Soviet Union and growing conflict in the Middle East seem to contradict Good's comments that virtually all of Earth's nations are aware of and cooperating on secret joint international space programs designed to defend the Earth and promote Earth's interests in intergalactic business. Based on the daily conflict of nations here it simply isn't happening yet.

bretthaugen, posted on September 12, 2015

I agree. I remember that speech. And it does SEEM like things are getting worse with more worldwide theory is this: Many are on a need-to-know basis. So while the Military Industrial Complex continues to drum up wars by pitting one country against another and then supplying them with the weapons, others are off rebuilding and reshaping the way things are done today. I just wish we'd hear more about the good things that are being done on a global scale instead of the daily dose of crap that were spoon fed through various media channels

kydoves, posted on August 22, 2015

I am intrigued by Mr. Goode's account but I kept wanting to hear how he was removed from his family for 20 years. Was he thought to be missing? I cannot believe his parents voluntarily would let him go. Did he reconnect with them after the 20 years? Did he ever get to see them during that time? I would really like some answers to those questions, as I think many other people might.

Greg108, posted on August 24, 2015

He explains this in an other episode. After the 20 years he was time-projected back to that time from which he was taken. So for his family he was not missing.

Wynter2, posted on August 22, 2015

Was Iceland one of the flags? Are they involved?

arni_cp, posted on August 22, 2015

when your loved ones don't seem to have the capacity to be fully receptive to what you want to share, how can you help prepare them for cosmic disclosure/the event/data dump?

phillehmkuhldos, posted on August 21, 2015

man this ufo space stuff totally rocks, insider should be outsiderss LOL gettit space???? love watching wisdom teachings as well i can kick back relax smoke a fatass joint ttoo

kevin97, posted on August 21, 2015

It's obvious that this is a business decision to stretch this info out over a year, but guys come on. It's not like it's content you're having to newly acquire every week... it's "in the can" so to speak. Already edited and ready for prime time. Therefore it feels like you're controlling information dissemination just like the forces that be...for your own gain. Of course Cory has a right to do this, and I don't fault him for wanting to monetize his experience, but isn't there another way to release this info quickly AND for Gaiam, David and Cory to make $?

Also, is Cory under some type of agreement that would keep him from disclosing the same information on other shows within the next 52 weeks? I sure hope not. In this day and age we are quick consumers of data, and honestly we will get tired of waiting if you keep this drawn out to 52 weeks. Plus I won't be willing to hold this subscription for that long as Cory's data is the only reason I've signed up.

Love what you guys are doing, but let's stick to the core intention of releasing useful data to the public, not controlling it's flow for the financial gain of a few.

bretthaugen, posted on September 12, 2015

Very good point Kevin97. If it's 'in the can" why not release them all and let us ingest them as fast or slow as we can?

naccychester, posted on August 22, 2015

I've been following Wisdom Teachings from the Get Go and then I signed up for Disclosure & now Cosmic Disclosure. That's an hour and a half each week. It's been a struggle for me to watch them all. There is so much information to absorb that I find it easier to retain and understand, especially Wisdom Teachings when it builds from week to week. Plus there are many other Lightworker videos and interviews of interest.

salonrafferty, posted on August 21, 2015

Beyond Belief: MILAB Recruiting Process with Corey Goode - See more at:

chandira2012, posted on August 21, 2015

Cabal has been brainwashing the masses for several decades, by controlling the mass media, now even Wikipedia and the internet. Thats why the programs we see here on GaiamTV, we don't see on CNN or Fox. Here is an eye-opening Ted Talk by the former investigative CBS journalist, Sharyl Attkisson. Please watch this before it gets pulled out by Ted:
If the above link does not work, here is the tinyurl link to the above article and the 10 minutes Ted Talk:
We all should therefore be thankful to such institutions like GAIAM.
Thank you GAIAM! I request you also probably bring Sharyl to the GAIAM platform so she gets more audience, to spread the truth about the misinformation campaign; this one coming from a mass media journalist has lot of credibility.
Corey and David, once again a great show!

aarcudaman, posted on August 21, 2015

davelimacher, posted on August 20, 2015

We need this on DVD. The whole series. Epic.

marniebelle73, posted on August 20, 2015

I find Corey Goode's information to be fascinating and I very much appreciate his bravery in coming forward and disclosing to the public his life experiences. Some people here are making very good points and others are getting stuck on silly little details, there is a bigger picture and the devil is in the details. Corey has taken time to build up a trusting relationship with David to be able to come out with his information, likewise David has sought out other sources to validate the information being brought to him by Corey. That being said, David, I wish you would focus more on deeper probing questions. We trust you or we wouldn't be watching your shows so you don't need to be going back on unimportant details to reiterate that you have other sources that can validate what Corey is saying. I concur with others that this information should not be dragged out over a year or more. If the information is so important, which I believe it to be, it must be released 3 or 5 days a week...not once a week! Also, I would love to see Regina interview Corey as I believe she is a very skilled interviewer and has a talent for guiding her conversations with guests so that we get the most concise, detailed information possible. (sorry David, I love you I do) Corey seems very genuine and truthful in his telling of his experiences and I feel it would serve his cause best if he is allowed by Gaiam to be exposed in the various forums. I really liked George's interview with CG. Gaiam...PLEASE don't screw this up, it's too important!! David please don't underestimate the intelligence of your audience and our ability to digest the scope of Corey's information. We are ready and eager for disclosure!

SandraT9, posted on August 21, 2015

Dear marniebelle73,

Well said, in your comments. I love David as well. However, Corey has a wealth of leading edge information that CAN provide. Most of this audience follow leading edge material, and have either read or heard this information by the time it is being presented on Gaiam TV. A half hour show does not do the information justice.

But, I appreciate the courage of those presenting.
Thank you very much.

LindaT9, posted on November 18, 2015

A 35 min episode with more than 50% a repeat of information previously shared. Disappointing.

sugarbum888, posted on August 20, 2015

Well said. I think David asks some great questions however. For sure things I'd wanna ask :)

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