INNERVIEWS: Gotham Chopra, Noah Levine, and Ocean Robbins Video
Gotham Chopra, Noah Levine, and Ocean Robbins

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INNERVIEWS: Gotham Chopra, Noah Levine, and Ocean Robbins (2000)

Episode 23
Available worldwide

Meet the children of the most influential spiritual leaders and meditation practitioners, Gotham Chopra, Noah Levine, and Ocean Robbins, as they shed light on the new generation. Gain a fresh understanding of how youth see and meet the struggles of today and how they create lives that heal and uplift our collective future.

How do they balance current challenges while grasping transformative opportunities? Youth must often times re-write the wrongs of the past while opening new doors of perception through courage and practice. What we see through their eyes is a powerful promise of hope, change, and love, on this important episode of Innerviews with Chantal Westerman.

Chantal Westerman
Gotham Chopra, Noah Levine, Ocean Robbins


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