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Griefwalker (2009)

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Death is the sole counterpart to life, and a universal experience whether or not we can admit it. From the moment we take our first breath, death is our only guaranteed experience. This is something Stephen Jenkinson not only understands but something he loves. And he wants you to feel the same way.

Griefwalker, a feature length documentary by Tim Wilson, sets its lens on Jenkinson in an unforgettable exploration of death phobia as a culture. Stephen Jenkinson, a Harvard educated theologian, is one of Canada’s leading palliative care educators. Also considered a philosopher, woodsman, boatman, and bard, Jenkinson travels throughout Canada providing grief counseling. He rejects the notion of acceptance, deeming it too neutral a disposition. He insists the one true answer is an embrace of death. In order to love life, we need to love death.

Stephen Jenkinson, Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson

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eve11111, posted on May 7, 2016

great subject and film.....

rachheaton, posted on May 5, 2016

Thank you - this film is incredible

jhershierra, posted on May 4, 2016

Thank you for making this movie.

dixraile, posted on December 10, 2015

Such a necessary topic we should embrace as a society, as individuals, as people who die and live and die and live and die and live over and over again. Thank you so much for this, Gaiam. It was a beautiful film.

Candrews, posted on December 5, 2015

Having death visit my life with those closest to me, I am thankful for the truth in this presentation. We avoid death, for our loved ones and for ourselves, and indeed to not grasp fully the gift of this life. Thank you Gaiam for this film and the reminder of the truth of this journey

nowvoyager, posted on September 15, 2015

Excellent, excellent film. Thank you Gaiam.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on September 15, 2015

Thank you for letting us know that you enjoyed the film.


lesliesfarm, posted on June 3, 2015

For me, there is nothing good and honorable about a man who makes his living off of the unnecessary suffering of his fellow man. These people could be healed and experience a decent, natural death. They could spend their lives expecting death to be a quiet ending, not a lengthy torture that bankrupts their finances and damages their souls. There is nothing "poetical" about this film.

ddonie11, posted on June 1, 2015

Yes! this film was like being with a good friend and sharing a sunset.
Unlike one other reviewer, the "poetic" language seemed so clear and real to me.
I'm grateful I saw it as I know it will enrich my living.
I look forward to sharing it.

dottisunflowers, posted on May 31, 2015

Just watched the film and really having hard time putting into words how profound this was to me. Things come to us during the right time in our lives and this was recommended for me to watch. Thank you so much for this. Very grateful for this and the wisdom shared by Stephen.

FRANCINEN, posted on May 31, 2015

This documentary didn't speak well enough to me. His use of symbolic language and vague comparisons while attempting to describe why one should accept death, often left me scratching my head wondering what he really meant. Alan Watts uses simpler and very clear arguments on that topic.

carolina51st, posted on May 29, 2015

What an amazing documentary! This spoke to me so deeply with all that's going on in my life and those around me. I found answers and solace. I have such gratitude and feel so full. Beautiful.

denny_holmes, posted on May 29, 2015

I loved this documentary/film. Truly filled with beauty. Grief is a sign of life stirring towards itself. Grief is not a feeling, it is a skill, it's what you do. It is a skill of Love, of being able to praise love. It is the ability to love, love.
Such a beautiful film! I found it to touch the very depth of heart. Gentle yet Forceful, Humble yet Bold.

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