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Harry Grows Up

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Harry Grows Up (2012)

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New York is a tough place to find love. Especially for an 18-month-old, out and about on his own, and with life lessons to learn.

Elizabeth Elkins, Grace Gawthrop, Josh Hamilton, Lucas Nickelsburg, Mazzy Wiles
Mark Nickelsburg

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spiritual.revolutionary, posted on May 4, 2016

I always see adult romantic themes projected on to children as a form of pedophelia. However, the characters are sweet and the voice is gentle

ashleyerucker, posted on May 8, 2016

i couldn't get thru it

pmmarascuilo, posted on May 2, 2016

Cute cute cute and such a thoughtful film! It was lovely and I enjoyed every minute. Thank you!

lisaartistberg, posted on September 27, 2015

thank you TXPIST.. Loved reading your wise comments. I loved this little jewel too!

gypsyjanet, posted on February 12, 2015

Such a sweet story of young love...the little boy is adorable. I'd love to see a behind the scenes of this to see how many takes it took to get some of those shots. Very cute!

txpist, posted on December 7, 2013

Harry Grows Up tells the viewer many truths about the concept of love, using two amazingly expressive toddlers and the voice of an adult narrator. Volumes of books, both fiction and non-fiction, many many thousands of plays,poems, symphonies and songs have all been written about love as the central emotion of humanity and arguably all living things. In the span of a few months in Harry's life, he learns both the joy of loving and being taken care of by an important person to him, and how much he hurts when she needs to leave. Both the love AND the loss help Harry grow and learn about himself. It then shows how attraction feels like love to Harry when he meets someone new and he projects upon her his expectations of the feeling he defines as "love". Eventually Harry has the insight and maturity to realize the limitations of what he calls love and how Zoey cannot possibly fulfill all of his needs...after all she can't reach things on high shelves for him as she is even shorter than he is!...what a charming metaphor. So what does Harry, in his amazing wisdom decide to do? Not wanting to spoil the ending, I won't say more. Suffice it to say that he doesn't do what we, as supposedly rational adults often do, he doesn't blame Zoey for not being taller, brood about it though he KNEW she was shorter than he when they met..nor does he project his disappointment onto her, cause a fight, call her disparaging names (Shrimp? Shortstuff?), and leave her for a taller person to "love", leaving her to feel as though she failed him for something she couldn't help! Does any of this ring a bell for you out there? No, Harry Grows Up and in so doing takes responsibility for himself, for his expectations and fears, and figures out what he can reasonably expect from his partner as well as himself and others. This is a modern day fable and anyone in a serious relationship should watch it and be able to discern it's message.

pjm0219, posted on February 21, 2015

What a beautiful and well-written comment. Thank you for taking the time to analyze this darling short clip. I learned from your

mariangain, posted on December 4, 2013

A very sweet lighthearted video that explores the experience of love through a child's perspective. Delightful!

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