Hatha Flow Level Two Video
Hatha Flow Level Two

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Hatha Flow Level Two

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Energize your mind, body, and soul with this warming flow taught by Kreg Weiss. Inspire your yogic practice by exploring your body’s potential through a sequence of postures that places emphasis on creating core strength.


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LAG, posted on August 24, 2015

Thanks Kreg! I feel ready for the day. This practice is soothing yet energizing...perfect!
Namaste:) Lisa

kregweiss, posted on August 24, 2015

thank you very much, Lisa. we always appreciate receiving comments. so glad to hear how this practice resonated with you. Kreg

hikenrungator, posted on January 6, 2015

that was really a lovely mental and physical cleanse...I really enjoy your calm ways, kreg.
thanks...dena in the mountains of north carolina

kregweiss, posted on January 7, 2015

Hi Dena (hikenrungator), Thank you for your warm feedback. A joy to read how 'cleansing' this practice was for you. The mountains of north carolina sound lovely :) Namaste, Kreg

RubyDiamond, posted on December 19, 2014

Soothing. Calming yet Awakening. Thank you Kreg, it's always a pleasure hanging out with you. Namaste! ;-)

kregweiss, posted on December 19, 2014

thanks RubyDiamond ... always a pleasure to share :) ... glad you enjoyed this 'vintage' MYO practice. Kreg

canadadice, posted on December 3, 2014

great for an early, dark winter morning. Namaste

kregweiss, posted on December 5, 2014

thanks canadadice. wonderful to hear this hatha practice brought some warmth to your early morning. Kreg

RubyDiamond, posted on October 2, 2014

Perfect. Very relaxing yet invigorating flow. Thank you Kreg. Namaste!

RubyDiamond, posted on September 14, 2014

I like the practice & it's pace & flow. Nice one for a Sunday. Taking time like one has all the time in the world is a liberating feeling! Thank you Kreg, Namaste!

kregweiss, posted on June 3, 2014

warm thanks @OneLove73 ... glad you enjoyed this practice from the early days of MYO :)

OneLove2002, posted on June 1, 2014

A beautiful practice, as always Kreg. A very nice, gentle way to end my day. Namaste.

SusanFourtane, posted on March 24, 2013

I love all your classes, Kreg. You are an excellent teacher. Your instruction is always perfect. Thanks so much! Namaste.

energiayoga, posted on March 2, 2013

Just what my body needed. This teacher is the best, clear instruction, don't even need to watch video.

RevStan, posted on October 11, 2012

Nice combination of stretching, twists and a bit of core strength. Just the right pace - get time to enjoy the poses but doesn't dwell too long.

cmartinez1584, posted on October 6, 2012

Beautiful Hatha Flow. I'd like to see some more Hatha flows like the old school videos on here. Thanks Kreg!

NCMichael, posted on July 27, 2012

Thanks Kreg. This was a graceful and energizing practice.

yogabird, posted on February 23, 2010

i love this teacher! everyone of his classes are just awesome. many thanks.
- peace.

HeartRock7, posted on September 20, 2009

Good core work in a short time frame.

A_Hatice, posted on August 11, 2009

i like this video...the exercises are perfect when you don\'t have much time...thank\'s Kreg

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